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     WOW!  What a FANTASTIC job you guys did on your Opinion Essays!  I am SO proud of you! =)


    Please Note:

     This week's fast facts quiz will be on the factors 10 & 11.

    The Topic 7 Math test will be given on Thursday, January 23rd.





    *Please provide your child with TWO SETS of multiplication cards.  Keep one set at home and send the other to school.  Thank you in advance. =)*






    Please provide your child with the following materials by ASAP:

    1 Yellow Legal Pad

    Expo/Dry Erase Markers

    Expo Marker Eraser (or black washcloth)


    1 Spiral Notebook

    Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

    1 Folder



    *Donations of Tissues, Snacks, & Expo Markers would be greatly appreciated*


    Secret Phrase:  "It's up to you how far you'll go.  If you never try, you'll never know." =)







      Here's What We Are Learning During the Month of January:


    Reader's Workshop:

    This month, learners will begin their third unit of study:  Reading to Learn.  During this unit, students will learn how to utilize non-fiction text features to locate information and answer comprehension questions.  Students will also learn how to identify the main idea and details of a text, and how to identify cause and effect relationships.  Students will also learn how to differentiate between facts & opinions.  

    Writer's Workshop:

    Learners will begin their third Unit of Study: Response to Reading Essays.  During this unit, students will learn how to construct essays in response to nonfiction texts.  Students will learn how to develop an essay by stating a claim and using evidence from the text to support their thinking.  


    This month's instructional focus will be on interpreting data and fluently adding & subtracting. Please Note:  It is IMPERATIVE that students are studying their basic multiplication facts DAILY.  The goal is to have all facts memorized by Christmas Break.  Thank you! =)

    The following units will be covered this month:

    • Topic 7:  Represent & Interpret Dara
    • Topic 8: Use Strategies & Properties to Add & Subtract Within 1,000


    Social Studies:

    This month, students will begin their second unit of study in S.S.:  Innovation & Inventions.  Students will learn about famous inventors and create their own invention.  



    Mon: Gym

    Tues: Spanish

    Wed: Tech

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: Art 


  • Specials Schedule:

    Monday- World Language

    Tuesday- Music

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Technology/Library

    Friday- Gym