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    I am so excited to be your child's teacher! We are going to learn so much together this year. PreSchool  is an extremely important year in your child's life. We will create a solid foundation for learning. Children will learn appropriate social skills, as well as self-help skills and continue fine and gross motor development. We will also work on learning our letters and numbers. The children will practice writing their names daily. It is important that you reinforce these skills at home. There will be home school projects to bridge the home/school gap.

    Your child will need a small backpack and a folder. Please make sure you label them with your child's first and last name. Your child will also need a complete set of extra clothes. You may want to have a supply crayons and fat pencils for home use. Please do not purchase expensive clothing for the school year. This is a very hands on program and we do get messy. Please make sure your child has sneakers, we do try to go outside daily! 


    Classroom Paraprofessionals: Trisha Guimaraes 


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  • We will be in session from 10:00 am- 2:30 pm 


    The students will have lunch in school and  a daily snack. 


    Lunch Time: 12:00







     We have learned the following Letters:























    We have learned our letters in sign language too. 





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  • We are learning words about words that have meaning to us. 

    - Mom 












    - White



    - Yellow

    - Orange



    - Purple

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  •  Supplies:

    • A book bag that is labeled with your child’s name (Please make sure a folder will fit inside.)
    • A complete set of extra clothes that will be left in the classroom. (Please label them in a Ziploc bag)
    • Diapers/pull-ups if your child is not potty trained
    • A family picture to hang up because we will miss you
    • A daily snack
    • A lunch 
    • A few extra masks 

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  • Week 29:

    This week we are focusing on letter D. The children will work through our routine to get a full understanding. We will also learn about planet Earth and how we can help. We will learn the Nursery Rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock. 
    Donations needed: Please send in any of the items if you have them. 
    - paper/cardboard egg cartons
    -plastic baby food containers
    -Soda bottle caps
    -cleaned out gallon milk jugs

    Week 28:

    The children did amazing  the two weeks leading up to Spring Break. I am so proud of them. Being remote is not easy and they truly worked hard.  When we return to school on April 12th we will review the routine and get back to the swing of things. We will focus on letter G. We will also be starting our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Curriculum. We will also start working on our Nursery Rhyme Books. 

    Week 27:

    This week is a review week that we were planning on doing a lot of hands-on activities to work on individual skills. We are going to do our best via the computer to have fun and work on our skills. The activities this week are a little more fun and Spring based. 
    We are going to be doing a science experiment that lasts the whole week. If you would like to do it at home you will need:
    - peeps (3)
    - clear cups
    - water
    - clear soda

    Week 26:

    This week we will focus on the letter M. They all know the word mom so I am sure they will be writing it like crazy this week. We will work through our routine to gain a full understanding. We are also going to focus our attention on the book STONE SOUP. We will read and reread it. We will act it out and sequence the book. We will not be cooking it this year to covid, however we will have some vegetable soup for snack. The children will start preparations for next week's egg hunt, by making a basket this week. We will also make a egg wreath and egg stained glass piece for the window. We will also start making a gift to share with our families to celebrate Spring

    Week 25:

    This week we are going to continue to learn about the rainbow. We will focus on letter E. They will learn the two sounds of E. E is a little tricky to form because they want to make so many lines for the capital E.  They will also continue with their book BEAR SEES RAINBOW COLORS. They will also work on their coloring skills each day by coloring the pages in their Handwriting without tears book. We have been eating the colors of the rainbow to describe how they taste. This week we will read Dr. Seuss' My Many Colored Days to describe how colors make you feel. 
    We have also been discussing emotions. This week we are going to read:

    image.pngIt is a great book that explains how you can feel many emotions at once. If you would like to borrow the book to read at home, please let me know and I can send it home. It is a great resource that I have used with my 5 year old.  

    Monday- Please wear ORANGE
    Tuesday- Please wear YELLOW
    Wednesday- Please wear GREEN
    Thursday- Please wear BLUE
    Friday- Please wear PURPLE

    Week 24:

    This week we are going to start our Rainbow weeks. Each day your child will focus on a specific color. We will work through a routine so that the children gain a full understanding of each color. They will learn the order of the rainbow and what colors you can mix to make new ones. This week we will also focus on letter B. The children will work through our routine to gain the letter formation as well as sound. Please do not worry if you see some d's. This is typical up until 1st grade. This week is going to bring beautiful weather. We will be going on walks and playing chalk. Please make sure your child dresses appropriately..

