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    When you enter this
    Virtual Art Room...
    You are AMAZING!                                                         
    You are IMPORTANT!
    You are CREATIVE!
    You are RISK TAKERS!
    You are ARTISTS!
    You are SPECIAL!
    You are THE REASON
    I am here!
    Click on the link below to reach me.


    Synchronous Teaching:  March 1, 2021



    • Students will be expected to attend every day, and to not flip between in-person instruction and synchronous instruction.


    • The only exception would be for in-person students who are ill or who should stay home due to quarantine. 


    • If a child is ill and able to participate, please notify your child’s teacher that your child will be learning synchronously from home, temporarily. 
    Click on the link below for the
    White House Historical Association
    Student art Competition
    Doodle for Google Contest
    Click on link below.
    Remember to be on time for art google meets.
    Gather your art supplies before the meet by looking up the materials list on the new lesson under CLASSWORK tab.
    Click on the grade level on the left for your Art schedule.
    Google Meets: Scheduled Art Time ONLY on your scheduled Art day. 
    • Attendance is taken during your meet. 
    • Attendance is based on you being there for the ENTIRE art lesson.  I need to see you in the Google Meet doing and completing your art project, just like we used to in the art room at school.  That way, I can grade you as you are working.  
    • I will sign in 5 minutes earlier on your scheduled Art time.  This is when I will do Art Instruction with you.  PLEASE, do not go ahead and create your art work ahead of time.  
    • After the google meet, you can work on your project on your own during the off week that you aren't scheduled for Art. 
    OFF WEEK:  
    I will also post a monthly Choice Board ART ENRICHMENT activities for you to do if you completed your project already during the OFF WEEK.  These are not graded but for you to enjoy and build on your drawing skills.  Find them under the CLASSWORK tab in your art google classroom.Enjoy!
    art supplies
    I have sent ART supplies in the box you have picked up.  
    Use them only for your ART lessons, please.
    There are still a lot of student supply boxes here at Switlik School.
     Please be sure to come by and pick up your box.
     Click on link above
    to view your remote learning art submissions.
    Click on above link.
     Congratulations!  You did it!
     Have a fun summer!
    Can you believe that it's the last week of school???
    No Art lesson this week to submit.
    Click on the link Summer Fun for art activities you can do over the summer. 
    Be happy, stay safe, and see you in September 2020.
    Summer Fun
    Click on link above.
    End of Year Color Page
    Click on link above. 
    Important Announcement!!!
    You are all famous artists!!!!
    Click on link above to view your art work if you are an Artsonia member.
    Ms. Martinez
    Click on above video link
    Week of June 8, 2020
    Click on your grade level to have fun learning how to draw.
    No need to submit to Ms. Martinez
    unless you want to share your artistic creations.
    Week of June 1, 2020
    Click on Link Above 
    Use this time to "Catch Up" on any work that you need to submit. 
    Deadline for all final submissions is June 5, 2020
    If you are done with all your submissions,
    go ahead and click on your grade level for a FUN art activity.
    No submissions necessary for this week's art activity.
    Click on link above.  No submission needed.
    A fun activity for my dear Fifth Graders.
      Click on link above
    Memorial Day
    Week of May 25, 2020
    This week we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, May 26, 2020
    We honor and remember all those who have been part of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.
    We salute them for their bravery, courage, and patriotism.
    All grade levels will have the same art project this week.
    Click on your grade level and enjoy the holiday week.
    Click on link above
    Week of May 18, 2020
    SPACE- is an element of Art
    Artists love to create SPACE in their art.
    How do they do that? Hmmmm...
    Well, this week, you will be able to create some really cool SPACE in your Art!
    Kindergarteners and First Graders will be creating some cool Seascapes.
    Second and Third Graders are going to tackle some awesome Landscapes.
    Fourth and Fifth Graders are going to challenge themselves to imagine and create awesome Cityscapes.
    Are you ready??? 
    Art lessons will be posted on Monday, May 18, 2020
    Click on your grade level on the left hand side.
    Have FUN!!!
    To follow up Mrs. Mckiernan's post on the Switlik Site,
    all 5th grade artwork will be returned to their homeroom teachers for a June scheduled pick up soon to follow.
    All K-4th grade artwork will be kept and returned in September.
    If you will not be returning to Switlik next schoolyear, please send me an email so I can have it ready for a scheduled pick up per Switlik pick up directives.  
    Pick up directives soon to follow.
    Thanks for your cooperation.


