• Welcome to Sixth Grade Band!

    I am looking forward to teaching all of you this year.

    If you have not obtained an instrument for the school year, please rent your instrument online from Garden State Music Center at www.gardenstatemusic.com or call 732-255-9331.  

    *If you do not remember your approved instrument choice, please email me at rfodor@jacksonsd.org prior to renting or purchasing an instrument.  Rental instruments from Garden State Music Center come with the necessary supplies and a band lesson book, Measures of Success, Book 1.  They will be delivered to Goetz Middle School by the second week of school.

    *If you are opting to purchase an instrument for the school year, please consult me first.  There are a lot of instruments of inferior quality out there, especially on popular websites with misleadingly positive reviews.  Instruments should be purchased from a reputable music website or music store that specializes in quality music products.  The band teacher can make recommendations as to which brands and types of instruments are best suited for your child.

    Percussion auditions will be held during the first week in September.  No prior knowledge is necessary.  Students will be assessed on their ability to maintain a steady beat, follow a conductor's tempo, play simple rhythm patterns, demonstrate active listening skills, and follow directions.  *Students who are accepted into the percussion section will be required to start instruction on keyboard percussion first and must obtain a bell kit for the school year.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at rfodor@jacksonsd.org.

    Best wishes for a terrific school year!

    ~Mrs. Fodor