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    Please scroll down to our Math section and see the updated instructions to log in to Pearson Realize and Xtra Math.  Both sites are great practice for home!






    Please check this page weekly for upcoming events and information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at cvetrano@jacksonsd.org or send a note into school with your child. 

    Click on the icons below to access the wonderful resources available for you at home.   

    *If you choose to bring in a birthday snack for the class please try your best to have the Nutritional Facts attached to it OR bring the recipe that was used due to health concerns with some students.  WE ARE A PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE CLASSROOM. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


    *PARENTS:  Please sign your child's planner every night and make sure they have completed all homework written for each day.  Please be sure that your child is reading every night and recording on his/her reading log.  Logs are due every Monday with both student AND parent signatures!  Each student that has their log completed will be entered into a ticket drawing to win a prize from our prize box.  


    Check out the sections below to see what we are learning in each subject area!

    Reading   We are beginning our nonfiction unit "Reading to Learn."  We will focus on using text features and finding the main idea in a text.  Please remember that students are to read fiction at home still for their nightly homework.  

    Homework:  Read 20 minutes each night, and record on your reading log.  We will eventually introduce reader's responses into our homework once a week.  

    Reading Logs:  We will use Reading Logs every night at home to monitor our reading. Our goal is to reach between 30-40 minutes of reading a night.  By ensuring that your child is reading every night, you are helping your child increase their reading stamina and grow as a reader.  Thank you for your support at home!



    words their way Each student will have individualized lists of spelling words.  These word cards will be cut out each week and stored in their Word Study notebook.  An additional copy of the words will be sent home for parents, along with a list of various activities that you can complete with your child.   Nightly homework is not required, but any activites not finished in class will need to be completed at home that night.  We will be on a 7 day schedule with each list, and complete practice activities in class each day.  Spelling tests will be on the 7th day of our cycle, and will be written in your child's planner the day before.  In addition to our spelling words, we will be focusing on increasing our vocabulary with high frequency words.  

    Writing    We are in our second unit of writing which is focusing on writing a persuasive speech.  We will be writing AND typing during our Writer's Workshop time.  Please remember to practice your typing skills at home.  There are websites available on the symbaloo above for practice.  

    math    Topic 5- Fluently Multiply and Divide Within 100 


    Homework: Each night, your child will complete a practice worksheet on a skill learned in class that day.   Please make sure all highlighted problems are completed.  Any other problems can be done for extra practice.  

    IMPORTANT: Third graders need to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts quickly and accurately.  We will begin with addition and subtraction, and move on to multiplication and division once those skills are learned.  We will be practicing all week and will have a quiz every Friday.  Please review the facts nightly.  Flash cards are excellent tools for practice at home.  Please also utilize the Math Bingo icon on the symbaloo for free math fluency practice! 

     **I highly recommend viewing the website below to become familiar with your child's textbook.  The site has wonderful videos to teach each lesson, as well as worksheets and other practice materials.  Please follow the directions on how to log in which can be found on the first page of your child's planner. 

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    Please follow the directions below to help you navigate your child’s Pearson Realize account online.  

    1. Log in to student's Google Account.
    2. Go to Rosenauer homepage.
    3. Click on tab "For Parents & Students" tab at the top.
    4. Scroll down to Envision Math Login.
    5. Once you are logged in, click on Pearson Realize button on right side
    6. You may click on Programs, Classes, or Grades.  See below for each section description.  

    Programs- Allows you to view each Topic with all lessons and videos.  

    Classes- Allows you to view all assignments that are due and/or all past assessments taken.  You can view past assessments and click on the questions that your child did not get correct.  This would be great to review with your child.

    Grades- Allows you to view the standards that your child has mastered, and those that your child needs more practice with.


    Please visit the XtraMath website to practice your math facts at home!  Click the link below to access the site.

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    Xtra Math

    Email: cvetrano@jacksonsd.org

    First Name: Student's First Name

    Pin:  1111

    social studies   Unit 2- The Three Branches of Government






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