I am so excited to be your child's teacher! We are going to learn so much together this year. PreSchool  is an extremely important year in your child's life. We will create a solid foundation for learning. Children will learn appropriate social skills, as well as self-help skills and continue fine and gross motor development. We will also work on learning our letters and numbers. The children will practice writing their names daily. It is important that you reinforce these skills at home. There will be home school projects to bridge the home/school gap.

    Your child will need a small backpack and a folder. Please make sure you label them with your child's first and last name. Your child will also need a complete set of extra clothes. You may want to have a supply crayons and fat pencils for home use. Please do not purchase expensive clothing for the school year. This is a very hands on program and we do get messy. Please make sure your child has sneakers, we do try to go outside daily! 


    Classroom Paraprofessionals: Trisha Guimaraes 


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  • We will be in session from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm


    The students will have lunch in school and have a rest time. 


    Lunch Time: 11:45-12:15


    Recess: 12:15-12:35 and 3:50-4 (Weather permitting)


    Nap Time: 12:45-1:25




    In the event of a delayed opening: 11:30 am-4 pm

    On Shortened Days: 10 am - 2:30 pm



    We have learned the following letters:













    We have learned our letters in sign language too. 





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  • Show and Tell: (Friday)

    SHOW AND TELL : Show and Tell this week is any item that begins with Cc.

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    • CAN
    • GO
    • YES
    • WE
    • NO
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  •  Supplies:

    • A book bag that is labeled with your child’s name (Please make sure a folder will fit inside.)
    • A complete set of extra clothes that will be left in the classroom. (Please label them in a Ziploc bag)
    • Diapers/pull-ups if your child is not potty trained
    • A family picture to hang up because we will miss you
    • A small blanket for rest time and a small stuffed animal that they would like to lay with.  (Items will go home on Friday to be washed.) 

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  • Week 12:

    This week we are going to pause our sign study so that we can focus on being Thankful. We are going to do a variety of projects to discuss what is important to us and our families. We will get ready for our Thanksgiving party on Friday.  We will also start our Family Trees this week.  The letter this week is X. We are going to work through our typical routine to gain a full understanding.  It is important that we teach the children how to write the diagonals.  This a hard skill and many will make an x in 4 steps, our goal is to do it in 2. 
    The 4 year old word this week is Can.  It is amazing how well they are doing with their words.  Even the 3's are picking them up.  They all love finding their words in the kindergarten hallway.   
    Monday- Gym please wear sneakers
    Tuesday- Shortened Day 10-2:30 (We will not have computers)
    Wednesday - Shortened Day 10-2:30 
    Thursday-  Shortened Day 10-2:30, OT/PT group
    Friday- Normal school hours. Thanksgiving Party at 3:15 in the cafeteria with Mrs. Manzo's class
    Please note our lunch is earlier on shortened days so the children will not have a morning snack time, but will still have an afternoon snack. We will still have a rest time, but it will only be 35 minutes. If you would like your child to sleep longer please let me know. 


    Week 11:

    We are going to continue our sign study.  Our focus questions are : What are the characteristics of a sign?  The vocabulary words are: octagon, classify, symbol, banners and universal. We are going to continue our letter study with the letter C.  We teach the children that C is magical.  If you can make a c you can make most letters.   We are going to work through our normal routines to gain a full understanding.  We are also going to look at tally marks and measure items with classroom objects.  ( How many crayons is the playdoh table? How many paper clips is the ipad?)  We will also work on fine motor skills by using clothes pins to make our name.  On Tuesday we have our class trip to Delicious Orchards.  
    Monday- Gym please wear sneakers
    Tuesday- Class TRIP
    Thursday- OT/PT please wear sneakers
    Friday- Show and Tell letter C. 

