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  • Please feel free to contact me at dpmcguckin@jacksonsd.org.

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  • *  Studies show that students are more successful in school when they have a designated spot with supplies handy to do their homework. Please consider having a box of supplies at home which your child can use when doing assignments. Colored pencils, sharpener, ruler, scissors, glue stick, and graphite pencils allow for efficient completion of homework without a "search of the house and junk drawers!" Heavy duty white paper and poster board are also items which can be useful.


    *  Please allow your child to call a classmate for help if they get snagged in their Math homework. Allowing them to ask for and provide help to classmates deepens their independence, problem solving, and accountability skills which will serve them well in Middle School and beyond.


    *  Ask your child each day to name for you one thing new they learned in school. Knowing that you will hold them to a response will increase their attention, and having them explain it to you will strengthen their comprehension.

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