• American childhoods : three centuries of youth at risk

    by Richard Wormser Year Published: 1996
    Call #: 305.23 WOR
    AIDS, gang wars, family breakdown -- have American children ever had to face such tragedy? According to Richard Wormser, previous generations of children were equally threatened. Early death from disease, grueling child labor practices, families broken apart by poverty or death, slavery, & racial violence are just some of the hardships Wormser documents, demonstrating that American children have always had to overcome adversity. Wormser's unique study of childhood through the centuries gives us a new perspective on the age-old challenge of growing up & thriving in our diverse & complex society. Illustrated with drawings & black-&-white photos. 
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  • American values

    by David M. Haugen, book editor Year Published: 2009
    Call #:  REF 303.372 AME
    Contains twenty-two essays that provide opposing viewpoints on issues related to American values, and debates which values are important, whether the country is in a moral decline, how to define patriotism, and whether American values improve cultural relations. 
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  • Crime and criminals

    by Christina Fisanick, book editor Year Published: 2010
    Call #: 364.973 CRI
    A series of essays that provides varying perspectives on issues associated with crime, debating the treatment of criminals, prevention, and the reduction of recidivism rates. 
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  • Culture wars : opposing viewpoints

    by Fred Whitehead, book editor Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 306 CUL
    Presents opposing viewpoints on issues related to cultural diversity, American education, cultural values, and the decay of American culture. 
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  • Discrimination : opposing viewpoints

    by Jacqueline Langwith, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 305.8 DIS
    A collection of essays that provides varying perspectives on issues about discrimination, discussing whether middle-class African-Americans are discriminated against, the wage gap for women, opposition to same-sex marriage, racial profiling, health care disparities, affirmative action, anti-discrimination laws, sentencing guidelines, and Title IX.
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  • Domestic violence : opposing viewpoints

    by Tamara L. Roleff, book editor Year Published: 2000
    Call #: 362.82 DOM
    Examines the severity and prevalence of domestic violence and suggests ways that it can be prevented.  Opposing viewpoints series.
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  • Equal rights for Americans with disabilities

    by Frank Bowe Year Published: 1992
    Call #: 346.7301 BOW
    Describes the rights of people with disabilities in the areas of education, employment, housing, and transportation and the efforts being made to secure these rights.
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  • Failing at fairness : how America's schools cheat girls

    by Myra and David Sadker Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 370.19 SAD
    Examines how schools at every level fail girls and offers a solution to what must be done to serve children better. 
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  • Families on the fault line : America's working class speaks about the family, the economy, race, and

    by Lillian B. Rubin Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 306.85 RUB
    Based on almost four hundred interviews with working-class men, women, and children of different races and ethnic groups, Dr. Rubin looks at the social, cultural, and economic changes of the 1800s and 1900s and explores their impact on family life. 
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  • Foster care

    by Nancy Millichap Davies Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 362.7 DAV
    Considers the reasons children enter foster care, conditions in foster homes, foster parents, caseworkers, laws governing foster care, and the controversies surrounding it. 
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  • Gay marriage opposing viewpoints

    by Lauri S. Friedman, book editor. Year Published: 2010
    Call #: 306.84 GAY
    Sixteen essays offer varying viewpoints on issues related to same-sex marriage, discussing whether or not same-sex marriage should be legalized and if it is a threat to society in any way. 
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  • Gay rights

    by Tina Kafka Year Published: 2006
    Call #: 323.3264 KAF
    Explores the issue of gay rights, looking at the challenges faced by gay people as they attempt to marry and raise children, and discussing gay rights in schools and the workplace. Lists sources of additional information. 
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  • Hate hurts : how children learn and unlearn prejudice

    by Caryl Stern-LRosa and Ellen Hofheimer Bet Year Published: 2012
    Call #: 177 STE
    Explains how parents and children can confront and conquer bias and encourage appreciation for ethnic, cultural, religious, and racial differences. 
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  • Income inequality

    by Noël Merino, book editor Year Published: 2016
    Call #: 339.2 INC
    Each title in the highly acclaimed Opposing Viewpoints series explores a specific issue by placing expert opinions in a unique pro/con format; the viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find publications. 
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  • Iron house : stories from the yard

