• Snow Fun

    January 2017

    Happy New Year to you and your family.  Winter weather means the possibility of snow and although that may make you think of shoveling and defrosting your car, in the therapy world we think it means FUN!  The play experiences you create have an important role in helping your child learn more about their bodies and their environment.  So bundle up and get out there and have some fun!


    Here are 5 suggestions for play activities for you and your child using snow and how they help in development:

    1. Snow Angels– Provides input for your sense of touch.  Works on coordinating both sides of the body together.  
    2. Build a Snowman– Pushing the snowballs across the ground as you roll them helps with development of muscles and provides deep muscle input which can be calming and assist with body awareness.  Adding body parts helps with overall body perception. Use terms like big and little to describe your snowballs.  
    3. Go Sledding and Tubing– The movement provided during sledding helps provide for strengthening opportunities to help keep their bodies up against gravity.  Changes in head position help children learn about where their body is in space.  
    4. Snow Painting– Take a spray bottle filled with water tinted with food coloring out into the snow and spray it around.  Squeezing the bottle assists with strengthening the hand and shoulder muscles.  
    5. Shoveling – Shoveling with a beach or small child’s plastic shovel provides deep muscle input.  Using two hands to shovel helps to learn to use the two sides of the body together and teaches children to cross the center of the body.  

    Alexis Goldberg and Lisa Reszkowski

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