• 6th & 8th Grade Art

    Ms. Amy North


    Art Class meets daily for one marking period.


     Through different mediums, students will explore the Elements & Principles of Design.

     Students will learn complete projects in

    Design & Color Theory
    Clay or other Sculpture Medium


    Each unit will encompass learning vocabulary, practicing concepts, becoming familiar with Art History and completing a final project. As often as possible, cross curricular opportunities (incorporating literacy, science, history etc.) will be explored.



    Homework 10%

    Participation 60%

    Assessment 30%


    Participation includes volunteering and contribution to class discussions, following directions and procedures for materials used in class, and completing practice assignments.


    Assessment includes final projects as well as quizzes that are both written and performance based.


     Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns at any time during the marking period.