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    Link to where you can get a Thanksgiving meal.

    Thanksgiving meals

    Click on the link below to find out about Family Night and find out what your child is doing in preschool.

    Family Night Dec. 1, 2022


    Click on the link below to get ideas for parent-child engagement opportunities.

    Family Engagement Calendar


    The Ocean, Inc. Head Start program offers many services to eligible families throughout Ocean County. Click on the link for more information.  Head Start 

    Follow the link to the Ocean County Council for Young Children.It is a working group of parents & community partners who come together to share and learn about the health, education, & well-being of children and families.   CCYC


    Please join our Teaching Strategies Family App if you haven't done so already. Click on the link to get started. Family App




    Please keep all toys at home. There are plenty of toys in class and I wouldn't want them to get mixed up or lost.

    We will be going out most days, so please make sure your child has the appropriate outerwear, hats, mittens and sneakers.   

    Also, if you haven't sent in a family picture, please do so I can add it to the display.

    Wishing that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. This week we will discuss different styles of music and who works with music for their job. The children made many musical instruments, such as shaky eggs, maracas, rain sticks, pan flutes and drums. If you have any empty tissue boxes, coffee cans with lids, cereal boxes, Pringle cans with lid, toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes, I am collecting them to make more instruments. Mark your calendar. I will be taking the class to the Holiday Shop (in school) on 11/28/22.

    Check out the videos below to see musicians making music with spoons and a comb and paper.  

    Monday:  Holiday Shop

    Book - Whistle for Willie 


    Book - This Magical Musical Night


    Book -  I Want to be a Musician

    Thursday: Whistle for Willie  

    Friday: Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo

    What your child will need:

    • Regular size backpack big enough to fit a folder
    • Small blanket, roll up sleeping mat or fitted sheet (they would need to be able to get it on their mat independently) 
    • A small stuffed animal (only one please)
    • Healthy snack and drink
    • Lunch and drink (if they are not buying lunch)
    • Change of clothing to leave at school (please put clothes in a ziploc bag with their name on it)
    • Diapers and wipes if needed
    • School ID

    Please label all items with your child's name or initials as many children have the same items and they easily get mixed up as they are learning where to put their belongings.

    Online Backpack: Go to jacksonsd.org - Select Elms School on the top right from the drop down menu - Select Our District on top left - Select  Online Backpack from the drop down menu  
    This page contains flyers and forms that in the past were printed and sent home with students. The change to an online "backpack'' is just one way the Jackson School District is trying to "go green'' to save money, preserve resources, increase efficiency and promote parental involvement. 

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at mribera@jacksonsd.org

     I am available for phone calls most days from 8:40am - 8:55am and 12:15pm - 1:00pm.