    Week 23:

    Hello everyone, 

    Happy Saturday!  I hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather. The sun is shining and there is no snow in the forecast for next week. Life is Good!! 
    This week we worked on Letter N. We worked through our routines to understand the formation as well as the sound of N. The children did an amazing job. We also finished up some of the weather projects that we wanted to do the week before. The children made snowmen out of shaving cream and glue. We read Sneezy Snowman and the children came up with their own reasons that their snowman melted. We read Animal Teeth and the children made projects based on the animal whose teeth they wanted. We made narwhals and learned that the horn on top is actually a tooth. We learned about dental health and ways to keep our teeth clean and healthy. 
    This week we are going to focus on letter J.  The children will work through our routines to gain a full understanding. We will also be reading Dr. Seuss books this week. We will be making projects based on his books. The children will also be continuing their simple machine study. They have almost taken the whole stereo apart. They can't wait to see what is behind the switch panel. 
    Monday is Wear PJ's Day
    Tuesday is Wear Crazy Socks Day 
    Wednesday is make up Picture Day
    March is when I like to do book studies. We will be reading one book each week over and over to gain a complete understanding. We will also learn the parts of a book and who writes and draws the pictures in a book. The children will also write their own simple book. 

    Week 22:

    This week we will focus on letter N. We will work through our normal routines to gain a full understanding. We will also do a few projects that we did not get to complete last week. We will read the story Sneezy the Snowman and recreate him. We will make snowflakes and magic puffy snowmen. We will also get back into our Simple Machine study. This week the children will deconstruct a radio. 

    Week 21:


    This week is a review week. We will work on Valentine's activities as well as 100th day. We will learn about weather and temperatures. The children will work on journal activities as well as reviewing letters we have already learned.

    Week 20-

    This week we are focusing on letter S. The children will work through their routines to gain a full understanding. This is a hard letter for some, but since all but one student has an S in their name I think they will be okay.  On Friday we will celebrate the Lunar New Year. We will also start getting ready for Valentine's Day. Friday we will also be looking at the Presidents and money. Please send in a bag of coins (no more than 10) for us to work with. We will also be making the children their own coin. 
    We will also continue to work on Simple Machines. The children will continue to take apart machines and learn how they work. 
    Monday- Please send in your child's valentines. 
    Wednesday- Please send in a bag with ten coins. 
    Friday- Lunar New Year

    Week 19:

    . We will keep introducing the  words for exposure for those who are not quite ready.  Next week we will learn the words car and bus. The words we are working on are ones that have meaning to the children now. 
    Next week the one book one school begins. I will be sending out daily recordings of the preschool staff reading a chapter. There will also be a night that you can join myself and Ms. Martini to make a Humprey craft. 
    Next week we are starting the Simple Machines unit in Creative Curriculum. We will be learning about how things work. We will be taking apart things such as a radio and speakers. There is a note coming home to ask for items. If you have broken "simple machines" please send them in for us to take apart. We will also be learning about the letter W. We will work through our normal routines to gain a full understanding. The children may have a hard time with the formation. They tend to struggle with the diagonal lines. Tuesday we will learn about Groundhog's Day. We will make predictions and start to make them in our reading. The children will also have a mailbox in the classroom so that they can write each other mail.

    Week 18:

    week we will work on letter A. The children will learn both sounds of A. We will work on formation too. We will also finish up our journey in space. Friday will be black out day. Please bring in a flashlight for your child that day. 

    Week 17:

    This week we are focusing on letter X. Again this one is tricky because they have to cross the midline. We will work through our normal routines so that they can gain a full understanding. We will also continue to work on our space study. They will learn about the order of the planets and what that means for temperature in relation to the sun. They will also work on numbers in a way that is the next step in their educational journey.

    Week 16:

    This week we will continue to work on space. Our goal is for the children to learn basic knowledge of space. We want them to know that they live on planet Earth and to be able to name a few planets, the sun is a burning ball of fire and about the moon. We will work on our sensory and fine motor skills by working on projects. We will also work through our normal routines to gain a full understanding of the letter Z. This is another tough letter. The idea of crossing the midline in writing is hard for preschoolers.

    Week 15:

    We will be focusing on letter Y. The children will work through our normal routine to gain a complete understanding of Y. We will be working on our self-portraits and this is me in January. We also work on understanding what a New Year's resolution is.  We will also start discussing Space this week. 

    Week 14:

    Monday is Gingerbread Day- We are going to make gingerbread houses and make large gingerbread men. We will work on math skills with measuring  and  counting. 
    Tuesday is Grinch Day- We will be making various projects using fine motor skills to tell the story of the Grinch. We will have grinch juice and a grinchy snack. 
    Wednesday is PJ Day. We will have Santa pancakes for lunch. The children will get to play holiday themed games and work on letter sounds. We will also have our virtual Concert at 2 with a virtual visit from Santa. 

