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    Here are some ways to encourage reading and writing at home: 

    • Students- Tell a story at home with a beginning, middle, and an end. Include details and using different voices for the characters. Talk about a moment from special, lunch, recess, reading, math, science, or any part of the day!
    • Parents- Tell a favorite story from when you were growing up. Think about the first time or last time you did something, a time you were really proud of yourself, or a time you felt a strong emotion (fear, anger, etc.) Add in descriptive words, actions, inner thinking to make the story come alive!
    • Look for writing all around the house! How does your family using writing every day? (Texts, notes, lists, emails, letters, etc.)
    • When reading, find something in every story that you read that you admire and talk about the craft. What makes it so special?
    • When reading, ask "Why?" This will help with including evidence and support for the answer! 
    • Write together! Share your stories with me after! :) 
    • Practice multiplication facts nightly. You can use flash cards, aplusmath.com, use your communicator, or any other multiplication fact practice games.



    Things to know about our class:

    • Students are encouraged to bring in a water bottle to keep on their desks. 
    • Please check your child's planner each night. Weekly updates can be found in the planner, on the class page, and Class Dojo.
    • Class Dojo is a free app that parents can download. I use this to track behavior in the classroom. I also post weekly updates and reminders on this app. Notifications will be sent to your phone each time I post a reminder. I ask that if you have any questions or concerns at any time please email me rather using the messaging feature.
    • Please do not bring in personal pencil sharpeners. I also prefer for the students to have a zipper pencil case instead of a pencil box. They tend to fall off the desks frequently and items end up all over the floor.


    Class Promises

    1. Be respectful.

    2. Listen.

    3. Be honest.

    4. Always give your best effort.

    5. Be kind, stay postivie, and have fun!

    Scholastic Book Orders: If you are interested in ordering books from scholastic.com, please enter our class code so that we can earn free books! Code: PBVJW

    If you would like to donate books to our classroom library that your child has finished reading, it would be greatly appreciated! :) 


    Character Education: Being kind to others is something I practice with my students each day. We take the time to write a thank you note to a staff member, give a compliment to a friend, sit next to someone new at lunch, hold the door for someone, etc. Kindness week is not just one week out of the year for our class...it is each and every day that we practice showing kindness to others. Paw-sitive Behavior- Positive behavior will be rewarded with a "Paw Coupon". Teachers and staff can hand out a coupon to a student who is showing paw-sitive behavior!




    Important Dates:

    End Of Year Party- Monday, June 18th at 1:15pm. Parents are invited. Please RSVP via email.

    Yearbook and Field Day T-shirt signing- Tuesday, June 19th. 


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    Reader's Workshop

    Read for 30 minutes each night.

     Find a comfortable reading spot, pick a just right book, and read it like it is GOLD!

    Please remember that you are not defined by your reading levels. Levels are tools to help us! Read books at home that you enjoy reading because my goal for each of you is to LOVE reading as much as I do!

    :) <3

    Students should be reading fiction books for homework. Please encourage conversations with your child about the book he/she read for homework.


    Reading log



    Reading Folder


    "Post-it" about the mind work you are doing while reading! Write an "E" on a post it to show where you are envisioning. Write a post-it about what you predict will happen next! 
    (I predict that...because...)
    Character Traits: Becca is the type of person who gets mad easily. I know this because in the book...

    Question the Author: Why is the title of the book Stone Fox?

    Could it be because without Stone Fox as a character, the book would not have had the same ending?

    Or maybe it's because...







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     Writer's Workshop

    Decorate your Writer's Notebook with pictures that fill your heart up!

    My Writer's Notebook D



    What is a Writer’s Notebook, Anyway?

    By: Ralph Fletcher

    “What is a writer's notebook, anyway? Let's start by talking about what it's not.


    A writer's notebook is not a diary: "Today it is raining. We have a substitute teacher named Miss Pampanella. She seems very nice. We are going to have gym right before lunch." It's not a reading journal in which your teacher tells you to summarize the main idea of a book, or write a letter to a character. A writer's notebook is different from any journal you've ever kept before.


    Writers are pretty ordinary people. They have favorite songs, favorite movies, favorite TV shows. Writers have Evil Big Sisters (and, occasionally, sweet ones). They get good or not so good grades, take vacations, paint their houses ...


    Writers are like other people, except for at least one important difference. Other people have daily thoughts and feelings, notice this sky or that smell, but they don't do much about it. All those thoughts, feelings, sensations, and opinions pass through them like the air they breathe.


    Not writers. Writers react. And writers need a place to record those reactions. That's what a writer's notebook is for. It gives you a place to write down what makes you angry or sad or amazed, to write down what you noticed and don't want to forget, to record exactly what your grandmother whispered in your ear before she said goodbye for the last time.


    A writer's notebook gives you a place to live like a writer, not just in school during writing time, but wherever you are, at any time of day.”


    Thank you, Constance Panton, for sharing your two books with us! We thank you for helping us with our own small moment stories, too!!! 








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  • Words Their Way


    WTW (Words their Way) cycles of words can last 7-8 days. Tests will not be every Friday.


    Students are assessed on their applied spelling in writing. 

    Students have optional spelling homework that they can complete nightly. Look in the resources tab for more information. 


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  • Math


    Parents: It will be very helpful to your child if you purchase multiplication and division flashcards. You can purchase them from Target, Walmart, or order on Amazon. It is so important for your child study facts each night...even if it is only for 5 minutes!



    Please utilize the online math textbook website. The homework and practice buddy, and "Another Look" video will be very helpful if your child is having difficulty with a topic. 

    Here is a website that might be useful when you are trying to find additional practice for a particular standard: https://www.quantiles.com/tools/math-skills-database/?state=NJ&course=166&standard=

    Math Fast Facts Website: https://www.varsitytutors.com/aplusmath/flashcards/multiplication











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    Unit 1: Forces and Interactions

    Unit 2: Inheritance and variation of traits: Life cycles and traits

    Unit 3: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Environmental Impacts on Organisms

    Unit 4: Weather and Climate


    Social Studies

    Unit 1: Government and the Democratic Process

    Unit 2: Impact of Ideas and Inventions

    Unit 3: The United States: Regions and Geography

    Unit 4: Diversity Into Unity


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    Specials 9:51-10:31

    Monday- Gym

    Tuesday- Art

    Wednesday- Music

    Thursday- Computers

    Friday- World Language

    Lunch 12:27-1:07