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    A message from our school guidance counselor:


    We are holding a voluntary poster contest for Holman students.  
    Students will be asked to develop a poster regarding nutrition.  The topics are Healthy Eating and Allergy Awareness.
    We are asking that posters have correct spelling and are neat.  
    The student's name, and his/her teacher's name & grade must be written on the back of each poster.
    Students may work in groups (as long as they are in the same grade).
    Posters are due March 25th!
    We will be selecting one winner from each grade level.  These posters will be displayed in the school. 
    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 
    Please click this link to learn more about our state funding that will be cut over the next 7 years and ways that you can help! https://www.jacksonsd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=11832

    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at:  jamurphy@jacksonsd.org


    Please make sure you are checking your child's homework folder nightly and emptying out paperwork on the "keep at home" side.  Folders are collected and checked daily.  Please place any notes or lunch money in the folder.  Thank you!




    Anything with a "homework" stamp on it is homework.  All math pages already say "homework & practice" on the top righthand corner so they will not get a homework stamp but they are still homework. :) Please complete homework at night and return to school the next morning.  ALL homework will be collected and checked every morning. 


    Sight Words:

    Please keep the sight word ring home.  You will be practicing these words with your child at home.  There is no need to send the word ring to school, these are for you to keep home and practice.  Thank you! 

    The next set of sight words have been sent home with your child, please add these to your word rings at home and ensure that your child is practicing them nightly as part of their homework in Kindergarten.  Thank you! :)





    Our Weekly Special Schedule:

    Monday- Music

    Tuesday- Library

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Gym *(Don't forget to wear sneakers!)*

    Friday- Computers






  • Our Daily Schedule


    9:00-10:00- Math

    10:00-10:30- WIN time

    10:35- 11:10- Social Studies/Science

    11:20-11:50- Lunch

    11:55-12:35- Writer's Workshop/Health

    12:40-1:20- Special

    1:25-1:45- Recess

    1:45-2:50- Reader's Workshop