We Play Hard!


    Welcome Back....Hope your summer was fun filled!  Looking forward to meeting and seeing you all again.






    Participation:  Student comes to class prepared (with sneakers) and participates (gives their best) 

    *If a student is unable to participate…….he/she must have a Doctor’s note or a note from their parent (good for only one week) stating why they cannot participate.


     Behavior :  Student follows direction and rules of class.


     Sportsmanship:  Student treats others with respect, handles both winning and losing with proper attitude, and encourages not discourages others



    Note:  3 individual incidents warrant a change in grade for instance…..


    ……. 3 unprepared (no sneakers) for class in one marking period makes an "3" become a “2” 


    ……3 checks for behavior or bad sportsmanship makes an “3” become a “2” 


    Any combination of 3 in one marking period changes a student’s grade(2 unprepared for class and 1 behavior or vise versa)



    Students will be participating in various activities through out the year which will develop,foster and improve fitness habits, team work, strategies, and good sportsmanship.