I am so excited to be your child's teacher! We are going to learn so much together this year. PreSchool  is an extremely important year in your child's life. We will create a solid foundation for learning. Children will learn appropriate social skills, as well as self-help skills and continue fine and gross motor development. We will also work on learning our letters and numbers. The children will practice writing their names daily. It is important that you reinforce these skills at home. There will be home school projects to bridge the home/school gap.

    Your child will need a small backpack and a folder. Please make sure you label them with your child's first and last name. Your child will also need a complete set of extra clothes. You may want to have a supply crayons and fat pencils for home use. Please do not purchase expensive clothing for the school year. This is a very hands on program and we do get messy. Please make sure your child has sneakers, we do try to go outside daily! 


    Classroom Paraprofessionals: Trisha Guimaraes (full day) and Pm- Christine L.


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  • AM Session: 10:00-12:30

    PM Session: 1:30-4:00 


    In the event of a delayed opening:

    Am class will attend: 11:25- 1:25 STUDENTS SHOULD BRING A LUNCH WITH THEM

    Pm class will attend: 2:00-4:00


    On Shortened Days

    Am class will attend: 9:00- 11:00

    Pm Class will attend: 12:00- 2:00

  • This week we are working on the letter : Yy


    We have learned the following letters:












    We have learned our letters in sign language too. 





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  • Show and Tell: (Friday)

    SHOW AND TELL : Please bring in something that begins with Y, think Yellow.   

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  •  Supplies:

    • A book bag that is labeled with your child’s name (Please make sure a folder will fit inside.)
    • A folder labeled with your child's name. 
    • A complete set of extra clothes that will be left in the classroom. (Please label them in a Ziploc bag)
    • Diapers/pull-ups if your child is not potty trained
    • A family picture to hang up because we will miss you

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  • Week 19:

    This week we are focusing on letter Y.  The children will work through their typical routines to gain a full understanding of the letter Y.  The will learn the sound of Y and the sign language as well.  We will make the Y page in our alphabet book by forming the letter Y in yarn on our cut out Y's.  Since the children are loving space we are extending our journey one more week.  They will be writing in their journals about their journeys, finding hidden stars and making their own planets.  We will also have our art area open with the tape dispensers and staplers to work on that motor coordination. We will also have paint out for free painting all week.  Please make sure your child is dressed to play this week.  
    Monday- We will have Gym. Please wear sneakers.
    Wednesday- I will be out for a personal matter.  If you have a different dismissal method, please send in a note with your child.  
    Thursday- OT/PT group. Please wear sneakers. 
    Friday- Show and Tell- Please bring in something that begins with Y.  (Anything yellow will work.)

    Week 18:


    This week we are continuing our space journey.  The children will learn about the moon and make a sensory painting.  They will also make a rocket ship and work on counting down from 10.  We are also working on letter V. The children will work through their typical routines to gain a full understanding of letter formation and the sound. 

    Week 17:

    This week we are getting back into the swing of things.  Some of the children may have a tough time transitioning back into the school routine.  We are starting the week off with our study of space.  The children will learn that we live on planet Earth.  They will learn about the sun and the moon and stars. We will also work on reviewing the letters previously learned as well as our square page in our shape book. 

    Week 16:

    This week is a review/fun week.  We are going to finish up on our holiday gifts.  The children are so excited to show you the beautiful things they have made.   We are going to do gingerbread math this week.  We are also going to be building words / matching letters this week for holiday words.  We will also work on following directions and taking turns with games.  

    Week 15:

    This week we are going to learn about Christmas traditions.  We are going to make paper Gingerbread men.  The children will hear variations of the story and decide which story they like best.  They will also make a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to display for our Holiday Party on the 17th.  We are also learning about letter G.  It is a tricky letter formation wise as well as sounds.  They will learn that G makes two sounds.  We will also learn letter G in sign language.  We will continue to practice our songs for the Holiday party.  

    Week 14:

    We are starting to this week in class too.  We will be turning our sensory table into a wrapping station.  The children will practice using tape dispensers and scissors to wrap small boxes and blocks.  They will learn the joy of giving gifts. Please do not forget to turn in your light bulb with your family traditions. We are learning about Hanukkah this week and will be painting and making dreidels.  We will be eating potato pancakes. 
    This week we are also working on letter E.  The children will work on both sounds of e.  We will work on the sign for e, as well as the formation.  The children will work through their typical routines.  The children will also work on writing their names and drawing themselves in the month of December.  

     Week 13:

    This week we are focusing on letter P.  The children will work through our routines to gain a full understanding.  They will cut the letter P, use the Handwriting with out tears program, sign letter p and read about letter P.  We will also continue our tree study. 

    Week 12:

    This week is a short week.  
    Monday is our Holiday Feast. 10:05 for am and 2:30 for pm. Please make sure you park downstairs.   I look forward to seeing you all there. We will not have gym! 
    Tuesday we have an assembly with Mrs. Jean-Denis.  
    Wednesday we have a shortened day.  Am session 9-11 and pm session 12-2.
    This week we are finishing up with our letter H study.  We are finishing up Family trees.  We are also going to make our Thankful turkeys.    

