• Welcome to Johnson Elementary School! 

     Mrs. Renner


    I’d like to welcome you and your child to 4th grade. I am excited to be a part of your child’s educational experience. This year will bring many new learning adventures and activities.

    If any questions or concerns arise during the year, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to the upcoming school year and will see your child on Tuesday, September 6.

    The following items would be helpful for the beginning of the school year:

    6 --  2 pocket folders

    1 --  highlighter (any color)

    1 --  Sharpie marker (black)

    1  -- soft pencil case

    3 --  marble composition books

    1 --  pen (not red)

    1 --  dry erase marker

    1 --  box of tissues

    1 --  pair of headphones or earbuds--not ones that are compatible with Apple 


    Google Classroom Link




    Just for fun: 

    To practice computer skills, log on top TYPING CLUB!

    Typing Club


    Your weight on different planets

    Weight on different planets



  • Special Schedule

    Monday- Technology

    Tuesday- Library

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Music

    Friday - Physical Education 

  • Attendance 

    Students are expected to be in school every day.  Attendance is closely linked with student success.  A letter will be sent home on the 4th, 8th, 10th and 11th absences.  When a child returns to school after any absences, he/she must present a written explanation, signed by the student’s parent/guardian acknowledging the student’s absence.   The school’s Attendance Review Committee (ARC) will monitor student attendance. On a student’s 15th absence, the ARC will convene a meeting to develop an action plan for improved attendance at school.  Students with poor school attendance may be ineligible to participate in special programs/activities/athletics including dances, trips.  The ARC will communicate with parents throughout the year to document and encourage a student’s attendance in school. 


    A student who has six (6) absences during a trimester or eighteen (18) for a full year does not meet the minimum instructional requirements. Those students will be labeled as “chronically absent” by the State of New Jersey. 


    Research shows:

    • Children chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

    • By 6th grade, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign for students at risk for dropping out of school.

    • By 9th grade good attendance can predict graduation rates even better than 8th grade test scores.


    Absences can add up quickly. A child is chronically absent if he or she misses just two days every month!

  • Please bring yourcharged chromebook to school every day.

    *Stickers are not permitted.