THANK YOU Soooooooooooooo Much!!!!!!!! It was a WONDERFUL surprise today when I entered the cafeteria!!! You were all so kind, thoughtful and generous!!!!!! The children and I had a FABULOUS time!!!! The books brought happy tears, great memories and terrific belly laughs at many of the adorable things the children said. They have good memories and really listened to many things I said this year. I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your busy lives for me and for making this an extra special year and beginning to my retirement.

    High Frequency Words Taught To Date- go, yes, no, I, the, a, can, be, me, my, we, to, like, and, look, see, us, this, is, here, boy, girl, he, she, him, her, his, mom, said, say, did, come, with, will, play, was, for, am, an, as, at, or, of, if, jump, all, ball, you, your, our, it, in, sat, sit, on, so, up, eat, read, run, ran, man, are, they, have, out, too, that, then, some, want, put, went, has, had, how, now, by, day.


      Please label all notes and envelopes that are sent to school with the student's name, teacher's name and if it is for the nurse or picking up your child early.

    You may wish to send your child to school with a sweater or sweat shirt because the cafeteria and certain rooms can be a little chilly.

     If you have any questions or concerns you can e-mail me at alrisley@jacksonsd.org. 


  • Monday- Computers with Ms. Sendecki

    Tuesday-  Art with Mr. Bryan

    Wednesday- Music with Clark

    Thursday- Gym with Mr. D'Ambrosio

    Friday- Library with Ms. Conley

    Lunch- 11:50-12-12:20