    We are Switlik!
    We miss you!
    Stay Switlik Strong!
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    I just want you to know that ART comes in all forms.
    If your child does any other form of ART at home, please feel free to send me a photo for grade credit towards their report card.
    During this difficult time, ART is expressed in many different ways. 
    Keep safe
    Keep Creating
    I miss all my Switlik chikadee darlings!
    Week of May 11, 2020
    I hope you enjoyed your virtual museum trip to the Tate Museum last week.
    Each artist has their very own style, just like you.
    This week, you will discover some famous artists and their artistic styles.
    Find your grade level on the left side tabs and click for your lessons.
    Feel free to check out the other grade levels and have fun discovering other artists.
    Week of May 4, 2020
    This week's lesson we pay tribute to our Switlik Moms by taking them on a virtual class trip to the museum.
    Mother's Day at the Museum!
    Have fun and Thank you Moms for all you do.
    Click your grade level on the left hand tabs.
    Here is the painting I did at the Tate Kids Paint Gallery.
    Ms. Martinez's Painting
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    I just want you to know that ART comes in all forms.
    If your child does any other form of ART at home, please feel free to send me a photo for grade credit towards their report card.
    During this difficult time, ART is expressed in many different ways. 
    Keep safe
    Keep Creating
    Try to complete weekly art projects in a timely fashion,  so you don't get behind with your artwork.
    I grade all submissions and it will reflect on your 3rd marking period grade.
    Just a friendly reminder, make sure your name, grade, and teacher are clearly labeled on your artwork before submitting to me. No selfies, please.
    FYI:  Ms. Trotta and Mrs. Fox First Grade artwork is being showcased on the Switlik Virtual Art Museum.  Check it out, my chikadee darlings!
    Click on above link.
    Welcome back, my chikadee darlings!!!
    Phase III of Remote Learning starts April 20, 2020
    Click on your grade level to find your art lessons for the week.
    Don't forget to take a photo of your finished work
    and submit to my email address above.
    It's important that you label your work with your
    Grade Level
    Homeroom Teacher
    this will be a  BIG help with filing your artwork.
    No selfies with the artwork please, thanks.
      Rainbow of HOPE
    Create your own rainbow of hope using any art supplies you have at home. 
    Tape your finished rainbow to an outside window of your home to help spread the message of HOPE.
    Click on the link above.
    Check out our Switlik Virtual Art Museum on the Switlik Webpage.
    Currently featuring select artwork that was chosen to be initially showcased
    at the Jackson Children's Library for the month of April.
    Congratulations, my chikadee artists!!!
    We will continue to add on to our virtual art museum using artwork that you digitally submit to Ms. Martinez.
    Please include your name, grade, and homeroom teacher
    in the front to identify your artwork. 
    No selfies with your artwork, please.
    Thanks for all you do.
    PHASE II Remote Learning
    Check out the Elementary Special Area Lessons on the District Web Site under Phase II Remote Learning. 
    Tons of fun learning art activities to do.
    Check out the art activity links and resources on my class page.
    Keep on drawing and being artsy, my chikadee darlings!
    Please remember:
    Parents, I want to let you know...
    Right now, don't worry about your child falling behind in Art. 
    There is no such thing.  Each day as they create, imagine, formulate, build, color, paint, glue... they are improving on their art skills.
    When we return to the Art Room, I will pick up where we left off and continue to support them wherever they are artistically.
    Your child's mental health and safety
    is more important than their artistic skills.
    Do tell them that Ms. Martinez Darling misses all her chikadee darlings!
    Please send in an art smock or used/clean shirt for Art.
    Let's be safe and creative.

    Check Here Often For Important School News, Events, and Projects!

    The Art Department at Switlik School is gearing up for another exciting, fun, and artistically creative school year!

    Don't forget to bring in an art smock or any old t-shirt to Art.

      See you at Learning Cottage 6.