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    First Grade

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    Important Dates:






    Free and Reduced Lunch Information Click here


    Switlik: A Note from Mr. Autenrieth:

    Switlik Souper-Bowl:  Vote for your favorite team Monday January 25th   through Friday, February 5th.   Help the Jackson Food Pantry by sending in non-perishable food items such as mac & cheese, peanut butter, cookies, canned goods and soups Staff and students will cast their vote by placing their donation in your favorite team’s bin.

    Attention all Remote Students:  Team boxes will be placed outside the Main Entrance between the hours of 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. beginning Monday, January 25th- Friday, February 5th in order for you to cast your vote.


    Switlik Elementary One-Book One-School Information



    We will be using the Google Classroom for our First Grade Remote Academy this school year. Please login to your child's email to join. (Hit the "waffle" and then select "Google Classroom" to join our class.)

    Google Classroom


    Please also be sure to check your email for a link to connect to Class Dojo. I look forward to working with you and your child this school year!  



    Our day together will run from 8:55-3:15. *JOIN us on Google meet through our Google classroom for our first meet of the day daily!

    Lunch is 10:45-11:15.




    Here is a sample of how our remote day will look. Please note that this schedule is subjected to change. * Anything marked "Live" is a google Meet.




    Click here: 

    Remote Learning Expectations 

    Remote Learning Handbook 

    District Calendar  

    Technology Support

    Summer Reading Log Entry







    Monday - Art (Mr. Bryan) 2:40- 3:10  


    Tuesday - Music(Mrs. Clark)  2:40- 3:10 


    Wednesday- Gym (Mr. D'Ambrosio) 2:40- 3:10


    Thursday- Technology (Mrs.Sendecki)  2:40- 3:10


    Friday- Library (Mrs.Konopack)  2:30- 3:00





    Supporting your child during remote learning can be challenging. However, as parents and teachers, our goal has not changed.

    We want our students to learn and grow as much as possible this year.

    With that in mind, there are some simple dos and don’ts that can make a big difference in your child’s progress this year.


    Do!  DO:

    • make sure your child is dressed and has eaten breakfast before coming to Morning Meeting.

    • create a dedicated space for your child to work from.

    • help your child stay organized.

    • make sure your child is online at the appropriate times.

    • repeat directions as needed.

    • give encouragement and/or motivation.

    • praise your child’s effort.

    • remind your child to ask for help when he/she is confused or unsure of what to do.

    • remember the importance of productive struggle*.



    Don't DON’T:

    • tell your child the answers to questions.

    • complete work for your child.

    • be surprised if your child hesitates to answer questions you know they know.

    • forget that we learn by making mistakes!


    Google Meet  

    Some extensions you may want to add before meeting:



    I look forward to connecting with your child through Google Meet!




    Books With Bear

    Join me and my dog Bear for some of our favorite stories! 

    Episode 1- How to Catch a Leprechaun

    Episode 2- Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

    Episode 3- The Day the Crayons Quit

     Books Online 

    Vooks- Interactive Books 

    Savvas Math Login


    Login resources 

    Math Login

    Pearson Math Sign in Information:

    1- sign into google (gmail)

    Username: lunch number @jacksonsd.org

     Password:  initials and lunch number

    1. go to google apps (waffle) at the top
    2. click on more at the bottom
    3. click on easybridge
    4. click on Pearson realize
    5.   at the bottom after choosing, let’s go
    6. to view assignments, click on the middle orange box under classes
    7. all assignments can be found here!  They are not required, they are there for extra practice.







     First Grade


    First Grade -- Where You'll Watch Your Child Grow! A Letter for Parents

    Congratulations! You are the parent of a first-grader here at Switlik Elementary School! You will be amazed at just how much your child will grow this year. Most likely, your child has had the seeds of reading and writing planted, and during first grade, those seeds will grow and blossom, making your child an accomplished reader and writer! The change will be dramatic -- just compare a tiny seed with a full-grown sunflower! That's the kind of growth you'll see this year!

