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    We Will Miss You!!

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    THANK YOU PARENTS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT THIS SCHOOL YEAR!  We could not have done it without you! 

    To my AMAZING students-  I am SO proud of all your hard work at home and this entire school year.  You are all ROCKSTARS!  You are officially 4th graders!!  I will miss you very much next year.  I hope you have a safe and wonderful summer!  

    Keep in touch!!  Email me at cvetrano@jacksonsd.org  LOVE YOU ALL! 



    Summer Literacy Suggestions

     morning meeting Morning Meeting- Try your absolute best to include this at some point in your day.  Breakfast  is a great time for sharing! :)

    Greeting- Be sure to say "Good Morning" every morning to your parents and siblings.  Feel free to give a hug, high five, fist pump, or elbow tap with each greeting!

    Share- Share one thing that you learned the previous day with your family.

    Activity- Do something active each day!  Ride a bike, play outside, do jumping jacks, go on Go Noodle and dance! (Whatever your heart desires (and is approved by your parents!)

    reading  Reading

    Read 20-30 minutes in Raz-Kids.  Students should be listening, reading, and taking the quizzes that follow the stories.  



    math pic  Math 

    1. See Assignment posted in Google Classroom.  These could be assignments in Pearson Realize, Happy Numbers, or in Google Classroom.  They will vary depending on the skill we are learning.

    Pearson Realize Assignments- Log into Pearson Realize and complete the assignment for each day.  Watch Visual Learning video FIRST, and then complete Quick Check.  All assignments are under "Classes."

    Happy Numbers Assignments- Link will be posted in Google Classroom.  

    Choose "I'm a Student"

    Class Number- 719 465

    Password- 1111

    2.  Log on to XtraMath and practice math facts.  Students need to log in at least 3 times a week.  

    *See directions below for logging into Pearson Realize and XtraMath. 

    Pearson Realize

    Please follow the directions below to help navigate your child’s Pearson Realize account online.  

    1. Log in to student's Google Account.

    2. Click on "waffle" in top right 

    3. Scroll down to EasyBridge 

    4. Click on Pearson Realize icon to the right

    5. You should now be logged in.  See below for different parts of your account.  

    Programs- Allows you to view each Topic with all lessons and videos.  

    Classes- Allows you to view all assignments that are due and/or all past assessments taken.  You can view past assessments and click on the questions that your child did not get correct.  This would be great to review with your child.

    Grades- Allows you to view the standards that your child has mastered, and those that your child needs more practice with.

    XtraMath  <--Click this link to access the website.  

    Email: cvetrano@jacksonsd.org

    First Name: Student's First Name

    Pin:  1111

    stem pic  Science- None 

    ss  Social Studies- 3rd Grade Memory Book in Google Classroom.  DUE 6/18

    Parents:  Please remember that this is new for ALL of us (students, parents, and teachers) and we are all doing the best we can!  We have leaned on one another during this time, and I could not be more proud to be your children's teacher and to work with such amazing parents.  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! heart  Mrs. Vetrano 



    A Message from Mrs. Amey :)

    Parents:  While your child is at home during this time, try to make their temporary learning environment as comfortable and inviting as possible.

    Have your child get dressed in clothes and out of their pajamas.  Make a schedule for him/her to follow. Be sure to take breaks in between subjects. Lastly, ask questions about what he/she learned at the end of your child’s “school day”.


    Additional Resources for Learning At Home (these are all optional, and will be added to occasionally)

    Vooks - Read Aloud

    Scholastic At Home Magazines

    Go Noodle

    Mystery Science




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