• This week we have a shortened day on Wednesday, the children will go home at 12:35. 

    We will continue talking about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for. The letter of the week is Ee. On Tuesday we will be having a mini Thanksgiving feast in our classroom. Sorry no visitors, it is just for the children. You can send in a lunch for them in case they don’t eat well from our feast.

    I am also sending home a paper with numbers and poems about the numbers, please recite these at home as your child looks at the number. This will help them with number recognition. You can also trace the numbers in the air as you say them.

    The students will also be going shopping at the Winter Wonderland here at school to buy holiday gifts for their family and/or friends on December 6th.

    Please send your child to school with a warm coat, hat and mittens as we will continue to go outside for play. Please help us out by practicing how to put on a coat and zipper it at home. Also we prefer mittens as gloves are difficult for most preschool children to get on independently.

    We need a set of warm spare clothes to keep in school. Many of the children have summer clothes here . Please send in winter clothes and I will send back the summer clothing.

    The children will be bringing home a library book every Monday; they can keep it at home to read and return it the next Monday.