Welcome to Preschool


    Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!!

    (January 3rd)

    Happy Birthday




    Hello Families:




    "Welcome Back Preschoolers"

     Let it snow




     January 7th Plans


    For school you will need:

    *a full size backpack

    *a spare set of clothes in a labeled zip -lock type bag

    *several masks in a zip -lock type bag to leave at school 

    *a small blanket and stuffed animal for naptime

    *a snack and drink

    +a lunch from home (or if your child gets a school lunch let me know)

    *If your child is not toilet trained, you will need to send a supply of diapers and wipes


    Any medication must be administered by the nurse; you may need to send in a doctor’s note.

    Please make sure to mark all items with your child's initials

    I am looking forward to a great school year.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at lzammit@jacksonsd.org


    As a reminder & note to new families that have joined us this year:

    Please send your child in with a change of clothing (shorts/pants, shirt, socks, underwear) and a backpack.  If your preschooler is not potty trained, please be sure to send in the necessary toileting items (diapers/pullups, underwear, and wipes).  We will be helping with the potty training of your child.  


    Email address:    lzammit@jacksonsd.org