•  Asking Questions About Body Image

    Asking Questions about Body Image in Advertising

    by by Rebecca Rissman Year Published: 2015
    What messages do advertisers send to encourage consumers to buy their products? Asking Questions about Body Image in Advertising will help readers discern the messages, both overt and implied, that tell consumers to change the way they look to help them change the way they feel. Case studies prompt inquiry, further thinking, and close examination of specific issues.
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  • Body image

    by Auriana Ojeda, editor Year Published: 2003
    Call #: 306.461 OJE
    In this anthology, authors offer explanations and solutions for body image issues that affect thousands of teenagers. Chapters include: Common Concerns About Body Image; Body Image and the Media; Body Modification and Cosmetic Surgery; How To Improve Your Body Image. 
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  • Body image

    by Heidi Williams, book editor Year Published: 2009
    Call #:  306.4613 WIL
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  • Bullying

    by Norah Piehl, book editor Year Published: 2009
    Call #: 302.3 PIE
    Presents essays offering different opinions on bullying and related issues, discussing such topics as causes and prevention of bullying, adult bullying, and parental responsibility for the behavior of bullies. 
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  • Coming of age in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

    by Vernon Elso Johnson, book editor Year Published: 2009
    Call #: REF 822.33 ROMEO
    Series: Social issues in literature 
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  • Coping with bullying [electronic resource]

    by Charlotte Guillain Year Published: 2011
    This is an eBook that can be accessed via the LMC Destiny Catalog.
    Call #: 302.3 GUI 
    Offers an overview of the different types of bullying that students might face, including verbal or physical bullying, cell phone bullying, and cyber bullying, and provides ten tips for dealing with a bully. 
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  • Cyberbullying

    by Lauri Scherer, book editor Year Published: 2015
    Call #: 302.34 CYB
    A collection of essays exploring controversies surrounding cyberbullying, addressing the seriousness of the problem, how society should respond, how it can be prevented, and other related topics. 
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  • Educational standards

    by David L. Hudson, Jr. Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 379.1 HUD
     Contains opposing viewpoints on issues about educational standards; discussing No Child Left Behind, standardized testing, and school vouchers.
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  • Encyclopedia of themes in literature

    by Jennifer McClinton-Temple Year Published: 2011
    Call #: REF 820.9 ENC
    Contains alphabetically arranged essays that provide information on fifty literary themes, how they have evolved, how they relate to other important themes, and why they recur so often in literature; and features additional essays on specific themes in individual works of literature.  Themes & authors arranged alphabetically.
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  •  How to Like Yourself

    How to Like Yourself: A Teen's Guide to Quieting Your Inner Critic and Building Lasting Self-Esteem

    by by Cheryl M Bradshaw MA Year Published: 2016

    With all the pressures of school, friends, and dating, you’re especially vulnerable to low self-esteem in your teen years. But often, the biggest threat to your confidence is your own inner critic—whose unrelenting negativity can result in feelings of inadequacy, depression, and anxiety. This must-have guide offers real ways to help you fight back, be kind to yourself, and move forward with confidence.

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  • Internet and social media addiction

    by Andrea C. Nakaya Year Published: 2015
    Call #: 616.85 NAK
    Researchers believe that between one and eight percent of people who use the Internet become addicted to it. Through objective overviews, primary sources, and full-color illustrations this title examines: Is Internet and Social Media Addiction a Serious Problem? What Causes Online Addiction? How Do Online Addictions Affect Health and Well-Being? and How Can People Overcome Internet and Social Media Addiction? 
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  • Let me play : the story of Title IX, the law that changed the future of girls in America

    by Karen Blumenthal Year Published: 2005
    Call #: 796.082 BLU
    Examines Title IX, the 1972 legislation which mandated that schools receiving federal funds could not discriminate on the basis of gender. and focuses on its effects in schools, politics, sports and the culture as a whole. 
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  • Respecting our differences : a guide to getting along in a changing world

    by by Lynn Duvall ; edited by Pamela Espeland Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 177 DUV
    Shows how to become more tolerant of others and enjoy the rich variety of our changing culture. 
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  • Teen driving

    by Louise Gerdes, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 388.30835 GER
    Series: At issue. Teen issues 
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  • The story behind-- John Steinbeck's Of mice and men

    by Brian Williams Year Published: 2007
    Series: History in literature
    Presents a brief history behind John Steinbeck's "Of mice and men," and describes how the Great Depression and the author's life influenced the themes of the novel. 
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  • Thematic guide to American poetry

    by Allan Burns Year Published: 2002
    Call #: REF 811.009 BUR
    This unique poetry resource offers interpretations of 250 poems, representing the work of 86 poets from a wide spectrum of historical, contemporary, ethnic, and canonical writers. Organization of this volume facilitates easy access to information on poetry for users' individual purposes. The main section of the guide contains narrative essays on 21 alphabetically arranged themes that recur throughout the rich history of American poetry. 
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  • Thematic guide to British poetry

    by Ruth Glancy Year Published: 2002
    Call #: REF 821.009 GLA
    This thematic guide offers interpretations of 415 poems, representing the work of over 110 poets spanning seven centuries of British poetry. Educators teaching thematic units will find relevant essays appropriate for background presentation, discussion ideas, or student assignments. This book is clearly organized for easy access to information, whatever the users' individual purposes. 
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  • Thinking critically/Social networking

    by Andrea C. Nakaya Year Published: 2014
    Call #: 006.7 NAK 
    Introduces social networking issues and examines the pros and cons of the debate. 
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  •  eCigarettes and Vaping

    Thinking Critically: E-Cigarettes and Vaping

    by by Christine Wilcox Year Published: 2016
    Does the popularity of e-cigarettes mark the end of smoking tobacco, or are they addicting a new generation to nicotine and exposing them to dangerous chemicals? Through a narrative-driven pro/con formatsupported by relevant facts, quotes, anecdotes, and full-color illustrationsthis title examines issues related to e-cigarettes and vaping. Topics include: Are e-cigarettes and vaping a health hazard? Does the e-cigarette industry target minors? Are e-cigarettes and vaping a gateway to tobacco products? How should e-cigarettes and vaping be regulated?
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  • Understanding Of mice and men

    by Bradley Steffens Year Published: 2002
    Series: Understanding Great Literature
    A companion guide to John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men," examining the plot of the novel, and including character analyses, a selection of criticism, and a profile of the author. 
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  • Understanding Romeo and Juliet

    by Thomas Thrasher Year Published: 2001
    Call #: REF 822.33 ROMEO
    Series: Understanding Great Literature
    Discusses the life of William Shakespeare and the original sources, performance history, story, characters, and themes of Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet"; also includes ideas for research, excerpts of criticism, and a chronology. 
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