• Welcome to 7th Grade Technology

    with Mr. Rotunno

    CONTACT: Room 500 (next to Mrs. Kennedy - Food Science) crotunno@jacksonsd.org 

    **Students will be able to access the resources and modules they need IN CLASS on the FIRST day of school** - either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on their group**

    7th grade students will have an introduction to the design process of inventing and develop new technologies using a variety of tools, and resources.  Our 7th Grade Technology course is structured to challenge students to become 21st Century Problem solvers by brainstorming, planning, creating and reflecting on the invention/creation process.

    Students will engage in activities such as;

    • Learning what it means to invent or innovate
    • How technology can be more than just electronic
    • Understand the design process stages
    • Respond to criticisms, feedback and collaboration
    • Research marketing tools and innovations
    • Present and explain research and projects using public speaking and multimedia presentations



    All assignments are on Google Classroom

    All students have been invited to their relevant Google Classroom

    Please have your child log into classroom.google.com and click "Join"

    Parents: The calendar below shows all the assignments and their due dates so you can help keep your child organized