Super Kids!


    **Please go to the Google Classroom page for assignments and announcements!**


    What is something everyone needs?

    The answer, of course, is MORE BOOKS!

    Please follow the link below to the VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR!😁📕 (Weeks of October 19th and 26th)



    We also have a few spirit weeks coming up:

    Safe Schools Week

    Red Ribbon Week

     Other Important Dates:

    10/28- Group 1 can wear their Halloween costumes

    10/29- Group 2 can wear their Halloween costumes

    11/2-11/6- No School

    11/25- No Afternoon Online Class

    11/26 and 11/27- No School

    12/1-12/3- Parents conferences, no afternoon online class 


    Resources for Parents

    Using Google Classroom:

    Google Classroom Guide

    Google Classroom en espanol


     Accessing your child's Pearson account:

    Please follow the directions below to help you navigate your child’s Pearson Realize account online.  

    1. Go to Rosenauer homepage.
    2. Click on the Launch Pad
    3. Click on Pearson Realize Math Sign In
    4. Log in using username/password 
    5. Once you are logged in to Pearson EasyBridge, click on Pearson Realize button on right side
    6. Once you are logged into your child’s account, you may click on Programs, Classes, or Grades.

    Programs- Allows you to view each Topic with all lessons and videos.  

    Classes- Allows you to view all assignments.  We will take all assessments online. You can review the test with your child here. 

    Grades- Allows you to view the standards that your child has mastered, and those that your child needs more practice with. Please note that not all of the standards are found on our report card. Please contact me with any concerns.




    • For anyone having trouble with the Pearson online tools, I hope this slideshow will prove to be a good resource.  Parent Guide