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    February is quickly approaching, and we'd like to create Valentine's Day mailboxes. Please send your child in with an empty shoe box or tissue box, so that we may do this project before Valentine's Day.  Also, note that there are 11 students in our class, and we have preschoolers that join us throughout the week.  Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year.  If your child is sending in Valentines, please be sure that he/she has enough for 11 friends and possibly add 3 more for our friends that join us on Friday morning.   


    Please take note of the below messages: 

    • Remember  your preschooler loves getting out for a little fresh air, so  please be sure to send your child in with a warm jacket and any other items necessary, such as, mittens and a hat.   Weather permitting, we try to go outside for stroll or some playground activities.     
    •  Thank you to everyone for sending in a warmer set of emergency change of clothes.   
    •  Note for full day Preschool: Your child's sheet and blanket was sent home this Friday, 01/24 to launder.   Please be sure to send them back in fresh and clean for your preschooler.  Also, ask your child if they need a snuggie for nap/rest time.  Most of our preschoolers love to snuggle with a small stuffed animal or pillow when resting.  If so, please send in this item to add to their comfort. 
    •  Reminder: Our class needs smocks for  various projects, such as, when we work with paint.  Yes,  the paint we use is washable.  Yet, I'd like them to have that extra barrier to keep their clothes protected.   Please send your child in with something that they may put over their clothes.  An old t-shirt that has been laundered, but you were thinking about getting rid of, would be ideal.  Let's recycle those old t-shirts and have your children use them as smocks. 

      This week's letter of the week: G g  We continued with "G" this week to make "Gentle Giraffes."  We noted that the letter g sometimes makes the /j/ sound.   G is the beginning letter of our friend, Gabriella's name.  We also made a garage of g words.  We sky write "G"  making a swing motion (C) and then a "whoops" line.  We sky write "g" by swinging (o), sliding, and then a whoops.  We make the g sound by making the gulping sound.  

     Some important dates to mark on your calendars:


    January 31st: Daddy Daughter Dance

    February 3rd: No School/ Winter Inservice

    February 14th: Wear Red/Pink/White Day

    February 20th: Supply Cart in the Cafeteria




    As a reminder & note to new families that have joined us:

    Please send your  child in with a change of clothing to leave at school (shorts/pants, shirt, socks, underwear), a small blanket for naptime/quiet time, and a lunch.  Note that we have lunch in the cafeteria.  If your preschooler is not potty trained, please be sure to send in the necessary toileting items (diapers/pullups, underwear, and wipes). We will be helping with the potty training of your child.





















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