• Welcome to Mrs. Schittone's Chemistry Class!




    All assignments will be posted through Google Classroom.  For any classroom announcements (quizzes, tests, assignments, reminders, etc) I will be using the Remind app and Google classroom.   

    During the first few days of school we will be working on setting up Google classroom and Remind.


    For this class the following supplies are requested:

    • a writing utensil (pen/pencil)  

    • a binder with paper OR notebook with a folder.  (I recommend the binder more because I use many handouts.)

    • A calculator is now being required for this class.  Your phone does not count as a calculator!

    • While not required, I would recommend bringing a highlighter. 

    Should you need to contact me, please e-mail at tschittone@jacksonsd.org




  • Room B-120 

    Spring Semester

    Period 1: Chemistry I

    Period 2: Chemistry I

    Period 3: Chemistry I

    Period 4: Professional