Please review the information below for Back to School Updates.

    If there is anything I can help you with as we navigate through this upcoming school year, please reach out to me via email fliverani@jacksonsd.org . I am always happy to help!

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     Please visit Mr. Casais and Mrs. Levine's class pages for additional information 

    April 14th is a Full Remote Day for the ENTIRE DISTRICT

    Google Meet links will be accessable to ALL students on this day for remote learning. Please have students follow their 5 Day In Person schedule during their remote learning day. Check the Google Classroom for any teacher updates and assignments regarding April 14th. 


    Information on 5 Day In Person Instruction: Starting March 1st


    The success of advancing to this stage in our reopening process requires all of us to do our part. The safety of our students and staff must come first and we must ALL remain vigilant in our health and safety protocols.


    • Keep your children home if they are sick;
    • Keep your children home if anyone in your household has tested positive OR is experiencing COVID-compatible symptoms;
    • Keep your children home if anyone in your household is awaiting a test result for COVID;
    • Remember to truthfully fill out your Daily COVID Health Screening Form for your child each day.
    • Remember to contact your school nurse if anyone in your house has been exposed to COVID, has COVID-compatible symptoms, or is being tested. 





    • Students will be expected to attend every day, and to not flip between in-person instruction and synchronous instruction.


    • The only exception would be for in-person students who are ill or who should stay home due to quarantine. 


    • If a child is ill and able to participate, please notify your child’s teacher that your child will be learning synchronously from home, temporarily.




    Snack  Information

    Monday, March 1st begins our five day per week in-person learning!

    One important change is that students will no longer eat lunch in school.

    Instead, we will be taking a 15 minute break in the IMC(location) which has been set up for a safe, socially distanced snack.

    The school district will be providing a “grab-and-go lunch” to students at the end of the day.


    Thank you!




    Free and Reduced Lunch Information



    Click HERE to learn more information



    Hybrid Learning Information

    In-Person Days: 9:05 am to 1:35 pm

    Group 1: Last name begins with A-K. Attends school In-person on Mondays, Wednesday, and alternating Fridays.

    Group 2: Last name begins with L-Z. Attends school In-persons on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternating Fridays.


     Allergy Policy

    Please make the school aware of any allergies your student has

    Nut Free Class

    Please note that our classroom is a nut-free classroom. Please do not send any tree nut or peanut containing products to school each day. We are asking your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation! 


    Important Reminders

    • Please visit your Parent Portal on Genesis to complete the "COVID Health Screening Form" prior to the start of the school day on the days your student has In Person Instruction
    • Face coverings are required 
    • Students may bring a bottled water to school with them
    • Students will not be eating snack break inside the classroom due to the shortened day schedule.
    • Make sure students are coming to school prepared with their charged school Chromebook.


    Google Classroom

    We will be using Google Classroom everyday to complete assignments, share content, and meet. An invitation was sent out to stuednts via email. Please check your student's SCHOOL email to join Google Classroom. 

    Etiquette for using Google Meet


    Google Meet Goals  



           Student Safety is always paramount at Switlik School. We are asking for help in allowing our staff to focus on our shared goal of keeping our children safe and focused on learning. We appreciate your continued support and collaboration with us in ensuring that all students are safe.

    ENTRANCE PROCEDURES: Valid Photo Identification is required each time you visit the school. We ask that you wait 20 minutes after student arrival to approach the building to be signed in for your visit. (Exceptions are made for scheduled appointments approved by your child’s principal/teacher/counselor. 

    • All visitors will notify the receptionist using the buzzer by the visitor doors.
    • At the buzzer, all visitors are required to present their valid photo identification to the camera, state the purpose of their visit and/or specify with whom they have the appointment or which student they are picking up.
    • At the second set of doors, buzz again for access to reception.
    • This includes drop off and pick up for morning and aftercare


    Please do not hold the door open for others behind you​. We realize this feels awkward and against the rules of good manners, but it’s important that each visitor be acknowledged individually through the buzzer system.

    • If the appointment and/or purpose is verified, the visitor will be buzzed in and must present themselves to the receptionists immediately upon entry.
    • The visitor’s ID will be held until the visitor leaves the building and the visitor will receive a guest badge. This procedure helps us to know that the visitor has departed by ensuring they leave the same way they arrived. 
    • Please limit “dropped off” items to only those items your child truly needs during the school day (e.g. necessary clothing changes, important schoolwork or lunch/items that are required for that day).  Using the buzzer by the visiting door, inform the receptionists these items are on the cart outside the visitor door.


    ARRIVAL PROCEDURES:  Please be advised at no time should any vehicle be entering or exiting through our bus ramp during arrival or dismissal times. Please review and adhere to the following:

    Arrival Time: 8:50-9:05 a.m.  We will not have staff on duty before this time.


    • No child should be left off at the school without a staff member in attendance.


    • Morning arrival for children is located at the back of the building (gym vestibule entrance).
    • Parents who choose the “Kiss and Drop” loop should adhere to the following safety procedures:
      • Pull up to the gym vestibule entrance doors to drop off your child.
      • Parents are to remain in their vehicles at all times.
      • Students must exit from the passenger side door.
      • Parents will not be permitted to enter the building during drop off arrival time.
      • Do not pass other vehicles while children are exiting from vehicle, this can create a dangerous situation.
      • Stay in the right lane along the curb, pull up to the red line:

    After 9:05 a.m., the start of the school day, parents dropping off their children must park in the main parking lot and escort them inside to the main office receptionist desk in order to sign them in.  At this time, children are considered late. Valid Photo Identification is required each time you visit the school. 

    No child is to be dropped off at the main entrance without a parent/ guardian signing them in.

    Parent Pick Up:

    • Doors at the back of the building (gym vestibule entrance) for parent pick up will open at 3:05 p.m.
    • Present your valid photo identification to the receptionists prior to signing your child out.
    • Follow instructions of receptionists as to where to stand while waiting for your child to arrive.
    • Please do not park in the bus lane during this time.

    Child Care:

    • Parents wishing to pick their students up from childcare may begin to do so at 3:15 p.m.  We ask that parents wait until dismissal is complete before signing out childcare students.

    EARLY DISMISSAL: will conclude at 2:45 p.m.  Any parent who wishes to sign out their child after 2:45 p.m. will wait until dismissal at 3:10 p.m. Please refer to the Switlik School Handbook.

    If you will be picking your child up early, we prefer you notify the school as early in advance as you can, but at least by the morning of pick up. This can be done through a note sent in with the child, or an email to the teacher and principal. In the event of a true emergency, please contact the school reception desk by phone (732) 833-4650 extension 4135, prior to arrival if possible. We realize there are often instances where early pick-up is necessary (medical or other appointments), but we respectfully ask that you limit early sign-outs to only times when they  are necessary.



  • Reminder 


    The health questionnaire must be completed 30 minutes prior to the start of every in-person school day. 

    Charge your Chromebooks EVERY NIGHT so you are prepared for class the days you have In Person Instruction


     Important Dates


    April 2nd, 2021-April 9th, 2021: No School (Spring Recess)

    April 12th, 2021: First day back from Spring Recess 

     April 14th: Full Remote Day (Entire District)


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