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    Throughout the year, social skills will be addressed using

    direct instruction, role play and practice.

     For each new skill introduced, we will be working towards a special goal. The class may earn a mystery reward, game time, extra recess, or popcorn and a movie.


    Here are some sample skills:


    Asking for Help

    Accepting No

    Dealing With Losing

    Accepting Consequences

    Ignoring Distractions 

    Using Self-Control 


    We began the year focusing on Listening, Using Self Control, and Accepting No. We will continue watching videos, reading books, acting out scenarios and examining what our current skill looks like. Currently, we are focusing on what it means to Ignore Distractions. In addition to yoga breathing techniques to help calm, focus and energize, we will role play situations and brainstorm different healthy choices that can be made when feeling upset or overly excited. Please encourage your child to tell you about the strategies they learn and utilize them at home!


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