•  Dear Parents,


    The end of year ice cream sundae party will be from 10:45--11:45 on 5/31. If you would like to sign up you can use the link below.




    Ms. Perfilio

    Grade 2




    WEEK OF 5/20--5/24:

    LITERACY:We will continue  Unit 4:Series Book Clubs.

    WRITING:We will continue Unit 4:Fictional Stories. and then move on to Poetry.

    MATH:We will continue  Topic 14:Graphs and Data.

    SOCIAL STUDIES:We will continue Theme 4:Our Country's Neighbors.

    SPELLING:There will be a test on 5/24.



    Morning Meeting:As part of the Responsive Classroom, each morning we will have a meeting. The students will first respond to a question or comment on the daily memo chart. Then we will gather in a circle. During the meeting, the students first greet one another either by rolling a ball to, shaking another's hand or a name syllable clap. Then we will do a sharing during which students will complete a sentence or simply share something about themselves. Each child will get a turn to share. Then we will do a learning activity such as a Sparkle spelling game or a math game.


    Birthdays:Your child may bring in a birthday snack to share with the class. Birthdays will be celebrated in the cafeteria during your child's lunch period. Summer birthdays will be ccelebrated in June.


    Classrom:We are located in Room 202. 


    Homework: Students will be given at least 2 homework assignments daily. A homework sheet for the week will be placed in the front of the students' homework folders. I am asking that parents initial each homework assignment as well as the daily homework sheet in the front of the folder. There is a homework incentive chart located in the back of the folder. Students will receive a sticker for each day of completed homework. If students complete all assignments for the month they will receive a No Homework pass which they may use for one homework assignment only and may not be used for studying for a test.  As I realize there are many things that happen unexpectedly, if your child is unable to complete a homework assignment for an appropriate reason, parents please just write me a note and I will give the student additional time to complete the assignment.


    Snack:If your child would like to bring a snack he/she may do so as the students' lunch is at 10:45. 


    Jobs: At the beginning of each week students will choose jobs to do in the classroom such as line leader,messengers and paper passer. Each student will not get a job every week, but at least every other week.


    Star Student:Beginning in October I will select a star student. This student will have shown academic as well as behavioral progress. This student will be given a prize and have some special classroom priveledges that week. If your child is chosen, please send in a few pictures of him/her.


    Reader's Workshop: Beginning three years ago, the district introduced Reader's Workshop. Teacher's editions with stories in them will no longer be used. In its' place, students get to make their own book selections based on their reading level. I have provided a bin for each student. The students will make their book selection at the beginning of each week from a book bin with their reading level letter on it. The students willl choose 5-10 books for the week. I have provided the students with a small book bag in which they can put 2-3 of these books to read at home daily. Please make sure these books are returned each day.


    Classroom Rules/Behavior: 1.Follow directions the first time given. 2.Raise your hand to speak.3.Stay in your seat unless given permission to get up. 4.Treat others how you want to be treated. 5.Keep your hands and objects to yourself.There will be rewards as well as consequences pertaining to these class rules. 


    Parent Participation: As we are all here to make sure each child is successful,it is important that we work as a team to ensure their success. I strongly encourage parent participation in the learning process. Please let me know how I can best help your child, as you know him/her much better than I do. Parents feel free to visit the classroom if you have a special skill that you would like to share with the class. Maintaining parent communication is essential. Parents may email me, write me a note or call the school with any questions or concerns.










    9--9:30 WIN time

    9:30--10:40  Literacy

    10:45--11:15  Lunch

    11:20--11:40 Recess

    11:45--12:15 Science/S.S./Health

    12:20--1  Writing

    1--2:05 Math

    2:10--2:50 Specials