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    3 Day Plans 4/6-4/8




    Reasons why you might be having trouble with Pearson

    Click the link to learn more Pearson Troubleshooting


    Be Sure to log into Google Classroom (Login using studentID@jacksonsd.org, password is the student initials and ID with no caps or spaces.) Once you log in go to the waffle. Find the classroom icon. Click on it. Our math assignments will be there. 

    1. Click on the assignment on the classroom page

    2. Click on the pearson realize assignment to take you to the pearson website

    3. If prompted choose your child's google account

    4. Click on the first video assignment, the video will play and prompt your child for responses. Periodically the video stops so you child responds, please hit play when you want to continue. 

    5. When the assignment is complete, click the blue check in the top right corner to turn in your assigment.

    6. To move on to the next assignment, click the number 2 tab at the top left.

    7. Once all assignment are complete and have a green check mark, click turn in all in the top right corner.


    Home Support Resources- These were going home at the beginning of each unit. They are a great resources for at home learning. I feel they are very user friendly. If you are struggling with spelling at home and what your learner should be doing their best to spell correctly, take a glance at these resources for a better understanding of their spelling skills. They also have all of our trick words and directions for tapping the sounds. 

    Home Support Unit 10

    Home Support Unit 9

    Home Support Unit 8

     Home Support Unit 7

    Home Support Unit 6

    Home Support Unit 5

    Home Support Unit 4

    Home Support Unit 3 (Has the digraph chart)

    Home Support Unit 2  (Has the consonant and vowel chart #greatresources)


    How about an instant mood boost...Lucas the Spider is great for a smile. Lucas the Spider
    Remember to add brain breaks and movement to your students remote learning experience. 
    Check out GoNoodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga for some fun activities. 
    I also linked a printable movement choice board for your kiddo. I'll be printing it out to use at home with my little ones. 

    Want to keep your snap words fresh...take advantage of the list posted below!  

     First Grade Word Wall


    Check out Ms. Palme's classpage for information on how to access the ebooks from our library and learn about other resources available. 
    Teach your child how to long on the academic websites that I posted about. Don't type log in's for them, teach them how to do it. 
    Let your child be creative and create something! Get out the paints or loook up to draw something. 
    Get in some extra physical activity today!
    Jump rope, do jumping jacks, jog around the yard a few times, or go for a longer walk!
    Listen to some music today....sing & dance! 
    Play musical instruments if you have them at home!

     Lunch: 10:55-11:25

    Monday: Library 2:30-3:10

    Tuesday: Computers 1:45-2:25

    Wednesday: Art 2:30-3:10

    Thursday: Gym 1:00-1:40

    Friday: Music 2:30-3:10


    Parent University Night-SEL 
  • open

    Open Library Internet Archive gives you an opportunity to borrow books for two weeks! If you need some more reading material at home, then head on over to Open Library by clicking this link. Create an account and borrow, borrow, borrow! 

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  • raz

    We all have access to Raz-Kids! I set up an account for each student. If you aren't familiar with Raz-Kids, it is a site that has text available for students on their reading level. Students have to master a level to move to the next. Each book has a set of comprehension questions at the end. 

    I am linking the login cards here. Find your student's name, maybe even take a picture with your phone and check it out. Happy Reading! 

    Raz-Kids Login Cards

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  • scholastic


    I'm super excited about this home resource. Thanks to our amazing PTN for buying Scholastic News subscriptions for our school, the students also have access to the online resources. All of the articles for this year are available along with tons of bonus materials and activities. Using Scholatic News isn't required, but since we have a lot of time on our hands it's worth a glance. 

    Check it out! 

    Scholastic News Website

    Password: PEARSALL

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