• The children marched through the school today in a parade to celebrate St. Patricks Day.Yesterday we captured our first insect, a beetle, and were able to look at it through a magnified box. Today we will look at a video of katydids and how they look like leaves. This week we will be investigating what insects are in our community. The children will continue coloring their insect counting book. We made it through the alphabet and we are at our last letter of the week which is Xx. We will also be discussing what is down in the dirt and what makes a rainbow. 

    If anyone is missing their purple Elms Tiger shirt that was given out earlier in the year let me know, one of the students brought it back to school but it wasn't theirs. I don't know how it ended up in her backpack but if you are missing yours let me know.


    Please send your child to school with a warm coat, hat and mittens as we will continue to go outside for play. Please help us out by practicing how to put on a coat and zipper it at home. Also we prefer mittens as gloves are difficult for most preschool children to get on independently.

    We need a set of warm spare clothes to keep in school. Many of the children have summer clothes here . Please send in winter clothes and I will send back the summer clothing.

    The children will be bringing home a library book every Monday; they can keep it at home to read and return it the next Monday.