• America's Global Influence

    by David M. Haugen and Susan Musser, editors Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 303.48 AME
    Collection of articles defending differing points of view with respect to the influence of the U.S. in world affairs. 
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  • Biological warfare

    by Don Nardo Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 358 NAR
    A collection of photographs, charts, and essays that examine the controversial issue of biological warfare including biological weapons and their effects on the population, defending against bioterrorism, and preventing future threats. 
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  • Climate changed : a personal journey through the science

    by Philippe Squarzoni Year Published: 2014
    Call #: 551.6 SQU
    "Documentary, diary, and graphic novel, this up-to-date look at our planet and how we live on it explains what global warming is all about"--Provided by publisher. 
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  • Global paradox : the bigger the world economy, the more powerful its smallest players

    by John Naisbitt Year Published: 1994
    Call #: 330.9 NAI
    A glimpse into the future of the international economy showing growth and stagnation and the new rules of political and business behavior. 
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  • Global warming

    by David Haugen, Susan Musser, and Kacy Lovelace, book editors Year Published: 2010
    Call #: 363.738 GLO
    Contains twenty-four essays that offer different perspectives on issues related to global warming, including whether it actually exists, its causes, and actions to mitigate its effects. 
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  • How the Internet is changing society

    by Carla Mooney Year Published: 2015
    Call #: 302.231 MOO
    In the years since its introduction, the Internet has emerged as one of the most transformative technologies in human history. Yet because the Internet and how it is used is constantly changing, many people believe that the Internets impact has just begun, with many more changes to come. 
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  • Illegal immigration

    by Debra Miller Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 304.873 MIL
    Series: Compact research series. Current issues. 
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  • Immigrants' rights after 9/11

    by Wendy Biddle Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 323.32912 BID
    The United States admits between 700,000 and 900,000 legal immigrants per year, and millions of long and short-term visitors. But since September 11, 2001, rules regarding immigration have been tightened as part of ongoing anti-terrorism efforts. This work explores these changes and the controversies that surround them.
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  • Immigration

    by Laura K. Egendorf, editor Year Published: 2006
    Call #: 304.873 EGE
    Series: The History of Issues 
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  • Nuclear proliferation : opposing viewpoints

    by Charles P. Cozic, book editor ; Karin L. Swisher, assistant editor Year Published: 1992
    Call # 327.1 NUC
    Presents differing opinions on the threat of nuclear proliferation, the need for arms control, the role of NATO, the elimination of nuclear weapons, and other related topics.
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  • Should governments negotiate with terrorists?

    by Amanda Hiber, book editor Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 363.325 SHO
    A collection of sixteen controversial essays that debate issues associated with negotiating with known terrorists. 
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  • Space exploration

    by Daniel A. Leone, book editor Year Published: 2005
    Call #: 333.94 SPA
    Presents a debate on issues of space exploration providing opposing view points and provides information on what programs should be pursued, the elimination of NASA, and the appropriateness of using space for war. 
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  • Technology

    by Hal Marcovitz Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 303.48 MAR
    Explores technology, profiling leaders in the field, and discussing numerous inventions, space exploration, atomic research, DNA, computers, and other related topics. 
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  • Terrorist attacks

    by Lauri S. Friedman Year Published: 2008
    Call #: 363.325 FRI
    Presents a series of articles associated with issues of terrorism including how and why terrorist attacks are carried out and how they can be prevented. 
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  • That the world may know : bearing witness to atrocity

    by James Dawes Year Published: 2007
    Call #: 304.663 DAW
    After the worst thing in the world happens, then what? What is left to the survivors, the witnesses, those who tried to help? What can we do to prevent more atrocities from happening in the future, and to stop the ones that are happening right now? That the World May Know tells the powerful and moving story of the successes and failures of the modern human rights movement. Drawing on firsthand accounts from fieldworkers around the world, the book gives a painfully clear picture of the human cost of confronting inhumanity in our day. 
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  • The Global arms trade

    by Gary E. McCuen Year Published: 1992
    Call #: 327.1 MCC
    Readings in four chapters include opinions by those on different sides of the issue of global threats presented by the international arms trade 
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  • The True Cost of Low Prices: The Violence of Globalization

    by Vincent A. Gallagher Year Published: 2006
    Call #: 306.3 GAL
    This book explains the basic nature of globalization, how the programs of IMF and World Bank work, the use of slave labour and the injury, disease and abuse that come from unregulated work environments worldwide. 
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