    Week 13:

    This week we are focusing on letter F. The children will work on their sounds and formation the best way they can via the computer. Monday through Wednesday we will be meeting via Google Meet, Thursday the plan is to come back to school. If this changes you have all the materials for those days. Thursday and Friday - please send back the work and we will complete it in class along with the alphabet pages and workbook pages that we did not send home. We will start the Creative Curriculum study when we get back to in-person since so much of it is hands on. It is too difficult to do via a google meet. 
    Thursday- I will not be in school due to a doctor's appointment. Mrs. G will be there and will be ready to give hugs and complete lots of work. A new updated calendar of events will be sent home. The calendar with dates in their folder was a day off!                  (The other teachers never  told me this until after it was in there!) I apologize for any confusion. The google meet concert will be the 23rd. That day is also Pajama day. The district calendar has this down as a half day, but since we are already operating on that schedule we will be in school at our "normal" time of 10-2:30. 

    Week 12:

    This week we are going to keep trucking along and start on letter Cc. This is a hard letter for some, so you may see some backwards letters and that is okay. We will fix it once we get back to in person learning.  The children are going to work as much as possible to maintain the same routine that we do normally. I will be dropping off work tomorrow to your houses. They are all labeled day by day. Each day you will just need to give them the packet. We will do breakout rooms to get the work done. Mrs. G will be doing the crafts and I will be doing the worksheets. These assignments are for the most part all things that they can do independently. They will need glue, crayons and scissors near them. I know you are all busy working, so as long as your in ear shot of them they should be good. If there is an emergency I will call you or text you through remind. If they 

     want to have their playdough with them that is great for them to use while we are doing whole group things to keep them sitting. They are not used to the idea of sitting for so long. 


    The meets are at 10:30 and 1pm. They can log on before the 10 am meet to socialize with one another. This is non structured so they can get that peer interaction. 


    The trees that were delivered can be decorate anyway that you want. If you need art supplies, please let me know.. If you are putting them outside they should be sprayed with a clear coat to be sealed. I can bring this to you if you need. 


    Week 11: 


    This week we will focus on letter V. We will work through our normal routine to gain a full understanding. We will work on letter formation as well as sound.  We will continue our pet study to answer the question: How do we care for pets? The vocabulary words are: communicate, groom, organize, adult, veterinarian and clippers. We will also start to discuss the changes in the weather and why it is getting so cold. 


     Week 10:

    This week we are going to focus on letter H. We are going to learn how to sign, write and the sound of H. We are also going to work on making our houses and start to discuss our address. Please review this at home as well. We will also be working on getting ready for Thanksgiving. We will be making our Thanksgiving placemats and a Thankful project. We will be making hot chocolate and hashbrowns to eat H. In our creative curriculum we will be answering the question of the week: Where do pets live? The vocabulary is: habitat, cage, enclosure, aquarium, nest, bedding, gallon, and inch. 
    Dates to Remember:
    17th- Family projects due
    19th- Family Tree Letter
    If you have not signed up for conferences please do so at your earliest convenience.  

    Week 9:

    The following week we will explore P. We will work through our normal routines to gain a full understanding of P.  We will also start to talk about what we are Thankful for. We will explore more about pets in our creative curriculum. THe question of the week is What kinds of animals are pets? Our words are: unpredictable, docile, aggressive, shelter, rescue. reception, supplies, interact, approach and unfamiliar. 
    Please check your child's backpack daily . They have been coming in with a lot of toys which are causing a distraction in class. 

    Week 8:

    This week is a review week. We are starting our new creative curriculum unit about pets. A letter will go home today about the unit. This week's question of the week is :  What do we know about pets and what do we want to know about pets.  THe vocabulary words are : domesticated, wild, characteristics, nocturnal, category, and representation. Please send in a picture of your pets to add to the family wall. We also work on reviewing letters that we learned so far. I will also be completing another assessment on them that will go home once completed.  We will work on numbers, shapes and counting concepts through fun Halloween activities. On Friday the children can dress up. Please do not send in weapons. They will also have a fun lunch and make a fun snack. We will make Spooky Candy Houses. If you would like to contribute candy please send it in by October 28th. We will also learn about the concept of voting. Monday they will register to vote and Thursday they will vote on their favorite type of cookie. We will learn about voting through our scholastic magazine. They will go home Thursday, so you do not have to worry about them over the break. All November activities will go home on Friday as well. 
    Conferences have been moved to December 1-3. My parent portal login does not allow me to set up conferences through there. There will be a sign up genius link to register. If none of the times work please let me know. We can come up with a time. All conferences will be done remotely through a meet or a phone call. This sign up will be sent out on the 9th. 
    Dates to Remember: Next week is Red Ribbon week. We will discuss ways to stay safe. We will talk about how we only take medication that mommy or daddy gives us and what we do if we find medicines. 
    Monday- Wear red
    Tuesday- Wear Team shirt
    Wednesday- Wear your favorite Hat
    Thursday- Wear your lei or Hawian Shirt
    Friday- Wear bright colors or Halloween Costumes


