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    Welcome Back!  We are continuing to follow the synchronous learning model put in place by the district. 

    Please continue logging onto our google classroom during your home days to keep up with pacing and curriculum.  


    A message from Mr. Karas about Valentine's Day cards in the classroom:

    1) Every student in the class must be included if a child is handing out cards
    2) Children must bring the cards in by Thursday, February 4th (if you are distributing on the 11th or 12th) to allow the opportunity for the cards to "quarantine" for at least a week.
    3) Have each student have their own bag or box to collect Valentine's Day cards. Once a child brings in his/her cards to distribute to the class, they may immediately place them in the individual student bags.
    4) Please insist that students bring in their cards early otherwise they may not bring in cards at all. Unfortunately, cards that are brought in after the 4th of February may not be distributed in class.

    I realize that these rules may sound silly; however, in order to have some semblance of normalcy with this holiday and have a little fun, we need to adhere to them, please

    Thank you!
    Mrs. Murphy



    Parents, this year especially, it will be crucial to communicate with each other frequently.  Please check my class page daily and email me with any questions or concerns.  Together, we will make this year safe and fun.  You can reach me at jamurphy@jacksonsd.org




    To become a H.O.P.E. member please visit:




    GROUP 1 Google Classroom link. Click here to join!

    GROUP 2 Google Classroom Link. Click here to join!



    Google meets are REQUIRED on your remote day.  Please join promptly at 2:05, attendance will be taken at every meet and will count as your child's attendance for that day.

    Please review these Google Meet Expectations with your child prior to our google meets.




    Face masks are REQUIRED during the school day.  Students will be maintaining the proper 6 foot distance from one another in the classroom and must wear their mask for the duration of the school day. (We will take mask breaks outside when needed!)

    Hand sanitizer will also be used frequently in the classroom.  Please let me know if your child has any known allergies to hand sanitizer.

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    To order books online at any time please use our classroom code:  NFGD2



    Please send your child to school daily with their chromebook.  I will be setting them up on all of the neccessary sites we will be using this year and we will be using them daily for math facts and reading.   Thank you!


    Parents, please click on the links below to join the Class Dojo for your child.  If your child is in Group 1 please click on group 1 link, if your child is in Group 2 please click on the group 2 link.  We will be using Class Dojo this year for positive reinforcement in the classroom and you will be able to see how many points yourchild has earned! :)

    GROUP 2 Dojo Code: Class Dojo

    GROUP 1 Dojo Code:  Class Dojo




    Masks are REQUIRED throughout the entire school day please send your child to school with  a few extra masks in clear ziploc bag labeled with their name.