globe children  To my Holman and Crawford-Rodriguez Students  

    04/06/20  Hola!  I hope that all  of my students and their families are "bien"! On this Class Page you will find general information each week about how you can study and  practice your español at home. Please explore the many links I have under my "Student Resources". Take a look also at my "Homework/Assignment" page for suggestions about different activities you can do alone, or with family members. 

    ** Noticias Importantes (Important News)! **

     3rd and 4th grade students: I  have created a Google Classroom for us to continue learning. Many of you have already joined and contacted me! If you haven't,  please accept my invite through e-mail or use the code below; click the underlined link with your class name and go right to the Google Classroom page. Please accept so that you can participate in the activities I have been posting.

     5th grade students:  Please continue looking for your assignments and links posted on our Google Classroom.   

    Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  smile


    Google Classroom Codes: Crawford-Rodriguez

    Burke: a2nrzed    Burke-español Google Classroom

    Daut: ngesv2x       Daut - español Google Classroom

    Alkalay: z5dfgtk     Alkalay - español Google Classroom

    Maher:  vxvceeu      Maher - español Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Codes: Holman

    Bialecki: a3ndap7    Bialecki - español Google Classroom

    Burns: nvibnn6       Burns - español Google Classroom

    Prendergast (Gruosso): f54adnf    Prendergast - español Google Classsroom

    Quartarone: cx724ou    Quartarone - español Google Classroom

    Giovanni :  aer2vn3    Giovanni - español Google Classroom

    Shilan :  jbsb5xr     Shilan - español Google Classroom

    Steider-Jones: vr747pn   Steider - español Google Class

    Such :  j7anasi    Such - español Google Classroom


    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! (Welcome to Spanish class) 

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