• Ms. Grady - Room 203

    We are in the Fourth Marking Period and the school year is flying by!

    If you have any questions or concerns, my email is cgrady@jacksonsd.org 

    For Marking Period 4, students should be reading at least 1 novel of the student's choice. This novel should be going back and forth between class and home. Mrs. Pennington's class there is a Choice Project due May 15th. Directions for this are on Google Classroom. 

    Ms. Grisanti's class will have an SSR project based on 1 novel of the student's choice. This assignment will be due June 3rd. No late assignments will be accepted. 

    I am available for after school help at least 2 days a week, please make an appointment with me. 


    The more  you read, the more places you'll go.