Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year  

    Dear Parents, You can come to Crawford Thursday and Friday to pick up Math and Literacy materials.



    Class Schedule

    8:55-9:05  Homeroom/  Attendance

    9:05-9:25     SEL

    9:25-10:05   Science/ Social Studies

    10:05-10:45  Fundations

    10:45-11:45  Literacy

    11:45-12:25  Lunch

    12:25-1:25    Math

    1:25-2:20      Remote Support

    2:30-3:15      Special


    Participating in a GoogleMeet 

    Teachers will make a Google Meet link visible in your child’s Google Classroom. Students will be able to meet with their teachers each day by clicking this link. On the first day of school September 8th, students should click this link when Homeroom/Morning Meeting begins in order to meet their teacher. 

    Google Meet Expectations 

    The Google Meet Classroom environment is an extension of your child’s classroom at school. It should be appropriate and free of distractions. Poor lighting, loud background noises, an unstable webcam, and a too-casual atmosphere may prevent students from listening to and engaging in a lesson. Make sure that your child’s camera is at eye level and that the background behind them is as clear and appropriate as possible. 

    Establishing behavioral do and don’t guidelines, as well as clear norms for Google Meets, can provide your child with the most stable learning environment possible. 

    • Keep in mind, you are IN SCHOOL! Hours and attendance will run simultaneously with your scheduled classes. Students are expected to log in and remain for the entirety of the class period. 
    • Be on time. 
    • Come prepared. 
    • Follow the school dress code. 
    • Find a quiet place free of distractions. Family members, including parents, guardians, siblings, should not be a part of the meetings. Do not attend meetings from your bed. 
    • Attempt to select an area in your home with enough space for necessary items- books, notebooks, computers, etc. 
    • Make sure your device is charged and ready for use. 
    • Turn cameras ON; show your face. Do not turn off your camera. 
    • Mute yourself until you are told to unmute. 
    • Ask questions in the chat and/or raise your hand. If for some reason a student needs to leave the meeting, they should comment in the chat. 
    • Use polite and appropriate language. No side conversations. 
    • Give your best effort online as you would in the classroom. 
    • Do not record meetings to protect the privacy of all participants. You must have legal consent from all of the participants to record a meeting. Inappropriate use/behavior on Google Meets will be handled according to the district’s Code of Conduct.







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