    Week 7:

    Next week is also the week of School Violence Prevention. We will work on ways to calm ourselves down before we get too upset. We use Daniel Tiger to help with this. You may hear your child say: When I get so mad that I want to roar, I take a deep breath and count to 4." 
    Monday- Dress like a SuperHero
    Tuesday- Wear a peace sign
    Wednesday- Wear Orange
    Thursday- Wear as many colors as you can
    Friday- School Spirit Day


    Week 6:

    This week we are working on letter T.  We will make tea and toast for snack. The children will work through our routine to understand the letter T. We will also work on Fire Safety. We will learn what to do if there is a fire in our homes. We will also learn about stop, drop and roll. The children will also learn who to call in the case of an emergency. This is a great time to practice addresses at home.  Our Creative Curriculum Question of the week is: How do we make and keep friends? How can we be part of a group? The vocabulary words we will learn are : take turns, pinata, friends and microphone. 

    Week 5:

    This week we are going to discuss :"Who works at our school?" The vocabulary word is: neighborhood.  We will discuss what jobs our parents have as well.  We will also learn about the letter I. The children will work on both sounds of i. We will also work on making insects for our alphabet books. It is also respect week , so we will discuss ways to be respectful and how to show respect to each other and our families. On Friday we have ice cream to celebrate letter i. 
    Respect week dates:
    Monday- wear blue
    Tuesday- Wear yellow
    Wednesday-Wear Crazy socks
    Thursday- Crazy Hair day
    Friday- Mismatch Day

    Week 4:

    This week we will be starting our letter study. We will discuss the letter L. We will learn about formation and the sound. The children will start a routine to gain a full understanding of Ll. They will make the L page in their alphabet books. The girls (4 year olds) will start their workbooks to get ready for kindergarten. 
    Our creative curriculum study will continue this week with the question of the week- When do things happen at school? The vocabulary words are :jalapeno, bagel, clock and schedule. We will work on schedules and understanding what comes next. 
    Dates to Remember:
    - Reading Logs are due September 30th
    - Family Projects are due September 30th
    -There is no school Monday- September 28th

    Week 3:

    This week we will continue our Creative Curriculum Unit. The question of the week is: What are the rules?The vocabulary words are: rule, resting, position, question and recommendation.  
    We will also work on apples this week. We will find the star in apples, paint them and mix colors. The children will count seeds and add how many theirs and another student have. We will taste test apples and find out which kind they like the most. We will work on the parts of an apple as well as the life cycle. 
    We will work on number formation through handwriting without tears this week as well. 


    Week 2:

    This week we will continue our Creative Curriculum Study about the Beginning of the Year. Our question this week is "What should we go if we get sad or scared at school?" The vocabulary words for this study are: tempo, pretend, real and scared. We will talk about feelings and ways that we can take control of them. We also will identify what makes us feel certain ways. 
    We will also continue to work on strokes in handwriting and writing our names. We will work on building our names while learning how to use school supplies in the proper way. We will work in our journals and start the Handwriting Without Tears program. We are also going to work on number formations.

    Week 1:

    We need to get this boring classroom decorated to look like a preschool classroom. We are going to finger paint and do a dot our names. We are going to make people to hang up outside the classroom that look like us. We are going to work on establishing a routine. ( I have one on paper that I think will work- but have to test it out with them.) Our curriculum this week focuses on the Question- What names do we need to know at school? We are going to get to know the school better by taking walks around the building (after the others leave). We are going to read stories about being in school and missing our families. We will get to know the names of our friends and what their interests are.  We will also establish a baseline for cutting, handwriting, drawing, coloring and letter and number recognition. 
    The schedule that I think may work: 
    10- arrival, sign in, potty, question of the day, fine motor activity
    10:30- circle time
    11- Creative Curriculum Study and individual skills needed time, choice play 
    12- Lunch, potty
    12:30- Social Emotional time, yoga activity, self regulation and mindfulness
    1- Small groups for letters and skills of the week, centers
    2- Story Time, snack, pack up and outdoor time
    2:30- dismissal
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