• Welcome to 6th Grade Computer Literacy

    with Mr. Rotunno

    CONTACT: Room 113 (next to Main Office) crotunno@jacksonsd.org

    6th grade students will have an introduction to computer and informational literacy. Students will demonstrate skills, and use the tools necessary for computer applications.  They will create, understand and develop skills in the following programs; Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, Google Classroom, and Google G Suite for Education.  6th Grade Students will also become proficient typists using the District provided subscription to EduTyping software.

    Students will engage in activities such as;

    • Learning how to format a Microsoft Word Document/Google Doc for research purposes
    • Learning how to create a handout/brochure in Microsoft Publisher
    • Manipulate and create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
    • Understand future career potential in technology related industries with a Google Slides Presentation

    All projects are submitted using Google Classroom and all grades will be recorded in Genesis (Parent Portal).