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    Monday          -  Computers                               

    Tuesday         -  Gym

    Wednesday    -  Art

    Thursday        World Language 

    Friday             - Music   



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     Morning Announcement - March 30, 2020



    We are now entering into the 2nd phase of our remote learning. Thank you, parents, for your continued support and help during this time. Please know that I am here for any and all questions that you may have. 


     During phase 2 our assignments will look a little different. 

    I will continue to use Google Classroom for assignments. The assignments for each day will be posted in the morning on our Google Classroom.

    Students should log into their Elms Gmail accounts then click on the google classroom icon.

    This is where students can view and hand in assignments or get resources for their assignments. 


    This week we will start a new routine with our classwork. There will be assignments in Math, Literacy, and Science.


    Students will be viewing daily videos in the Pearson website to assist in math lessons.

     Math  -Each lesson will be taking two days to complete.
    Each day for there will be two videos that will help students learn the concepts of the lesson.
    After viewing the videos there will be questions to answer.  The links to Envision Math will be placed right in my Google Classroom.  Once you click on that link, it will bring you right to Envision.  All work should be submitted on Envision.

    In Literacy, there will be a link to click on in a  Google Classroom assignment for Freckle. There will be a story to read and questions to answer.  Next, there will be a  writing response to the story that was read on Freckle.  All writing will be done on the attached doc located in that day's reading assignment and submitted in Google Classroom.


    In Science  the students will have an opportunity to get away from their screens and go outside to experience nature, seeing science in real life. Students will be working on a nature scavenger hunt and completing a doc with

    their findings. 



    It is not required but if students want extra practice they are encouraged to log into  XtraMath, Freckle or Khan Academy. If they choose to do so I can view the work they complete.


    Please know that I will be available each day during our closure from 8:00 - 1:00.  If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via email mahreha@jacksonsd.org . I will try to respond as quickly as possible. I know that this is a very different situation and appreciate your understanding and support as we go through this together.







    Class  Supplies :

    If you would like to donate classroom supplies here are a few items that are needed throughout the year.

    Thank you in advance for any donations.  smile


    - Paper towels

    - Tissues

    - Lysol wipes

    - Zip-lock snack size bags











    What's Happening in Class

     It is very important that each student has this reading time each night. This will make your child a stronger more independent reader. (and better writer too!)

    When your child has completed their reading each night, they should be logging their reading time into their reading logs including pages read, each night. ( example pg. 30- 46)

    This is an important tool for both the students and me, to reflect on and evaluate their personal

    reading progress.





    Writing/Reading - In writing, we are working on writing in the form of reading responses. Students will read fiction text and respond to prompts using evidence from the text.

    In Reading, we are working on character traits using fiction texts.


     Math- We are beginning Topic 12.



    To log into Pearson :

    1   log into Google using your student email

    2 - go the Elms site, click on "for parents and students tab",

    3 - choose  Envision Math Login  

    4 - Click in the REALIZE  tab


    Extramath.com  - students may log in at home for extra practice with math facts.



    Your child will be bringing home their student planner each night.  It will have the current homework assignment for the night as well as any important reminders. I ask that a parent or guardian sign your child's planner each night. This signature will show that you have reviewed your child's work and the assignment is complete.

    *The planner may also contain teacher notes when needed.* 









    I feel it is important to keep the parent-teacher lines of communication open.

    You may e-mail me at mahreha@jacksonsd.org anytime you have a question or concern.

    If you prefer you can write a note in your child's planner. I check planners every morning. If it is a private issue, send in a note in a sealed envelope, attach to the planner.













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