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    I am so excited to be your child's teacher! We are going to learn so much together this year. PreSchool  is an extremely important year in your child's life. We will create a solid foundation for learning. Children will learn appropriate social skills, as well as self-help skills and continue fine and gross motor development. We will also work on learning our letters and numbers. The children will practice writing their names daily. It is important that you reinforce these skills at home. There will be home school projects to bridge the home/school gap.

    Your child will need a small backpack and a folder. Please make sure you label them with your child's first and last name. Your child will also need a complete set of extra clothes. You may want to have a supply crayons and fat pencils for home use. Please do not purchase expensive clothing for the school year. This is a very hands on program and we do get messy. Please make sure your child has sneakers, we do try to go outside daily! 


    Thursday, August 26 is Meet The Teacher!  I cannot wait to meet you all. 


    Classroom Paraprofessionals: 

    A.M. - Miss Tracy Ramirez

    P.M.- Miss Gloria Edwards


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  • We will be in session from

     8:45 am - 2:55 pm


    The chidren will not have specials offically, but will have a chance to interact with the Special Area Teachers. 


    Monday- Ms. Thomas

    Tuesday- Ms. Montano

    Wednesday- Ms. Burnett

    Thursday- Ms. Levi

    Friday- Mr. Villecco


    The students will have lunch in school and  a daily snack. 


    Lunch Time: 11:15-11:45


    Nap Time: 11:45-12:45


    Snack will be in the pm.







  • If you are unable to attend the Back to School Night inperson presentation, please click the links to view the agenda, powerpoint and video. They have also been emailed to you and a copy of the agenda and powerpoint will be sent home Tuesday with your child along with all paperwork given out. 





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  • Our Daily Schedule

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  • Week 7:

    This week we will focus on letter F. We will work through our routine to learn words that begin with F, the sound of F as well as the formation of F. We will be working on Fire Safety this week too. The children will learn what to do if their homes catch on fire as well as stop drop and roll. 
    It is also Safe School week. 
    Monday- Be a HERO - Help Everyone Respect Others - Dress like your favorite superhero or wear a superhero shirt
    Tuesday-Peace, Love & Happiness - Spread good vibes & promote peace - wear peace signs and/or tie dye apparel
    Wednesday-Unity Day - Wear orange to show that we are united for kindness, acceptance & inclusion
    Thursday- Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti - Wear as many colors as you can
    Friday- Show and tell something that starts with F, United As One - Wear your school spirit wear to show we are united to keep our school & each other safe

    Week 6:

    This week we will work through the same routine to learn about letter B. B is tricky and you may see some d's. This is totally normal. We will make a butterfly out of the letter B with our cutting. We will learn about Christopher Columbus and that he had three ships. They will do a math activity and labeling activity that is ship themed. We will continue to work on our math and writing journals this week. 
    The book fair is on Tuesday.
    Friday is show and share- Letter B.

    Week 5:

    This week is letter T week. We are going to start our letter study and we do this in a very routined way. We work on the same activities each week, but only change the letter. This allows the children to know what to expect. We will learn the sound of T, the formation of T as well as words that begin with T. The children will practice writing T and finding the letter t in the classroom and school building. We will be making painted toast this week as a snack that begins with T. It is also the week of respect. We will discuss what it means to respect someone and how that we deserve to be treated with respect. 
    Monday- Stomp Out Bullying. Wear Blue(Send back sheets and blankets)
    Tuesday- Kindness is the Golden Rule- wear yellow or gold
    Wednesday- Positive Vibes. Wear A Positive Vibe/Saying Shirt
    Thursday- Crazy for kindness. Wear crazy hair
    Friday- Kindness is classy- Dress to impress it's Picture Day 
     ( Show and Share - letter T)

    Week 4:

    This week is apple week. Please bring in 2 apples for us to work with this week. We will be doing so much with them. They will paint with apples, find the special star in an apple, weigh apples, find out if they sink or float and make predictions. We will also do our first cooking activity this week when we make apple sauce. 
    Monday- Back to school Night at 7 pm and 7:30. If you are unable to attend I will be sending out the agenda and video of me presenting tomorrow on my lunch or prep. They are also going to be posted on the class page. If you are not able to attend I will send home all the materials that will be given out on Tuesday with your child. 
    Tuesday- National North Carolina Day aka Celebrate Dr. Harrison Day! Wear NC Blue and jeans day!
    Friday- Show and Share- Bring in something that makes you happy. 

    Week 3:


    This week we will work on the All About Me Theme! The children will make big posters that showcase information about themselves. We will make family portraits. We will do a writing activity that discusses our feelings.  We will work on a project for Back to School Night. The children will continue to add parts of the routine into their day. 
    - Please send back clean sheets and blankets on Monday!
    - Show and Tell Friday is something blue. 

    Week 2:

     I am going to assess them to gain a baseline. This is just so that I know what I need to work with your child on during small groups or individual time. I will be asking them to name colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. I will also ask them to write their name, cut on lines, color a picture and draw a picture of themselves. I will look at how they hold a pencil and which hand they favor. They are also going to be making a little person that looks like them to hang outside to showcase their art work. They will also make a pout pout fish to go along with the story we will read and  they will finger paint their name.  We are going to go outside and play with chalk and the parachute as well.

    Week 1:

    We are going to learn the routine. The children will learn each other's names. We will make a Grandparent's Day craft. We will learn about September 11th. 

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     We have learned the following Letters:






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  • Show and Tell: (Friday)

    SHOW AND TELL : Show and Tell this week is something that begins with F 

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  •  Supplies:

    • A book bag that is labeled with your child’s name (Please make sure a folder will fit inside.)
    • A complete set of extra clothes that will be left in the classroom. (Please label them in a Ziploc bag)
    • Diapers/pull-ups if your child is not potty trained
    • A family picture to hang up because we will miss you
    • A daily snack
    • A lunch 
    • A few extra masks 

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