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    Just a reminder to all families that were unable to attend an in-person parent/teacher conference, please sign and return the 2nd copy of your child's progress report entitled, The Teaching Strategies.  It was a pleasure seeing and meeting with all of you again.  

    Also, note that next week is a shortened school week.  School is closed on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is a shortened school day. Enjoy the upcoming holiday with friends and family.  

    On November 21st, our preschool classes are scheduled to have guest readers. Our parents have volunteered through Ms. Burns.  

    On November 28th, our class will attend the "Holiday Shop" right here at Elms.  Please see the notice that went home today. 

    We are continuing with our Tree Study.  See the message below with some useful items our class could use to further facilitate our investigations. Also, note that if you haven't already sent in a family picture, your preschooler would like one to be hung by their cubby. Some other items that would help your preschooler with housekeeping throughout their classroom experience are a sturdy smock for art activities (ex. painting) and gallon sized plastic/ziplocked bags to send home their soiled items when needed. 

    We are also looking for donations for a few boxes of plastic sandwich bags for our easel at the art center. The sandwich bags are used to refresh the paint each week.  They are also useful for sending home small items that preschoolers sometimes need assistance with.  For example, jewelry that has come loose.  Let me know if you are able to donate a box or just send one in with your preschooler and label class donation.   



    NOTE: We are continuing on a study entitled, "Trees."  Check out below.  We are seeking guests to share their knowledge.  Let me know if a family member would like to share their expertise on trees.  See below. 

    We are also seeking photographs of different types of trees, leaves, animals in trees, people that work with trees, and lots of information on trees.   For example, we've looked at and  learned what is "harmful" and "helpful" to trees by looking at pictures in the book, Who Lives In Trees. 

    This week, November 14-18th, we've been identifying things that grow on trees.  

    Some items we may need for our investigations:

    Visitors wanted: We may be asking for volunteers to come in as a visitor to share their expertise on our topic.  Please let me know.

    Some activites you may do at home to enrich your preschoolers' development :

    Thank you all for your support.  

    November is quickly approaching.  We are closed the following days:

    November 10th

    November 11th

    November 24th

    November 25th

    We are scheduled to visit the HOLIDAY SHOP on Monday, 11/28/2022.   (Afternoon Event/@ 2:15PM)



    Please note, when sending your child in with a snack and/or lunch, please leave candy at home.  Provide your child with a healthy lunch and snack.  We try to encourage healthy eating habits.   





    For school you will need:

    *a full-sized backpack that your child can manipulate independently 

    *a spare set of clothes in a labeled zip -lock type bag   

    *a child sized sleeping bag  or a crib sheet and small blanket for rest time

    * a small stuffed animal or pillow  for rest time comfort

    Rest time 1Rest 2

    *provide a reusable bag to store and carry your child's above naptime supplies

    *a healthy snack and drink

    *a reusable water bottle (no juice in it/only water)

    *a lunch from home (or if your child gets a school lunch let me know)

    *If your child is not toilet trained, you will need to send a supply of pull-ups and wipes

    School ID

    Family Picture =)


    Note: Any medication must be administered by the nurse; you may need to send in a doctor’s note.

    Please make sure to mark all items with your child's initials.

    I am looking forward to a great school year.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at lzammit@jacksonsd.org


    Elms Elementary School Full Day Schedule 

    Ms. Kennedy &  Mrs. Zammit  Preschool Schedule 22/23


    9:05 - 9:20

    Arrival & Unpack

    9:20 - 9:35

    Large Group  (Morning Meet)

    9:35 - 10:35


    10:40 - 11:10

    Gross Motor

    11:15 - 11:30

    Read Aloud

    11:30 - 11:35

    Hand washing before lunch

    11:35 - 12:05

    12:05 - 12:15

    Student Lunch 




    12:15 - 1:15

    Student Rest


    1:15 - 1:25


    1:25 - 1:40

    Music & Movement

    1:40 - 2:00

    Read Aloud



    2:20 - 2:50

    Small Group

    2:50 - 3:05

    Large Group (Afternoon Meet)

    Family App

    As a reminder & note to new families that have joined us this year:

    Please send your child in with a change of clothing (shorts/pants, shirt, socks, underwear) and a full-size backpack.  If your preschooler is not potty trained, please be sure to send in the necessary toileting items (pullups, underwear, and wipes).  We will be helping with the potty training of your child.  


    Email address:    lzammit@jacksonsd.org