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    Parents and students,

    Here is the presentation for the Summer Reading Program










    ***All virtual students  should sign into Google Classroom by 9:05


    ***Students should stay signed on for live instruction until 1:30 unless instructed to log off during independent work time.



    - Students should have their Chromebooks on a desk or table in a quiet place in the home.

    - Students should have all completed  homework from that day with them ready to review ( math books and notebooks)

    - Students need to be present for the entire lesson and may leave when instructed to complete their independent work. ( if they must leave early or there is an internet issue please email me.)

    ***  Students will be marked absent if they do not attend the majority of the meeting time.




    Time- 11:15-11:45



     Use the links below to find out information about your Special Area teacher on their Class Page.







    Friday- IMC  (https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1233)





    Classroom Donations ( we can always use :)

    - Paper Towels

    - Sanitizing wipes

    - Tissues


    School Supplies

    I will have all supplies you will need to begin the year.

    There are some items that would be helpful for you to have.


             - 2 sturdy pocket folders

             - small personal tissue packets

             - Earbuds or headphones for your Chromebook

             - An extra mask


            - *beach towel and water bottle* (  Towels will be used to sit on during our outside reading time. A water bottle will avoid the use of the water fountain)



    Please know that fully charged Chromebooks must be brought to class every day.




    I feel it is important to keep the parent-teacher lines of communication open.

    You may e-mail me at mahreha@jacksonsd.org anytime you have a question or concern.

    If you prefer you can write a note in your child's planner. I check planners every morning. If it is a private issue, send in a note in a sealed envelope, attach it to the planner.























































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