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    Please Note: 

    Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held from November 19th-21st.  Conferences should be scheduled through the on-line portal.  The portal will open on Monday, October 21st.  I look forward to meeting with you!=)

    Spelling will resume this week.

     This week's fast facts quiz will be on the factor 3. 

    Our class trip will be held on Friday, November 15th.  Please provide your child with a bagged lunch. =)

    Our Fall Harvest Party will be held on Thursday, November 21st from 12:00- 1:00.  Parents are invited to attend.  Please be on the look out for an email from our class moms.  I look forward to celebrating this holiday with you. =)


    *Please provide your child with TWO SETS of multiplication cards.  Keep one set at home and send the other to school.  Thank you in advance. =)*






    Please provide your child with the following materials by ASAP:

    1 Yellow Legal Pad

    Expo/Dry Erase Markers

    Expo Marker Eraser (or black washcloth)


    1 Spiral Notebook

    Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

    1 Folder



    *Donations of Tissues, Snacks, & Expo Markers would be greatly appreciated*





                                                                                       Secret Phrase: "Kindness is the greatest wisdom." =)

     Write this in your child's planner for extra tickets! =)







      Here's What We Are Learning During the Month of November:


    Reader's Workshop:

    This month, learners will conclude their first unit of study and begin their second unit of study:  Mystery, Foundational Units in Disguise.  During this unit, students will learn how to use clues to drive predictions.  Students will also learn how to analyze character behavior and solve mysteries related to plots.  

    Writer's Workshop:

    Learners will publish their Personal Narratives and begin working on their second unit of study:  Opinion Writing.  During this unit, students will learn how to develop an opinion essay by using a thesis statement and reasons to support their opinion.  Students will learn how to conduct research on their topic and how to include this information in their essay.  Students will also learn how to use transitional words and phrases to connect their ideas. 


    This month's instructional focus will be on multiplication & division within 100.  Students will begin moving away from visual models, utilizing mental math strategies instead.  Please Note:  It is IMPERATIVE that students are studying their basic multiplication facts DAILY.  The goal is to have all facts memorized by Christmas Break.  Thank you! =)

    The following units will be covered this month:

    • Topic 4:  Use Multiplication to Divide: Division Facts
    • Topic 5:  Fluently Multiply & Divide within 100



    This month, students will begin their first unit of study in Science:  Force & Motion.  During this unit, students will explore force, motion, magnetism, gravity, & friction by participating in project based inquiry activities.  Students will also apply their new found knowledge when creating a vehicle that can descend down a ramp.  



    Mon: Gym

    Tues: Spanish

    Wed: Tech

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Art 


  • Specials Schedule:

    Monday- World Language

    Tuesday- Music

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Technology/Library

    Friday- Gym