Once implemented, Reading Workshop can quickly become students' favorite part of the day.

    Since the format gives students tools for selecting and comprehending literature, students find themselves with the skills needed to be successful readers. Over the course of the year, students read many books and are encouraged to do as good reader's do in exploring different genres, authors, and texts.

    The program emphasizes the interaction between readers and text. Students learn to ask questions, make connections with prior knowledge and previously read texts, and ask questions to clarify faulty comprehension they recognize has occurred.

    The program includes peer conferences and teacher conferences with students but emphasizes students' independence and allows them to become successful readers outside of the classroom.


    Our daily schedule includes:        Morning meeting

                                                     Reader's Workshop Mini Lesson

                                                     Private Reading

                                                     Partner Reading

                                                     Read aloud with discussion

                                                     Interactive writing