• The letter of the week is Bb. Be on the look out for items that start with the letter Bb and point them out to your child. Bring something in on Friday for show & tell that starts with the letter Bb. I have seen a big improvement among the students with letter identification.

    This week we will talk about groundhogs and shadows. The children learned that there are 6 simple machines, ask them if they can name them. They are the wedge, lever, incline plane, screw, wheel and axel and the pulley system. This week we will focus on the screw. There are many screws that we see throughout the day such as on peanut butter jar lids, toothpaste caps and lightbulbs. We have been noticing the many different simple machines that we use in our every day life. We discussed the difference between simple machines and machines; if something has batteries or a plug it is a machine, not a simple machine.

    We learned a lot about Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy. We talked about being kind and fair to all people. The children worked together to paint a dove using fingerprints as seen below.




    If your child is having difficulties with identifying letters or numbers take advantage of the many computer games, board games or flash cards that focus on these skills. At school I have the children make letters and numbers in sand or shaving cream. We use letter stamps, make play-doh letters or look for them hidden in the sand. Check out the "Student Resources" section of my class page for some great online resources.