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    Technology has revolutionized the financial services industry, creating demanding positions in need of talented applicants who have mastered both the technical and soft skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, and work as team members.  This course will introduce students, through the use of project-based instruction to the foundations of finance and the role finance, credit, savings, investments, and consumer responsibilities play in business and personal lives.  Various technological tools such as concepts and applications of Microsoft Office software, use of the internet for research and writing, and college and career information through Naviance software are additional skills that will be utilized through school, work and life.

    Assignments are placed in Google classroom.  Once logged into your school Google email, you will be able to enter Google classroom.  The weekly assignments are also summarized in the Google calendar found in the teacher pages calendar section.  When assignments are posted to Google classroom, an email is sent to the student notifying of the assignment and the due date.  The due date is posted on the cover page of Googe classroom, on the google dropbox, and on each student's google calendar.  Assignments are not accepted late.  Extended time is always given beyond the date of assignment. 

    Please note the assignment has a start date and the due date is at least the next day, a week later, and/or sometimes two weeks later.  The objective of the entended due dates is to allow the student to time manage.  When a grade of zero is issued for a missing assignment.  the student should still complete the assignment, upload the late assignment, print out Genesis, highlight the assignment requesting to be regraded, and explain why there was an unusual circumstance to request regrading.  If the instructor decides the reasoning supports regrading, the regrading is done on Fridays/weekends after receiving the Genesis highlighted paper. 


    Assignments not completed in the allotted class time are expected to be completed for homework. 

    Please remember when you have a discrepancy with your grade in Genesis and Google classroom, print out Genesis.  Highlight the discrepancy and make sure the assignment is completed and uploaded to Google classroom (even though late).  Explain your special circumstances on your late work and why the instructor should make the exception on your behalf to grade your assignment.     The general rule is assignments are not accepted late.

    Course Description

    This course is a comprehensive study of personal financial literacy designed for the college-bound and career-oriented student.  Students learn how to make informed financial decisions related to budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, taxes, and career exploration.  An integral component of the financial literacy curriculum is the application of decision-making skills that enables students to become more responsible consumers for lifetime success.


    Identify the steps of the decision-making process.

    • Explain how investing builds wealth and helps meet financial goals.
    • Develop a career plan for personal income potential.
    • Identify the influences marketing strategies have on consumer decisions.
    • Apply consumer skills to individual and family financial decisions.
    • Identify available resources consumers can access to accomplish goals.
    • Summarize major consumer protection laws.
    • Develop a personal financial plan for spending and saving.
    • Describe ways to avoid or correct debt problems.
    • Explain the purpose of a credit record and identify borrower’s credit report rights.
    • Explain the purpose of various types of insurance.
    • Conduct an analysis of the benefits/risks of homeownership versus rent.
    • Find and evaluate financial information from a variety of sources.
    • Evaluate decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences.


    Foundations of Personal Finance, Joan Ryan & Christie Tyan

     Personal financial Literacy  ISBN  1-305-65308-4

     Major topics

    Economic System

    Managing Your Finances

    ·         Personal finances

    ·         Income and taxes

    ·         Financial institutions and services

    ·         Credit

    ·         Insurance

    ·         Savings

    ·         Investing and estate planning

    Managing Your Spending

    ·         Shopping basics

    ·         Selling methods/fraud

    ·         Spending for food

    ·         Clothing

    ·         Health and Wellness

    ·         Housing

    ·         Transportation

    Planning  Your Future

    ·         Career

    ·         Getting a Job




    • Daily Assignments/homework-10%
    • Tests – 50%
    • participation 40%

    Semester Grade

    • Final Exam – 16%
    • Each marking period 28%

     Student responsbilities

    Respect and Responsibility!



     see class rules:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/183S7VmhbGvUi31509t8eflthQ4r5OtL2LCJdHKx9Q04/edit?usp=sharing

    It is your responsibility to inquire about any missed assignments due to absence and to be sure that it is turned in directly to the teacher upon completion.

     Work area must be left clean with the computer shut down correctly, all materials put away, and the chair slid up to the desk.

     Restroom visits will be kept to a minimum and students must have their planners signed prior to leaving and must sign out on and in on the checkout sheet located at the front of the room.

     Stay at your station until the bell rings.

     TARDY POLICY:  Once the bell rings and you are not in the classroom you are considered tardy and must go see a Tardy Monitor (located in the mall area at the East & West entrances) where you will receive a pass to enter class.  See building policy for consequences.

     Please sign the form in the space provided and return to Mrs. Berg.  Your signature indicates that you are aware of the grading and classroom expectations.


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