    by Jerome Washington Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 365 WAS
    Observations about life in the New York state prison system written down by a man who was there. 
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  • Justice in Arthur Miller's The crucible

    by Claudia Durst Johnson, book editor Year Published: 2009
    A collection of eighteen essays that critically examine Arthur Miller's classic story of social injustice during the late seventeenth century.  Series: Social Issues in Literature 
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  • Juvenile crime

    by Jill Hamilton, book editor Year Published: 2009
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  • Let me play : the story of Title IX, the law that changed the future of girls in America

    by Karen Blumenthal Year Published: 2005
    Call #: 796.082 BLU
    Examines Title IX, the 1972 legislation which mandated that schools receiving federal funds could not discriminate on the basis of gender. and focuses on its effects in schools, politics, sports and the culture as a whole. 
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  • No place to be : voices of homeless children

    by Judith Berck ; foreword by Robert Coles Year Published: 1992
    Call #: 362.7 BER
    Details the grave situation facing homeless children and their parents who live in shelters and welfare hotels. 
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  • Playing with the boys : why separate is not equal in sports

    by Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 306.483 MCD 
    Athletic contests help define what we mean in America by "success." By keeping women from "playing with the boys" on the false assumption that they are inherently inferior, society relegates them to second-class citizens. In this forcefully argued book, Eileen McDonagh and Laura Pappano show in vivid detail how women have been unfairly excluded from participating in sports on an equal footing with men. Using dozens of powerful examples--girls and women breaking through in football, ice hockey, wrestling, and baseball, to name just a few--the authors show that sex differences are not sufficient to warrant exclusion in most sports, that success entails more than brute strength, and that sex segregation in sports does not simply reflect sex differences, but actively constructs and reinforces stereotypes about sex differences.
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  • Political activism

    by Tom Lansford, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 324 POL
    Contains twelve essays that provide varying perspectives on political activism, discussing government support through funding and policy, grassroots organizations, outsourced, Internet, and student activism, and other topics, and including contact information for organizations and a bibliography. 
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  • Privacy : individual right v. social needs

    by Ted Gottfried Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 342.73 GOT
    Analyzes the controversial area of individual privacy with a focus on such issues as the confidentiality of medical and other personal information, the ethics of drug testing, the rights of the news media to intrude into private lives, and the need to balance law enforcement and privacy concerns.
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  • Race-ing justice, en-gendering power : essays on Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas, and the construction o

    by edited and with an introduction by Toni Morrison Year Published: 1992
    Call #: 347.73 RAC
    It was perhaps the most wretchedly aspersive race and gender scandal of recent times: the dramatic testimony of Anita Hill at the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice. Yet even as the televised proceedings shocked and galvanized viewers not only in this country but the world over, they cast a long shadow on essential issues that define America.

    In Race-ing Justice, En-gendering Power, Toni Morrison contributes an introduction and brings together eighteen provocative essays, all but one written especially for this book, by prominent and distinguished academicians—black and white, male and female. These writings powerfully elucidate not only the racial and sexual but also the historical, political, cultural, legal, psychological, and linguistic aspects of a signal and revelatory moment in American history. 
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  • Racism

    by Lauri S. Friedman, book editor Year Published: 2006
    Call #: 305.8 RAC
    Presents three narrative essay writing exercises, nine example essays that express different viewpoints on racism, and a final writing challenge, and provides supporting research material. 
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  • Racism 101

    by Nikki Giovanni Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 811 GIO
    A collection of essays on affirmative action, the neglect of urban schools, the inequities of higher education and much more. 
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  • Racism in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

    by Candice Mancini, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Provides background on the life of American author Harper Lee and the influences that shaped her life, features twelve articles that explore racism as portrayed in her novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," and examines the ongoing issue of racism in the early twenty-first century.  Series: Social Issues in Literature 
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  • Should women be allowed to serve in combat in the U.S. Armed Forces?