    Week 10:

    This week, even though it is a shorter week we are going to work on letter O.  I think we will be able to work through our routine to gain a full understanding.  If we are unable then we will push back our schedule. This week we are cutting O and making it into Olaf.  We will work in our workbooks and notebooks to work on letter formation.  We will also draw our This is Me and This is How I Write My Name in November.  It may be a short week, but we will squeeze a lot in.  
    Our Creative Curriculum study of Signs will begin this week. A letter went home introducing the concepts we will be discussing. We went on a sign hunt Friday and started to build our knowledge of what signs mean. This was fun to do and many of the children recognized the word NO in our signs. This will be the 4 year old word of the week. Our focus questions this week are : What do we know about signs and What do we want to find out? The vocabulary words are: sign, inform, notice and in common.  We will look at comparing numbers by finding out who has more or less, write numbers, and show numbers with our fingers. We will also play red light, green light to work on getting to know the colors of the traffic light. 
    With the weather changing, please make sure your child has a coat so that we can go outside- we try to go out daily even if it's just for a walk.  Please also make sure that your child has weather appropriate extra clothes. I am going to look through them on Monday and send home a note with anyone who has shorts in their bags.  I will also be sending home a conference reminder on Monday and a concern sheet.  We are not sending home nap mat covers and blankets home this week.  
    Monday- Gym Please wear sneakers. 
    Tuesday- We will go to the library to work on the computers. They are getting so much better with the mouse! Thank you for all your help. 
    Wednesday- We will do Show and Tell due to not having school Friday- Please bring in something that begins with O. 

    Week 9:

    This week is a review week.  We are going to review the letters we have learned which are : T, I, H, L. We will also discuss fire safety.  We are going to learn about firemen and women.  They are going to learn about what to do in case of a fire.  We will practice stop, drop and roll as well.  We are even going to have a visit from the fire department! They will have some homework this week.  They are going to have to draw their meeting place to share with the class for just in case their house is on fire.
    It is also Red Ribbon this week, which is to celebrate being drug free.  We will discuss why we should not take medicine unless a trusted adult gives it to us. 
    Monday- Gym- Please wear sneakers. ( Red Ribbon week- wear red)  We are making pizza for afternoon snack!
    Tuesday- Computers in the Library ( Fire department visits)
    Wednesday- (Red Ribbon Week- Wear your sweats. )
    Thursday- Halloween Party at 3:15 - we hope you can make it ( Red Ribbon week - Wear your costume and crazy socks)
    Friday- Show and Tell any item  ( Red Ribbon Week- wear your team shirt)
    4 year olds are finishing the word we. They have the words yes, go, and we!  They love going into the kindergarten hallway and finding these words on their word path.

    Week 8:

    This week we are working on letter H.  It may be harder for them to write because of the curve.  I am confident that they will do well- as many of them are writing and copying their names already! We will work through our typical routines so that they can gain the letter sound, sign and writing of H.  We will also cut out H so they can practice their scissor skills.  Our creative curriculum theme this week is finishing up the focus questions : How do we make and keep friends? How can we be part of a group? We will practice these skills  through our center and small group time.  This week is also school violence awareness.  This ties in with our focus question- how to make and keep friends- by treating each other kindly.  We learn in class to use our words and not our hands.  
    Dates to remember: 
    Monday-  Gym Day- Please wear sneakers School Violence Awareness - Wear Purple - symbolic color for peace & anti-violence
    Tuesday-  Book Fair Day- Parents may come and shop or send in money.  Computer Day- we will work on starfall.com Family Projects are due. School Violence Awareness - Wear T-shirts with positive slogans/messages to promote kindness
    Wednesday-School Violence Awareness - Wear Orange to be part of National Unity Day
    Thursday-OT/PT Day- Please wear sneakers School Violence Awareness - Wear Sneakers to stomp out violence
    Friday-  Show and Tell - Please bring in something that begins with H School Violence Awareness - Increase the peace - wear something tie-dyed or with peace signs
    * Please make sure your child has a jacket daily- we try to go outside at least 1x a day. *
    4 year old word of the week is WE.

