Welcome Back to School!!!!

    There's no place like Third Grade!!!

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    Our lunch is scheduled @ 12:17-12:47

    Special Schedule: 

    Monday- Gym(wear sneakers)

    Tuesday- Music

    Wednesday- Computers

    Thursday- Art

     Friday- World Language


    Please check this page often. This is where you will find out what is going on in Room #12.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at nafletcher@jacksonsd.org

    *PARENTS:  Please sign your child's planner every night and make sure they have completed all homework written for each day.  Each student that has their planner signed Monday through Thursday will be entered into a ticket drawing every Friday to win a prize from our prize box.  Check out the sections below to see what we are learning in each subject area!


    Homework:  Read 20 minutes each night, and record your reading on your reading log.   

    Reading Logs:  We will use Reading Logs every day to monitor our reading.  These logs will be used in class during independent reading AND the planner will be used to record their home reading in the planner every night.  Since you will be signing your child's planner, please make sure your child records their reading in the Literacy section, so that I can be sure they are completing their nightly reading.  Our goal is to reach 30-40 minutes of reading a night.    By ensuring that your child is reading every night, you are helping your child increase their reading stamina and grow as a reader.  Thank you for your support at home!

    Reader's Responses:  Once a week your child will complete a Reader's Response at home in their Reader's Notebooks.  These will be based on a shared reading in class or their independent books.  Their responses will be an opportunity to apply specific reading skills and strategies being learned in class.  

    WTW Each student will have individualized lists of spelling words.  These word cards will be cut out each week and stored in their Word Study notebook.  Nightly homework is not required, but any activities not finished in class will need to be completed at home that night.  We will be on a 7-day schedule with each list, and complete practice activities in class each day.  Spelling tests will be on the 7th day of our cycle and will be written in your child's planner the day before.  

    WW    Writer's Workshop 


    Homework: Each night, your child will complete a practice worksheet on a skill learned in class that day.  

    IMPORTANT: Third graders need to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts quickly and accurately.  We will review with addition and subtraction, and move on to multiplication and division once those skills are refreshed.  We will be practicing all week and will have a quiz every Friday.  Please review the facts nightly.  Flashcards and the IXL online math program are excellent tools.  


    **It is highly recommended viewing the website below to become familiar with your child's textbook.  The site has wonderful videos to teach each lesson, as well as worksheets and other practice materials.  Please follow the directions on how to log in which can be found on the first page of your child's planner.

    Please follow the directions below to help you navigate your child’s Pearson Realize account online.  

    1. Go to Rosenauer homepage.
    2. Scroll down, and click on the Launch Pad
    3. Click on Pearson Realize Math Sign In
    4. Log in using username/password located in the planner
    5. Once you are logged in to Pearson EasyBridge, click on Pearson Realize button on the right side
    6. Once you are logged into your child’s account, you may click on Programs, Classes, or Grades.

    Programs- Allows you to view each Topic with all lessons and videos.  

    Classes- Allows you to view all assignments that are due and/or all past assessments taken.  You can view past assessments and click on the questions that your child did not get correct.  This would be great to review with your child.

    Grades- Allows you to view the standards that your child has mastered and those that your child needs more practice with.   

  •      Happy Halloween
    Believe it or not, it’s almost Halloween!   As promised, I am sending home a reminder for all who signed up for Halloween Treats.  This is a student only celebration. Parents are invited to the school parade @ 2:00pm.  Please remember we are a peanut and tree nut-free classroom.
    • All donations can be sent in or dropped off to the receptionist @ 9:30am on 10/31.

      Students are permitted to wear costumes to school, but no masks can be worn during the day.  They can be worn for the parade only. No weapons can accompany the costumes.

      Mrs. Scher- 30 un-iced cupcakes, 2 cans of vanilla icing

      Mrs. Ernancion-Cruz- 30 small water bottles

      Mrs.Snyder- 1 can vanilla icing

      Mrs. Keller- 2 bags of gummy worms

      Mrs. Ahmadi- 2 bags of candy corn (already received)

      Mrs.Jones- 30 small Halloween paper plates

      Mrs. Carannante- Halloween napkins (already received)

      Thank you for your generosity!   Looking forward to seeing you at the parade!   

      Please be sure to sign up for your parent-teacher conference appointment. The portal will be open to book appointments from October 15th thru November 2nd.  Evening appointments are limited
    • Donations of tissues and hand sanitizer are always welcome and appreciated! 



    School Supplies: 


    E-mail and website:  With everyone’s busy schedule, I know technology can be a quick and easy way to stay connected.  My class website will be growing as the year progresses.  On it, you will find class information, schedules, special events, and due dates!    Be sure to bookmark it, as I expect you will be checking it quite often!  You can also email me at nafletcher@jacksonsd.org   Email is likely the quickest way to get in touch with me, but if you would prefer a phone conversation, just email me your phone number and a preferred time to call you and I will do my best to reach you as soon as possible.

    Looking forward to a memorable and exciting year!    


    Naomi Fletcher



    Please sign your child's planner every night. 

     Bonus question:  What is the name of our read aloud? 

    Please check out our Google Classroom!  






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