• Speech  



    The goal of speech and language therapy is to help our students become more effective communicators in order to maximize their potential in the educational environment.  Speech therapy focuses on helping children produce sounds correctly, improve their ability to use the spoken word and understand what others are saying to them.


    The speech/language program lends itself to much opportunity for you to be an active participant in the learning process of your child. Here are ways that you can help:



    -Designate 3-5 minutes a day to focus on your child’s speech and make sure he/she is producing the sound correctly.

    -While you child reads, remind him/her to produce his/her speech sounds. You can even hi-lite the sounds in the book.

    -Have your child relate a narrative or describe an object using the correct production of the sound.

    -Have your child count how many times he/she produced the sound correctly in a sentence/conversation.

    -Modeling the correct production of a specific sound will help your child produce the sound correctly in his/her natural environment.

    -Help your child slow his rate of speech to improve intelligibility.



    -Read books with your child. Have your child retell the story to the best of his/her ability. You can have him/her draw three pictures for beginning, middle, and end and use that to help him retell the story. Having your child produce a narrative will help with various language skills (i.e. beginning, middle, end, sequencing, and grammar)

    -Find objects at home, outside, and/or in a store and describe these items-remember to include category, function, parts, size, shape, and color.

    -Encourage your child to answer questions using complete sentences that are meaningful to the question being asked.

    -Play “Detective”-say a sentence with a grammatical error and have your child be a “detective” and detect the error and correct it.

    -After going on a trip or vacation, have your child retell the sequence of events using words, such as “First”, “Then”, “Next” and “Last”.


    Your child will be provided with a speech folder. Please check your child’s folder for speech homework. It is crucial that the homework is completed and returned to school. This will help your child make more progress in speech. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by sending a note in your child’s speech folder or via email at ycohen@jacksonsd.org