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    Two adults may attend the June 10th  End of the Year Celebration. If you have already sent your RSVP back and you would like to add another adult please let me know. If it rains on June 13th (the rain date) and the party must be moved inside only one adult will be able to attend.


    Since allergy season is upon us, we could really use tissues for class.



    Book - Peaceful Pieces & Marcel the Shell


    Book- I Don’t Want to Take a Bath & Raining Cats and Dogs


    Book – Xochitl and the Flowers & Mouse Love


    Book  - Little Chanclas & Still a Gorilla

    Friday – The End of the Year Celebration

    Book – I am so Awesome

    This week we will investigate how we make our own sand. The children will be working in centers much of the day. During dramatic play, the children can use the tools and play with the dollhouse. In the block area, the children are encouraged to build different structures and replicate patterns with colored blocks. In art, the children can try to draw beach and desert scenes. Some of the children have made cacti and snakes. They have also spelled their name and glued colored sand to it. There are many books about various deserts and beaches in the library to read. The children can sift through the sand table to search for shells.

    We will be going out most days, so please make sure your child has the appropriate outerwear and sneakers. 

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at mribera@jacksonsd.org