Our class will be able to get together! The dates are Tuesday May 11th & Monday, May 24th from 2:00-3:00.

    We are excited to announce that opportunities have been planned for Full Remote classes to come meet their teachers and classmates in person, and participate in fun, end-of-year activities. 
    Teachers will be sending out specific instructions regarding the locations, dates and times for your child’s class to attend these voluntary, in-person events beginning in May.  These events are for students only. 
    Events are scheduled for the afternoon, after the dismissal of in-person students and will take place in larger spaces such as the APR, GYM or outdoors to allow for social distancing.  All students attending these voluntary events must adhere to the COVID safety protocols in place which includes social distancing and wearing face coverings. In addition, parents must indicate that they have read our Daily COVID Health Screening form and that your child does not have any symptoms that would limit his/her attendance for each day they will be attending (we will send you a form on Monday). Busing will not be available and parents will need to provide transportation to and from these events.  Protocols for signing your child in/out each time they visit must be adhered to at all schools. This means parents or guardians dropping off/picking up must also wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines. It is also important that you update your Parent Portal account with the correct contact information for anyone who will be dropping-off or picking up your child on those days.
    Please review the parent drop-off and pick-up procedures for Holman Elementary listed below.*All full remote students coming into the Holman building are required to fill out the COVID Health Screener prior to coming to visit their teacher in the Holman gymnasium. *Parents/Guardians must park in the parking lot and escort their child(ren) to the gym entrance.  *Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the building with their child(ren).   *When picking your child(ren) up, please make sure to have ID ready and pick them up on time.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    Nos complace anunciar que se han planificado oportunidades para que las clases de Full Remote conozcan a sus maestros y compañeros de clase en persona y participen en actividades divertidas de fin de año. 
    Los maestros enviarán instrucciones específicas con respecto a los lugares, fechas y horarios para que la clase de su hijo asista a estos eventos voluntarios y en persona a partir de mayo. Estos eventos son solo para estudiantes. 
    Los eventos están programados para la tarde, después de que los estudiantes lleguen en persona y se llevarán a cabo en espacios más grandes como APR, GYM o al aire libre para permitir el distanciamiento social. 
    Todos los estudiantes que asisten a estos eventos voluntarios deben cumplir con los protocolos de seguridad de COVID vigentes, que incluyen el distanciamiento social y el uso de mascarilla. Además, los padres deben indicar que han leído nuestro formulario de Evaluación de salud diaria de COVID y que su hijo no tiene ningún síntoma que limite su asistencia por cada día que asistirá (le enviaremos un formulario el lunes) . Los autobuses no estarán disponibles y los padres deberán proporcionar transporte para estos eventos. Los protocolos para registrar la entrada y salida de su hijo cada vez que lo visita deben cumplirse en todas las escuelas. Esto significa que los padres o tutores que dejan / recogen también deben usar una máscara y seguir las pautas de distanciamiento social. También es importante que actualice su cuenta del Portal para Padres con la información de contacto correcta de cualquier persona que vaya a dejar o recoger a su hijo en esos días.






     Looking for some new reading selections for your First Grader?  Check out some of these books!  Below is a list of book titles and high-interest book series suggested by Media Specialists for our First Graders. Books also make great gift ideas!

    Book List







    Google Classroom 

    We will be using Google Classroomfor our First Grade Remote Academy.

    A link to join our classroom has sent to the student's school email.


     Contact me @ awbueide@jacksonsd.org

          I look forward to working with you and your child!




    if it is different than the one in Genesis. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CHILD'S NAME.

    Our day together will run from 8:55-3:05. 

    Students will need to go to our google classroom and join our live meet at 8:55. 

    Being present on our live meets will count as attendance each day.


    Daily Schedule

    8:55-9:05                Homeroom/ Morning Meeting

    905-9:45                 Science/ Social Studies/SEL  (Social emotional learning)

    9:45-10:45              Math

    10:45-11:15        Lunch

    11:25-11:45            SEL

    11:45-12:45            Literacy

    12:45-1:25              Fundations

    1:25-2:20                Remote Support/WIN (What I Need)

                  Specials       Our class is Week 1

        2:30-3:00         Monday=   Music       

        2:30-3:00        Tuesday    Gym     

        2:30-3:00        Wednesday= Technology

        2:30-3:00       Thursday= Library  

        2:30-3:00          Friday=Art





     Guidelines for Google Meet 




    Supporting your child during remote learning can be challenging. However, as parents and teachers, our goal has not changed.

    We want our students to learn and grow as much as possible this year.

    With that in mind, there are some simple dos and don’ts that can make a big difference in your child’s progress this year.



    • make sure your child is dressed and has eaten breakfast before coming to Morning Meeting.
    • create a dedicated space for your child to work from.
    • help your child stay organized.
    • make sure your child is online at the appropriate times.
    • repeat directions as needed.
    • give encouragement and/or motivation.
    • praise your child’s effort.
    • remind your child to ask for help when he/she is confused or unsure of what to do.
    • remember the importance of productive struggle*.



    • tell your child the answers to questions.
    • complete work for your child.
    • be surprised if your child hesitates to answer questions you know they know.
    • forget that we learn by making mistakes!