We are Bucket Fillers!

    Bucket Filling Initiative
    Switlik Elementary School is commmitted to creating a caring and respectful environment. We are using the world acclaimed book by Carol McCloud, Have You Filled a Bucket Today- A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids in order to create a safer, kinder, more respectful school culture. 
    The philosophy is simple and is this - imagine everyone is born with an invisible bucket.
    The bucket represents a person's mental and emotional health. You can't see the bucket but it’s there and it is our responsibility to fill that bucket. When you say nice things, show respect, act in kindness, you are filling each other's buckets and, in turn, filling your own bucket.  
    Switlik Elementary School is working towards keeping our buckets full every day, thus resulting in individuals who feel healthy mentally, emotionally, and socially.


    Switlik students ARE Bucket Fillers!!!


Bucket-Fillers: Monthly Winners

  • Switlik Elementary School is AN OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED
    "Bucket Filling School"



    We Proudly Acknowledge

    Julian Bisignano, Michael Swann, Carah Williams, Max Gertner, Colton Quinn, Sofia Lizano, Madisyn Stockwell, Angelina Reed, Kaprice Shibla, Chase Lentze, Landon Murphy, Paul Staffieri, Lennon Klammer, Kiya Backovsky, Adrian Mejia, Brandon Anchia - Valverde, Hayley Discuillo, Olivia Sandoval, Colton Donovan, Anthony Sileno, Bryan Quackenbush, Kaitlyn McLaughlin, Gianna Gioia, Luke Vollaro, Julianna Castellano, Michelle Collavino, Henry Daum, Sean Kas, Gabriella Cardell, Dennis O'Neill, Jillian Pearson, David Jamison, Joseph Antenucci, Kylie Kuhn, Kayla Walczyk, Drew Carrara, Matt Porazzo, Justin Perillo.

    (Any Spelling Errors - E-mail rpautenrieth@jacksonsd.org)

    Staff Members

    Ms. Vulpis, Ms. Potenza, Ms. DeBenedetto, Ms. Temple, Ms. Magee, Ms. Kostolakus, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Neri, Ms. O'Connor, Ms. Sherman, Ms. Seubert, Ms. Citron, Ms. Witmer, Ms. Wardell, Ms. Davis, Ms. Kahn, Ms. Levine, Ms. Shroyer, Ms. Zaninelli, Ms. Polidoro, Ms. Fashauer, Ms. Padron, Ms. Urban, Ms. Goldsmith, and Our Entire 2nd & 4th Grade Teams!

    Finally ~ An Extra Special Thanks To...

    Ms. Pagano-Hein For Rocking PARCC
    All Our Switlik Bus Drivers & Entire Lunch Room Staff