Good morning,

    Today phase 2 of our on line learning begins. You can find the lesson plans here under assignments and also on our google classroom. If you have any difficulties please reach out to me right away.  My email address is ehelle@jacksonsd.org.  Please don't stress over school work that becomes frustrating or adds another layer of stress. This will pass, and we will be back in school together soon. We will start back up where we are and the students will soar. A former administrator I worked with once told me "the corn will grow" these powerful words have gotten me through some difficult times. 

    Mrs. Helle


    Please go on the epic website and sign in using code dgg9983. Find your name and start reading! 

    Please go on Mrs. Brenners class page and click on the link: OnlineOnline Learning K-2 March 23 - 27 link . Mrs. Brenner is going to post links for Library! 

    Also please visit our google classroom. I have been making daily posts there and would love to see you stop by!

    Welcome to our class page. If you need to contact me please email me at ehelle@jsd.org. I will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also call the school or the Child Study Team office whenever necessary. 732-833-4650

    I am adding new sites that you can reach in the student resource section. Please check daily as I am trying to add more every day.

    The following site has some useful information as we navigate this unpresedented situation! 



    This shut down will be very difficult for our students, staff, and families. If we work together we will get through it!


    If you have any questions please email me, go to the google classroom, or call the school.


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Helle