• Welcome to 4th Grade!



     Week 3 Remote Learning:

     4th Grade Project Read: Please keep checking your emails for additional updates. Our Google Classroom code is p6ocker. All assignments can be found on Google Classroom.  My Project Read Office Hours will be held on Google Hangout on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's from 11:30-12PM. 

    3rd Grade Project Read: Ms. Chinery and I are working together to assign fun practice activities you can use at home. Check your emails to receive assignments and hear from Ms. Chinery and I!

    4th Grade Social Studies: If you see Mrs. Williams or Mrs. Meeghan for literacy, I will be assigning you a social studies project on the American Revolution. You will not need to follow your homeroom teacher's directions for literacy or social studies. Our Google Classroom code is zescisw. All work can be done through Google Classoom. Please check your email for additional updates.

    4th Grade Math: If you have received an email that you are in my math group, that means that you will follow the math assignments I assign you instead of the assignments your homeroom teacher is posting. Our Google Classroom code is zern4ey. Directions and video resources will be available to you. My Math Office Hours will be held on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 11:30-12PM on Google Hangout.

     4th Grade Literacy: Assignments will continue to be on Google Classroom on the "Remote Learning: Ms. Prugno and Mrs. Rudenjak" page. Continue to check your email for updates.