•  Please have your child bring something in for Show and Tell that starts with the letter "R" on Friday.

    Visitation for American Education Week is Monday from 10:00 - 10:30.

    This week our social skill this will be expressing our thankfulness. The letter of the week is Rr. Please be on the lookout at home for items that begin with the letter R and bring them to your child's attention.

    This week during our ball study we talked about what we know about balls and what we want to find out about them. We guessed if there were more or less than 10 balls in the guessing jar. Each student got a ball to drop and together we counted how many times it bounced. We played catch, kickball, bowled, played tennis, volleyball, baseball, ping pong, basketball and football all with an imaginary ball. Everyone made a prediction of how many times they could bounce a ball which was marked down after they bounced their ball we marked the actual number. The students  used nonstandard measure to determine how big around their objects were then they compared them to other students items to see which were the biggest or smallest. We will continue to investigate more about balls this week. We read three different versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and later used props to retell the story. Ask your child how the Three Billy Goats Fluff was different.

    I have a subscription to Let's Find Out magazine unfortunately the monthly magazine came late but I still would like to use them. They are themed monthly so when they come home they may seem a little out of sync. 


    If your child is having difficulties with identifying letter or numbers take advantage of the many computer games, board games or flash cards that focus on these skills. At school I have the children make letters and numbers in sand or shaving cream. We use letter stamps, make play-doh letters or look for them hidden in the sand. Check out the "Student Resources" section of my class page for some great online resources.