• Welcome to the Instructional Media Center / IMC (School Library)

     Normally, books may be checked out for one or two weeks.

    During the 2018-2019 school year:

    • Grades K-2 will have a class in the library every week.
    • Third grade will focus on aquaponics for for the first trimester.
    • Fourth grade will focus on aquaponics for the second trimester.
    • Fifth grade will focus on aquaponics for the third trimester.
    • Grades 3-5 will have book exchanges every other week.

    Classes are scheduled to visit the library on these days:

    • Monday: Agoston, Frenville, Guedes, Konopack, Lokerson, Paquette, Ribera, Rudenjak, Rutyna, Sulia, Tice 
    • Tuesday: Cortez, Garnett, O'Brien, Ribera (technology class), 
    • Wednesday: Hussa, Murray, Schaller, Zecca
    • Thursday: Brenner, Brucculeri, Hreha, Kravitz, Langer, Morrow
    • Friday: D'Ambrosio, Giaconia, Longo, Paradise, Prugno 

    Third grade classes have started their lab notebooks for aquaponics classes, and have  researched the best types of plants to grow in school.  We have planted Swiss Chard, Oregano, Parsley, and Romaine Lettuce.  We are learning to do tests on the quality and safety of the water in the fish tank.  

    Second grade classes are learning how to locate books according to their call number, in every section of the library.  They have begun to learn how to find books in the online Destiny catalog.  Using the button from my class page, they can show you this at home!


    In November, we will read stories about Thanksgiving and name some things we are thankful for.    











    Elms Elementary School has recently installed an aquaponics garden next to the IMC.  To see more photos, or to see a list of electronic books about plants, fish, and ecocystems, please click here.

     The IMC goals are to:

    • teach the students to use information effectively
    • teach the students to use information responsibly
    • encourage students to be life-long readers
    • encourage life-long learning
    • provide support to the teachers and the curriculum 


    To contact the Media Specialist, please email: gconley@jacksonsd.org 

    Click to see a video about returning library books.


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