• This week:  You may review any of our activities ...or ... relax and celebrate the end of our remote learning!

    3rd Grade:   We concluded our animal unit with a review or all groups: sea, jungle,farm and pet animals. Also, a game was posted to review colors and numbers. Suggested home activities to practice the language at home include:  practice saying the date each morning along with a weather phrase; play "Simón Dice" (Simon Says) using Spanish body parts; play "Yo espejo" (I spy) using Spanish colors; count in español; identify family members using pictures around the home! Also, use song and learning links under my "Student Resources". See our Google Classroom for other information and updated lessons. 

    4th Grade:  We reviewed general vocabulary units and concluded with map skills and a matching game of common phrases. We have been reviewing body parts vocabulary and building numbers 100-1000 through our Google Classroom.  At home please continue to:  practice your days, months, season;  put together sentences about things at home using objects and colors (ex:  The table is gray; The door is white); identify what you and your family members are wearing to practice clothing and family member terms. Also, use song links under "Student Resources". See our  Google Classroom for links to practice.

    5th Grade:  The 5th grades reviewed  map skills and a cumulative review game. The verb "ser" (to be) had been a focus for a few weeks along with verbs and pronouns. Students learned how to tell time en español. While at home: check Google classroom for additional work and attachments; make flashcards;  use song links under my "Student Resources", and watch for vocabulary lists and charts for help.

    Activities for any grade:  use a deck of cards to practice numbers: see how far you can count taking turns with a partner; play "Hangman" using Spanish vocabulary you know (also try using Spanish alphabet to say letters!); practice the phrase "Me gusta (I like) or "No me gusta"(don't like) using foods, colors, TV shows, games, etc. 

    Look for more suggestions to follow and links for Google Classroom! happy