    by Diane Andrews Henningfeld, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 355.4082 SHO
    Presents both sides of the argument on the topic of women in combat, discussing issues of social equality, physical capabilities, ethics, the Combat Exclusion Law, and the status of women in combat roles, and includes a list of organizations to contact. 
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  • Taking a stand against sexism and sex discrimination

    by Trudy J. Hanmer Year Published: 1990
    Call #: 305.42 HAN
     Discusses the origins of unequal treatment of women, the history of the women's rights movement, and current issues facing women in the home, the workplace, and the justice system.
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  • Taking action against youth crime

    by Jacqui Bailey Year Published: 2010
    Call #: 364.36 BAI
    Offers an overview of youth crime, explaining what it is, why it happens, what impact it has on society, how it can be prevented, and what happens to youths who commit a crime. 
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  • Taking sides : Clashing views on controversial social issues

    by selected, edited, and with introductions by Kurt Finsterbusch Year Published: 2001
    Call #: 306.0973 FIN
    Presents opposing viewpoints on nineteen controversial society issues, covering culture and values, sex roles, stratification, crime, and other topics. 
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  • Tell them who I am : the lives of homeless women

    by Elliot Liebow Year Published: 1993
    Call #: 362.83 LIE
    Investigates and documents the patterns and routines of homeless women. 
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  • The Activist's Handbook [electronic resource] : Winning Social Change in the 21st Century

    by Randy Shaw Year Published: 2013
    Call #: 303.480973 
    In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of The Activist's Handbook, Randy Shaw's hard-hitting guide to winning social change, the author brings the strategic and tactical guidance of the prior edition into the age of Obama. Shaw details how activists can best use the Internet and social media, and analyzes the strategic strengths and weaknesses of rising 21st century movements for immigrant rights, marriage equality, and against climate change. Shaw also highlights increased student activism towards fostering greater social justice in the 21st century. 
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  • The story behind Harper Lee's to kill a mockingbird

    by Bryon Giddens-White Year Published: 2007
    Presents a brief history behind the classic novel "To Kill A Mockingbird," and describes how racism in the American South and the author's life influenced the theme of the novel. Series: History in Literature 
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  • The stronger women get, the more men love football : sexism and the American culture of sports

    by Mariah Burton Nelson Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 796 NEL
    Examination and insight of the collision of sports, sexuality, and gender relations in America. 
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  • The wage gap

    by Christina Fisanick, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 331.2 WAG
    Contains over twenty essays that offer varying perspectives on controversial issues related to the wage gap, such as whether it is narrowing, what causes it, and the effects of education on it. 
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  • The welfare debate

    by Greg M. Shaw Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 362.556 SHA
    Welfare politics have now been part of American life for four centuries. Beyond a persistent general idea that Americans have a collective obligation to provide for the poorest among us, there has been little common ground on which to forge political and philosophical consensus. Are poor people poor because of their own shortcomings and moral failings, or because of systemic societal and economic obstacles? That is, does poverty have individual or structural causes? This book demonstrates why neither of these two polemical stances has been able to prevail permanently over the other and explores the public policy―and real-life―consequences of the stalemate. Author Greg M. Shaw pays special attention to the outcome of the 1996 act that was heralded as ending welfare as we know it. 
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  • The welfare system : help or hindrance to the poor?

    by Marianne LeVert Year Published: 1995
    Call #: 361.6 LEV
    Discusses the history of the welfare system and gives current information on various programs and plans for reform. 
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  • Think about prisons and the criminal justice system

    by Lois Smith Owens and Vivian Verdell Gordon Year Published: 1992
    Call #: 364.973 OWE
    Discusses various aspects of prison and the criminal justice system, how they evolved, whether they are effective, and what may lie in the future.
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  • Voices from the fields : children of migrant farmworkers tell their stories

    by S. Beth Atkin Year Published: 1993
    Call #: 305.23089 VOI
    This critically acclaimed book features photographs, poems, and interviews with nine children who reveal the hardships and hopes of today's Mexican-American migrant farm workers and their families. 
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  • Welfare state America : safety net or social contract?

    by Michael Kronenwetter Year Published: 1993
    Call #: 361.973 KRO
    Examines the welfare system in the United States from its inception during the 1930s to the present, discussing its various programs, problems that have occurred, and efforts to reform it.
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