    Week 7:

    This week we are continuing to work on our Creative Curriculum study.  This week's focus questions are:Who works at our school? and  How do we make and keep friends? How can we be part of a group? The vocabulary words we are learning about are:  neighborhood ,  take turns, piñata, friends, and microphone .  We will read our stories and complete our classroom activities to understand these questions.  We are also going to work through our letter routine to gain a full understanding of the letter L.  We are going to write L, sing songs about letter L, cut out L and much more.  The children are understanding the routine and know which day we do each activity.  You may see work that says independent on it. This is something that we have a model out for the child to see and try to complete it on their own.  It is usually something simple and that they can do with ease.  We want to boost the children's confidence to show them that they are able to be in control of their learning.  
    Monday- NO SCHOOL
    Tuesday- Computer time in the library. We are working on Starfall.com FALL FESTIVAL AT CICCONI FARMS- I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE
    Thursday- OT/PT- Please wear sneakers
    Friday- Show and Tell - please bring in something that begins with letter Ll. TRUNK OR TREAT- I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. MS. LYKES, MS. GASSER, MS. GUIMARAES and MYSELF WILL BE THERE WITH A CAR DECORATED FOR YOU TO GET TREATS AT. 

    Week 6:

    This week we are back to our letter study with letter I.  We will work on both sounds of I as well as the sign for i. The children have begun to learn the alphabet in sign language and as we learn each letter we will isolate the letter and focus on that specific letter.  The sign is a great way for communication as well as finger isolation which is a great fine motor skill. We will continue our routine to allow the children to gain a full understanding of the letter I, by cutting the letter i, singing songs about i, doing puzzles and various activities about the letter i.  The creative curriculum big questions this week are:  When do things happen at school? and Who works at our school?  We have been answering these questions since the first day of school, but will complete the formal activities that go along with this. We will discuss not only the classroom routine, but the home routine. At home you can discuss your routine and questions to see if they know what is next. (ie: What do we do after bath time? It is Tuesday what activity do we have tonight?)  You will be surprised how much they know.  They may not know what day it is, but most of them can tell you that the first day of the school week we have gym. This is also the week of Respect and we will learn about what respect means and how we can respect one another in the classroom. 
    Important Dates this week:
    Monday- Picture Day and GYM ( If we are able to use the gym we will do parachute games and Duck, Duck, Goose) Our picture time is 11:45- we will be eating lunch in the classroom after pictures. 
    Tuesday- Computer Time in the library Week of Respect - We Are Different - wear mismatched clothes
    Wednesday- NO SCHOOL
    Thursday- OT/PT Group- Week of Respect - The Golden Rule - wear yellow or gold 
    Friday- Show and Tell- please bring in something that begins with I- Week of Respect - Respect Pledge & School Color Day 
    Word of the week for the 4 year olds is : YES. They are doing a great job identifying yes and go.  Many of the the 3 year olds have also picked up the words. This is amazing. Just a reminder we are exposing the 3's and they are not expected to know their letters or sounds, but we want to get them ready for next year.  The focus for our 3's is social skills, shapes, colors, counting to 10, identifying 1-5, name recognition and possibly spelling their names. The focus for our 4's is kindergarten readiness - writing their first and last name, knowing most letters and some sounds, basic sight words, being able to tell and retell a story, simple patterns and recognizing numbers to 10 plus  the 3 year old expectations. If you have any concerns with this please let me know.  We are not a one size fits all class and truly tailor each child's work to their needs. 

    Week 5:

    This week we are working on our Creative Curriculum big questions: What are our rules? and When do things happen at school? We are also looking at Autumn and the changes that are occurring.Our sensory bin will have leaves in it so that the children can explore as well as find letters in the bin that are in their name. We will invite Julianna and Alina into our class and teach them our routine. We will collect leaves and paint with them as well as make a few projects with them.  On Wednesday we will go to the "Crawford pumpkin patch" and pick pumpkins and paint them.  We will make a scarecrow as well as play pin the nose on the pumpkin.  We will have wagon rides and play parachute. We will be working with Mrs. Manzo's, Ms. Lykes' and Ms. Jackie's class! 

