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                           Mrs. Williams's Read 180 class



                            Welcome to Read 180 with Mrs. Williams    


    Thank you for visiting my class page!  I'm happy to report that we are very busy accomplishing several goals as we read through Workshop 9.  The reading comprehension skills we are covering include, making inferences, identifying cause and effect, and summarizing.  In writing we are working on narrative fiction stories that include dialogue and lots of envisioning.  Using the Art of Comprehension access lenses as we write is enhancing our writing as well as developing our interpretation skills.  Everyone seems to love sharing their writing samples.  Working on the Chromebooks has proven to be very beneficial.  This speeds up everyone's writing progress and allows us to target areas that need revisions together more efficiently during writing conferences.  Completed versions will be ready soon!


    Important reminder:  Reading Logs are a must.  For now, the only homework that is required is your 20 minutes of nightly reading Monday through Thursday. I know many of you are involved in after school activities and sometimes getting to complete your nightly reading can be a problem.  You can always read on Friday night or over the weekend to make up any nights you may have missed.  This shows me that you are taking your studying seriously and are making an effort to become strong readers.  Research tells us that students’ daily reading practice of 20 minutes will continue to strengthen their skills in all domains.  So please, keep up those logs! 










    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:   kawilliams@jacksonsd.org

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