• **Please note that assignments will be posted to GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Students have access to the classroom using their student e-mail. 

     District Grading Policy English I CP

    50% Assessment (tests, essays, and major assignments)

    30% Homework (including some reading quizzes)

    20% Class work (including participation, group work, and independent class work)

     District Grading Policy English I STEM/HONORS

    65% Assessment (tests, essays, and major assignments)

    25% Homework (including some reading quizzes)

    10% Class work (including participation, group work, and independent class work)

    **Please access the portal to check your average or make an appointment to come after school. No grades will be given or discussed during instructional class time.**


    It is very important to check the class page and/or Google Classroom. If you have an unplanned absence, it is best to come back to school with the work you missed already completed. Most work will be posted on the class page or online classroom. If you are absent on the day a major paper or project is due, your paper or project is STILL DUE THAT DAY! If you fail to turn in the work, it will be considered late. You must make arrangements with someone to bring it to class, or you may e-mail it, via attachment. If you miss a test or quiz, you must make arrangements with me to make it up. You will have five days to make-up the test or quiz. Please bring your CHARGED CHROMEBOOK to class daily. ***Please refer to the student guidenlines for remote learning (if necessary). You must attend class on time, and be visible.

    Classroom Behavior and Expectations

    1. Be on time! Lateness to class without a pass will result in classroom detention. If logging in virtually, please be on time, and follow the remote learning guidelines.
    2. Be prepared for class. You must bring all required materials with you to class, including your CHARGED chromebook Unprepareds will have consequences.
    3. Do your own work. Cheating or copying another student’s work will result in a failing grade for all students involved. Please refer to the Jackson School District academic integrity policy. Many of your written assignments will be submitted through turnitin.com. 
    4. No food or drink allowed in the classroom. (Water bottles, with water, are an exception.)
    5. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES, I-PODS, HEADPHONES, OR HATS. These items should be kept in your locker or backpack and out of plain view. There will be instances where you will be allowed to “Bring Your Own Device.” You will be told when it is an appropriate time to use your device.
    6. Please be in your seat when the bell rings and stay in your seat until dismissed at the end of the period. Absolutely no lining up at the door.
    7. Be respectful and courteous to everyone in the classroom. Please do not use offensive language.
    8. Be willing to participate daily! If you do not understand something, ask a question! This counts as participation. Using the chat during virtual learning for comments related to the discussion or lesson counts as participation. 
    9. Take pride in your work and always try your best. Essays should be typed.
    10. Please do not leave ANYTHING underneath the desks. I will not be responsible for items left in the classroom. Pick up your garbage and keep the room neat. DO NOT WRITE ON DESKS!


    Contact Information

    If you need to contact me, e-mail is best. Please do not hesitate. I check my e-mail frequently and will get back to you. Put your first and last name and your class period in the subject line. I am also available after school office hours. You must make an appointment. ***You may also be asked to attend office hours to make-up missing assignments, or for extra help.***