• This course is for selected students who have demonstrated a high degree of competency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the Spanish language.  This class and its rigorous pacing and expectations are designed for students who desire to obtain college credit through achievement in the Advanced Placement Language exam offered by the College Board.  This course emphasizes the use of the language for active communication through selected readings in culture and civilization and the development of writing and speaking abilities in extemporaneous context.  Materials include a variety of media, online resources, audio and video recordings, films, newspapers, magazines, and literary works and texts.  Literary works are unabridged and used primarily as a means to increase proficiency in the ability to use the language.  The dynamic of this class is academically challenging, its intent to fully prepare learners for the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.  Students enrolled in this course are required to take the Advanced Placement Exam.


    Textbook:  Temas

    Textbook website:  www.vhlcentral.com