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    Great job on your Influential American Projects! =)


    Please Note:

    This week's Fast Facts quiz will be on ALL multiplication facts. 





    Please provide your child with the following materials ASAP:

    1 Yellow Legal Pad

    Expo/Dry Erase Markers

    Expo Marker Eraser (or black washcloth)


    3 Subject Notebook 

    Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

    1 Folder



    *Donations of Tissues, Snacks, & Expo Markers would be greatly appreciated*





     Secret Phrase:  "You don't have to be perfect to be *AMAZING*!" =)






      Here's What We Are Learning during the Month of March:


    Reader's Workshop:

    This month, learners will begin their third Unit of Study:  Character Study.  During this unit, students will learn how to descirbe a character by analyzing patterns of behavior.  Students will also learn how to follow a character's journey throughout a text, noticing how they change in response to plot events.  In addition, students will also learn how to identify the theme of a story.  


    Writer's Workshop:

    Learners will conclude their fourth Unit of Study:  Nonfiction Writing.  During this unit students will learn how to develop explanatory essays and books on a topic of interest.  Students will learn how to utilize different text structures to convey information and how to cite facts from different sources. 


    This month's instructional focus will be on multiplication and solving word problems.  Please Note:  It is IMPERATIVE that students are studying their basic multiplication facts DAILY.  The goal is to have all facts memorized by Christmas Break.  Thank you! =)

    The following units will be covered this month:

    • Topic 10:  Multiply by Multiples of 10 
    • Topic 11:  Use Operations with Whole Numbers to Solve Problems 


    Social Studies:

    This month students will begin their second unit of study: Innovation & Inventors.  During this unit, students will study various inventors and their impact on society. 

  • Specials Schedule:

    Monday- World Language

    Tuesday- Music

    Wednesday- Art

    Thursday- Technology/Library

    Friday- Gym