    Week 4:

    This week we are continuing our creative curriculum in the morning.  The focus questions this week for the curriculum are : What should we do if we get sad or scared at school? (Monday–Wednesday) and  What are our rules? (Thursday–Friday) . We are also starting our letter study. This week we are working on letter T.  We will start to learn the routine for the letter study weeks: Monday - letter puzzle and write in notebooks what starts with T.  Tuesday- Dot to Dot workbook to find out what starts with T.  Wednesday and Thursday- 4 year old work books and 3's work on tracer pages and individual skills. Friday- Do a Dot the letter T.  Throughout the week the students will read the T book and each day we will read the T poem.  We will also make the letter T with our bodies as well as make a list of T words.  The children will also start their alphabet books this week, they will cut the letter T out and make it into a tree.  These activities will be done one on one or in a small group depending on individual needs.  We will also read about what happens in Fall and what changes we see. The children will go on a nature walk to see if they see these changes happening around our school.  
    Important Dates:
    Monday - Gym- please wear sneakers
    Tuesday- Back to School Night at 5:30 pm. 
    Wednesday- Family Projects are due
    Thursday- OT/PT group- please wear sneakers
    Friday- Spirit Day- Wear your favorite sports team
    September 30 and Oct 1st - NO School

    Week 3:

    We are going to start the Creative Curriculum theme : Beginning of the School Year.  This is very similar to what we have been doing.  We will read the curriculum books in the morning and do the mighty minutes as well as any structured learning activities.  In the afternoon this week we will be discussing apples. The children will explore apples through discovery activities.  We will cut an apple to find the star and paint with them to see if we can capture the magic.  We will also make predictions on how each color apple tastes. Then we will graph which we like best. We will also learn about how apples grow.  We will see if all apples have the same number of seeds and count how many seeds we find.  We will learn about the story of Johnny Appleseed.  On Friday we will be cutting apples and making apple sauce.  We will also decide who makes it better us or Motts. We will also be making a surprise for you for Back to School Night. The 4 year olds will start our sight words- we will be working on the word "GO." The 3 year olds will be introduced as well and may pick up on it through the weekly repetition.    
    Please wash and return the children's bedding for Monday.  I hope all the children are enjoying school. I know I am loving this class. They are such a great bunch of children.  If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. 
    Important Dates:
    Monday we start GYM!!!!  We have gym at 2:10 every Monday with Mrs. Manzo's class. This week we are focusing on ball skills. (Mrs. Mazo and I will be teaching the lessons each week to focus on gross motor skills we see need to be worked on.)
    Tuesday- Scholastic Book Orders are due.  Ordering books allows the children to get free books throughout the year for the holidays as well as items for the classroom. The alternate seating ball, wiggle chair and chair bands were all purchased with book points. 
    Friday- School Spirit Day. Movie Night and the Kid's Gift Auction.  It is also Show and Tell- any item you choose. 
    Sept 24th - Back to School Night 5:30. 

    Week 2:

     This week we will continue to assess the children's skills by doing an academic assessment to look at what colors, shapes, numbers and  letters that they know.  A copy will be sent home with you, so you can see where we are starting at.  Please keep in mind we are still getting to know one another and the children may be shy and not show me exactly what they know.  We are also starting our This is Me book as well as I Can Write My Name book. The children will also continue to work on their Self projects that will hang in the hallway.  We are also going to read stories and identify if the children in the story are like them or different.  We are going to work on social skills and interactions during our play centers and our turn and talk during circle times. 


    Week 1:


    This week we are going to do so much.  The children will begin to develop friendships, learn each others' names, learn about our classroom.  They will explore each center and learn the proper ways to use them.  The children will have snack daily, and socialize with their peers.  We will begin the classroom routine and do some projects to get the children used to school.  It is going to be a fun week. Friday we have Show and Tell.  The children can bring in their favorite toy from home.    


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