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      This is a PEANUT FREE CLASSROOM, Please do not send any peanut products.
       Dairy allergies in class, please do not send any milk products.
    SUPPLIES- plenty of pencils and crayons in a ziplock bag. The students will be given folders and notebooks in class.
     Donations to the class are greatly appreciated- Tissues, Lysol wipes, and paper towels are always welcome
    READER'S WORKSHOP-Reading fiction books again in class.   They should be reading 25 minutes a day at home.


                              Read the books from the READING BAGGIE!

                              The students have books on their independent level and instructional level.  




                              SPELLING- JUST SORT the word

                                Please continue to supervise your child during the Spelling SORT




                               The students have a spelling folder with a notebook to keep track of the words. On the day the new words are given, students copy the new words into their notebook. Then they cut out the words and place them in a plastic baggie. The bag of words should be kept in their Spelling folder.  On the day before the test ,the words are glued into their notebook. 



    If you have any questions, just email me at clgarcia@jacksonsd.org.

    .question mark
    “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”
    Oscar Wilde

    “Start writing, no matter what!!!!!! The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
    Louis L'Amour


    Becoming Experts in Reading Nonfiction Books  
    Writer's Workshop-Nonfiction writing


    Math -    Topic 8



    Unit Summary

    Students will learn general health skills involving topics such as hygiene, nutrition, and physical activities.

    S.S American Symbols

    MONDAY----- Libray


    Remember  Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

    raincoat--to keep in school- it is much easier than an umbrella.
    zip lock storage bag for pencils and crayons------NO PENCIL BOXES,  PLEASE!!
    sharpener with cover
    extra pencils, erasers, crayons

    please donate tissue boxes and sanitary wipes

    Monday---Thursday--- Use the BLUE FOLDER that was sent home for any notes for me and homework.
                                            The folder will contain homework assignments and corrected papers.   Please be sure to check this folder every night.                  

    The reader's workshop is a framework for reading instruction.  It allows students to read books of their own choosing and at their own independent reading level.  During the daily workshop, students will be provided with the opportunities to read independently and talk about what they have read with classmates and their teacher.  They will develop strategies and skills to help them become proficient readers.  We will begin reading instruction this year, by learning to choose the right books and building stamina for independent reading.   
       Students are taught to be good readers by
    Looking at the book cover
    Reading the title
    Taking a picture walk
    Asking questions
    Making predictions
    Retelling the story
    Thinking and jotting 

    Parent Tips:  Have a discussion about what your child is reading.  Ask questions or say things like..

    What did the character do...
    I like the part when...
    I love that the author...
    How did the character feel when...
    That reminds me of...

    When reading nonfiction text talk about the facts that you find interesting.  Also, point out the different text features--bullets, bold text, maps, graphs, diagrams, charts.                                       

    In Writer's workshop, students write daily after the study of an author's texts to see how they can strengthen their own writing.  Teachers work to help students develop greater writing stamina with daily writing.                          

    THE CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO BRING A WATER BOTTLE and a small snack every day.

    Birthday Party INVITATION 
    Please keep in mind students will no longer be permitted to hand out invitations for private parties or other events.  Parents will have the option of sharing their home address and/or e-mail with other parents in the class for birthday and/or party invitations. This page will be copied and shared with all of the names on the list.  A "blank" copy will be made for parents who were unable to attend BTSN or recent students. 

    LET'S CELEBRATE HEALTHY KIDS----- We suggest non-food items ( pencils, activity books, bookmarks) for birthday celebrations in the lunchroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NUT FREE/TREE NUT FREE and HEALTHY--------This ensures the health of all students in your classroom and all students that utilize our room either for childcare, or other after school programs.

    LUNCHROOM INFORMATION---Please practice STUDENT #'s, when sending lunch money, please write the child's name and grade on the envelope or plastic baggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LITERACY----Reader's Workshop-----READ ,READ,READ----THAT IS WHAT READER'S WORKSHOP IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!------Please read every night for at least 10 minutes .


    WRITING SKILL--------------Writer's Workshop--- WRITE, WRITE, WRITE----THAT IS WHAT WRITER'S WORKSHOP IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!----We will be working on personal narratives.



    SPELLING----Words their Way------PHONICS PATTERNS----The students will be learning to SORT their spelling words based on their spelling pattern NEEDS, second-grade sight words, and odd spelling patterns. 


    MATH------ The children work on the problem -based interactive learning, independent practice and critical thinking assignments every day.  We will be working on addition followed by subtraction.  Please practice addition and subtraction facts until your child has memorized them.



    HEALTH/SOCIAL SKILLS--STUDY SKILLS-----Reminders to wash their hands, cough on their sleeves, and pick up after themselves in order to have a clean classroom.