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    In class, we will be working on:

    Our October reading goal is 36 steps! Students should try to read 2 steps nightly at home. Remember each step is 15 minutes. Please remember to have your child log their time.

    Reading - We will continue our first unit - Interpreting Characters. Students will continue to learn the strategies of engaged readers. In addition, during this unit, we will be working on four important ideas of fiction: character traits; character change (characters can and often do change in stories); part-to-whole relationships (how one part of a story relates to the whole story); and finally theme. (what did the author teach you about life?) Our whole class read-aloud is "Tiger Rising" by Kate DiCamilo. This award winning novel has some incredibly interesting and complicated characters, and students are loving it. Students will apply their new strategies to their independent reading.

    Writing - Our first writing unit is "writing realistic fiction". Over the next several weeks, students will be creating a character and plot to write an entertaining realistic fiction story.

    Math - We recently began Topic 3: Multiply by 1- digit numbers. Students must know their multiplication facts. All it takes is 10 minutes at night. Memorization of facts frees up all of their working memory so that they can concentrate on the bigger task - solving the real problem before them. It is never too early to pick up a set of multiplication flash cards from the dollar store and start practicing.


    Nightly student job responsibilities: 
    Read 2 steps (a total of 30 minutes) and get log signed.
    Study spelling words 
    Complete math worksheet and study fast facts. 





    Some important upcoming events:

    10/14 - District In-Service Day - No school for students

    10/14- 10/18 School Violence and Safety Awareness Week

    10/17 - Book Fair

    10/17 - Family Book Fair Night 6-8 pm

    10/23 - School Store during lunch

    10/25 - Fire Safety House - Please remember to send in permission slips.


    10/30 - PTN Family Fall Festival 6:30 TO 8:30


    Class Schedule: 
    Monday:         Gym with Mr. Hamdi (Don't forget to wear sneakers)  
    Tuesday:        Art with Ms. Martinez (Bring in a smock) 
    Wednesday:  Computers with Mr. Autenreith   
    Thursday:      Music with Mr. Morgan
    Friday:          World Language with Mr. Luell


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    Our class is scheduled for last lunch, which is 1:00.  I believe that the class would benefit from a mid-morning snack to help the students maintain their focus during lessons.  Since we will be working through snack, I ask that you limit the snack to one healthy food item per day.  (some examples: one piece of fruit, carrot sticks, pretzels, crackers).

    Our classroom is nut-free due to child allergies. Please DO NOT SEND any tree nut or peanut containing products with your child for either a classroom celebration or for a snack. I am asking your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation. 


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    Lysol Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer

    Paper Towels

    Zip Loc Bags (all sizes)

    Paper bowls/plates