    Ways to Help Your Child Bloom

    The loveliest flowers usually have the best gardener -- and that's you! Staying involved in your child's education is the key to a successful year. Engage your child in conversation about his/her day, but know that children won't always give out much information. I will update our class page weekly and send out reminders, pictures, and messages on Class Dojo! You can use this as a springboard for discussion; instead of saying "What did you do at school today?" (the answer is often "nothing!"), you can say, "Oh, I see you're learning about....what did you find out?"

    Class Page

    Our class page will be updated weekly with important dates and announcements. Please be sure to check our page often. 

    Parent-Teacher Communication

    I am always available to email or speak with you. If it is not urgent, please jot a note and I will respond as soon as possible. Class Dojo will also be used to communicate back and forth so please be sure to sign up with the code sent home with your child on the first day of school. You may call the school (732) 833-4650 or e-mail me as well at cpenn@jacksonsd.org. In return, I will contact you by note or telephone if there is something that I would like to discuss. Together we will have a great year!


    Please visit our class page for updates, as this is our main line of communication along with Class Dojo.



    Thank you for visiting our class page and being involved! 
    Invite your child to read our updates with you!  
    Continue to check this page weekly for the most up to date information about our class.
     Your help and support are needed to make this a successful journey for your child!  
    Together we are a team!



    Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions!




    Please practice these words nightly at home.  Remember to practice your snap words every day! They will help you to be a strong reader!  

    Practice our First Grade Snap Words: SNAP WORDS



    How is your reading STAMINA?

    Please remember to read from your Reading Challenge Bag each day!


    Remember Our Reading Strategies!

    Reading Habits


    Good Habits

    Writer's Workshop Unit of Study:


     Unit 1: Small Moments: Writing with Focus, Detail and Dialogue

    Unit 2: Nonfiction Chapter Books

    Unit 3: Writing Reviews

    Unit 4: From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction

    When writing~remember our goals:
    *Begin each sentence with a capital
    *End each sentence with a:  .  ? or  !   
    *Finger spaces in between words
    *Check your work~Does it make sense?


    Please practice addition and subtraction facts to 18 with your child. 
    A simple deck of addition and subtraction flash cards can be a huge help with this. 
    They can be purchased at the dollar store. 
    It is very important that your child knows these facts in order to complete our timed fast facts tests.
    The math website is Pearsonrealize.com: Hit the button Pearson Easybridge plus and auto, find the school that says Jackson Township School District, Click GO. The Student Login is: your child's Student ID #, Student Password is : Your child's first name with a capital letter and then 01 at the end. Please then follow all the sets on the screen to set up your child's account. 


     Aim for the Stars



    Remember to always pick "good- fit" books to read!  It is easy to do:


    I PICK


    1. I choose a book
    2. Purpose-  Why do I want to read it?
    3. Interest- Am I interested in it?
    4. Comprehend- Am I understanding what I am reading?
    5. Know- I know most of the words

      Many Parents Ask:

      How can I help my child become a better reader?

      Continue to read to him or her every day and expose him or her to the language of books. Have your child read to you.  If he/she makes a mistake, simply tell your child the correct word and let them move on. This increases enjoyment and fluency.

      To increase comprehension, talk about the story after you've read it.


    Please encourage your child to show kindness, respect and appreciation to others!

    Bucket Filling Ideas To Do At Home

    1. Ask a friend, neighbor or family member if you can help them complete a chore
    2.  Help around the house, community, beaches, parks, libraries
    3.  Keep track of your bucket filling by using:
    a calendar to record how you filled someone's bucket, a bucket and place stones inside to keep track or a journal to write about what you did!



    Our class rules





    Our Specials: 





       Our lunch is at : 





    School Supplies

    Here is a list of school supplies that you may want your child to have.
    These supplies are not required but some parents look for suggestions:


    ~crayons(for home)

    ~ pencils (for home)

    ~ Dry erase markers

    ~Sheet Protectors



     The Learning Never Stops!

    Try some of these simple everyday learning experiences: 
    -Practice math addition and subtraction facts up to 18.

    -Identify coins and their value.

    -Look for geometric shapes.

    -Pick out sight words on a menu when out to eat.

    -Read every day! 

    -Tell stories.

    -Listen to audiobooks in the car.

    -Put the television volume on mute or low and turn on the close captions. 




     School News