    Week 11:

    This week has a slightly different schedule.  Due to conferences on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the class times vary. The am session runs 9-11 and the pm session runs 12-2.  Our schedule will go back to normal on Thursday and Friday.  Due to the change in schedule we will not have gym this week.  If you child is in the pm session and attends daycare prior and does not have the opportunity to eat lunch there, they can eat in class. Please just let me know that they are going to be eating in class.( Remember we are peanut free) 
    Due to the shortened days this week and the short week next week we will be studying the letter H the next two weeks.  The children will work through their routines to gain a full understanding of the letter formation and sound.  We will also be continuing our family trees and getting ready for our family feast.  We will be working on cutting skills this week with a make your own helicopter activity.  We will work on number recognition and counting with a dice game.  Some of the students will work on simple addition as well.  We will also be writing in our journals about what we did over break.  
    We are also starting our first Creative Curriculum study.  The children will be exploring trees.  A letter we going home about  home connection opportunities.  We are asking that you bring in items that have to do with trees: ie: sticks, acorns, pine cones, leaves, etc. We will have a discovery area set up in the room for the children to explore.  

    Week 10:

    This week is a  3 day week.  We are working on reviewing letters previously learned.  We are also working on our This is Me in the month of November and this is how I write my name.  We are also starting our shape book this week with a circle.  I will be assessing the students again this week with their letters, shapes, colors and numbers.  I will send them home as soon as I complete them.  We will discuss this as well as many other items for conferences.  If you have a specific concern please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure I have the correct answer for you.  I want to be prepared for our conferences and make the most out of our short time.  

    Week 9:

    This week is so exciting with Halloween. We are going to play Who is missing? this week to practice problem solving and name recognition.  The children will also have the chance to expand on the mummy project and get to make each other into a mummy. We are focusing on the letter S this week.  The children will work through their routines to gain a full understanding.  They will cut the letter S, use the hand writing without tears program, finger paint, sing songs, and much more.  We are also going to start our journals this week.  The children will start to answer questions and draw pictures to go along with their sentences.  This will all be done at their levels and individualized to meet specific needs.   

    Week 8:

    This week is another busy week.  We are going to focus on letter C, through a variety of activities.  We will work through our routines to gain a full understanding of the letter C.  We will learn the sign, as well as formation and sound.  Some people say letter C is the magic letter because if you can make a c, you can make almost any letter with a curve.  We are also going to work on getting our jackets on ourselves.  Some of the children can already do this so they will work on zipping or buttoning.  

    Week 7:

    This week we are working on letter O. We will learn the sign for letter O. We will work on the two sounds of o as well as formation.  The children will work through our weekly routine to gain a full understanding of the letter o.  We will also work on matching skills, and following directions.  

    Week 6:

    This week is a review week.  We are going to focus on the letters we already have learned. We are also going to  continue our study of fire safety.  We are going to focus a lot on fine motor skills this week to get ready for writing.  The children will also work on scooter skills in the hallway as well as tricycle skills.   We will learn about Columbus and how he had three ships.

    Week 5:

    This week we are focusing on letter i.  I is the first vowel we work on and the children will learn both sounds.  They will learn the sign as well as the formation. We are also working on Fire safety topics this month.  We are continuing how to resolve problems on our own. Example: a friend takes a toy a way- say I had that first, please give it back to me. If the friend gives the toy back- say I did not like when you did that, please do not do it again.  

    Week 4:

    This week we are continuing our letter journey with the letter T. 
      We will cut out lower case T and make a tiger.  They will also work through our letter routine to gain the sound as well as the formation of letter T.  It is also apple week so we will be sorting apples by color and size.  We will paint with apples and hypothesis on which color apple tastes the best.   On Thursday we will be chopping apples to make apple sauce. 

    Week 3:

    This week is our first week of a letter study.  We have been practicing our line down and line across in practice of the letter L.  The children will work on letter L in various ways.  We will read books about L, practice tracing L's and writing them on our own.  We will cut out lower case L to make our alphabet books.  The children will be making hand print flowers this week in anticipation for next week's back to school night.  We will be finger painting our name as well as do a dotting it.  Monday we will be meeting out Occupational Therapist and spend time with her in her room.  Services begin this week.  I will let you know what days your child has services when it is finalized.  Remember these days may change and we will keep you up to date.  Friday is show and tell, please bring in something that starts with L.  

     Week 2:

    This week we are going to continue to explore the classroom.  We are going to continue to learn each others names and make friends.  The children will begin to get into the routine and start to work in small groups. In small groups this week we will paint, make our faces, work on prewriting strokes, cut items and much more.  We are having our 1st assemby on Thursday.  Friday is show and Tell. They can bring in any item from home.  

    Week 1:

    This week we are going to do so much.  The children will begin to develop friendships, learn each others' names, learn about our classroom.  They will explore each center and learn the proper ways to use them.  The children will have snack daily, and socialize with their peers.  We will begin the classroom routine and do some projects to get the children used to school.  It is going to be a fun week. Friday we have Show and Tell.  The children can bring in their favorite toy from home.    


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