Heavy textbooks weighing you down?  Fear not.  

    Our textbook is entirely available online via PDFs below.  


    Below you will find PDF files for our textbook.  The PDFs are sorted by unit.

    Please click the unit to access the chapter you may need.

    Unit 6: Islamic and African Civilizations

    - Chapter 12: The Islamic World

    - Chapter 13: Early African Civilizations

    Map of Africa: Country Map of Africa


    Unit 7: Empires of Asia and the Americas

    - Chapter 14: China

    - Chapter 15: Japan

    - Chapter 16: The Early Americas

    Unit 8: Renewal in Europe

    - Chapter 17: The Early Middle Ages

    - Chapter 18: The Later Middle Ages

    - Chapter 19: The Renaissance and Reformation

    Unit 9: The Early Modern World

    - Chapter 20: Science and Exploration

    - Chapter 21: Enlightenment and Revolution