• 2019/2020 Pricing For Each Trip 

    Green Package- $125


    • Includes a group lesson with a Blue Mountain instructor,  rentals, limited trail access lift ticket, and bus ride.


    Blue Package - $130


    • Includes rentals,  lift ticket with access to all trails and bus ride.


    Black Package- $100


    • Includes lift ticket with access to all trails and bus ride.



    Helmet Rental- We strongly encourage you to wear a helmet for safety concerns.

    Helmet Rental- $12

    • If we do not have enough students (30) to fill the trip by our deadlines, we will have to cancel the trip and money will be returned.
    • If your child misses the bus, you can drive them to Blue Mountain and meet us there. You will not be reimbursed for the bus unless we have extra students with us.
    • If your child misses the entire trip (sick, decides not to go) the money for the ski portion will be refunded. However, bus money can only be returned if we have more than 30 students with us.
      • We depart on a chartered bus from McAuliffe at 5:30 am sharp. All students are expected to arrive at McAuliffe by 5:15 am on the day of a trip.
      • We will arrive at Blue Mountain in Palmerton, PA by about 7:30 am so we can hit the slopes when they open at 8am.
      • Students should pack any food they wish to bring with them (snacks for the bus, breakfast, lunch) No glass containers!!!
      • Students can also choose to bring money to buy lunch and snack at Blue Mountain
      • Appropriate clothing is necessary in order for students to stay warm and enjoy their experience. Students should wear waterproof snow pants, waterproof gloves/mittens, a waterproof jacket and a warm hat. Pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly. Layering is always a smart idea.
      • Helmets are not required, but are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.
      • Students are responsible for their own belongings for the duration of the trip.
      • Lockers are truly necessary to prevent loss of personal items. Small are $7, Medium are $10 and Large are $15. Bring exact money!!!!
      • We expect to return back to McAuliffe by about 5-5:15 pm. Students will be touching base with you about our exact arrival time on our way home.
    • There will be four or more experienced chaperones on each trip. Each will be on the mountain to assist in any way possible.




    What to Wear/ What to Bring

    • Helmets are not required, but are strongly recommended.
    • Ski pants are a must.  Jeans or other absorbent materials should not be worn.
    • Ski socks are extremely important and help to keep you warm and to prevent blisters.
    • Bring an extra pair of dry socks for the bus ride home.
    • Either bring lunch or money to buy lunch.
    • Bring quarters for lockers.
    • Bring snow gloves to wear on the mountain.