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    Today we are on Day 10 of our at-home learning. 

    This is the last day that your child will be working on review skills and strategies. Monday begins our new lesson plans with new material. I am available through REMIND text or email to answer questions.



    Below is the link to see the full 2 weeks of daily lessons from the district. 


    Dear Parents/ Guardians,

    Math - Complete the daily lesson (Home School Connection) assigned under "math". The 10 days of lessons review prior skills and stategies taught. Day One is "Place Value Understanding". I have also assigned additional quick checks and practice buddies which can be accessed online through your Envision account. (ALL students know how to access this account through their Google account. Students must be logged into Google to sign in.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Science lessons are actually two STEM (Math Science Activity) activities that are directly linked to our math series. So, Day one of Science will help you practice and apply your place value understanding. Please complete these activites! You should write your answers under "Day 1" in your at-home journal or in the Google Classroom.

    Social Studies - Read nonfiction text and record your reading in your reading log. (you may use your reading log that we use for literacy) If you run out of space to record your steps, you may add a piece of paper to your current logsheet.

    Miss Palme's class page has links to the full series of Liberty's Kids videos. The videos are engaging resources that tech about the causes of the Revolutionary War. (which we have been studying) 

    Literacy - Students who are not with me for literacy have separate literacy plans. Students who stay with me for literacy should complete the following:

    1. Read your independent chapter book for 30 minutes each day and record your steps. We took time on Friday to shop for "just right" books. In addition, students can access EPIC books online. This website can be accessed through our librarian's class page. (Miss Palme) Students have been taught how to navigate this website to find many books (both fiction and nonfiction) on their level. The class code is stv4203.

    2. Create your own personal dictionary. The instructions for this activity are in the online plans. I encourage students to create this dictionary in the back of their at-home journal that was provided on Friday.

    3. Our reading unit focuses on the Revolutionary War. Some students have asked if they can continue to draft their research paper. The answer to that is YES! However, this work is not required. Miss Palme's website has many online links that students can utilize for this work. 

    3. Complete the daily Linkit reading standard assignment. This assignment can be accessed directly from the plans, however, I encourage students to go onto Linkit to complete the assignment. I have listed each day's assignment code below. 

    The website for Linkit is:



    Below are the codes for daily Literacy Link-it assignments for Remote Learning: 

    The website to go to is: test.linkit.com


    Monday, 3/23 Day 6: "Trail Mix" code: 0015AF98

    Tuesday, 3/24 Day 7: "Agreeing to Disagree" code: 001H56KU

    Wednesday, 3/25 Day 8: "The Horse Who Lived Upstairs" code: 001WUV52 

    Thirsday, 3/26 Day 9: "The Dumpling" code: 001FSFNM

    Friday, 3/27 Day 10: "But I'm Not Tired" code: 001D48EB


    In class, we will be working on:

    Our March class reading goal is 86 steps! Students should try to read 2 steps nightly at home. Remember each step is 15 minutes. Please remember to have your child log their time.

    Reading/Writing - We will be continuing our exciting unit - reading History. During this unit (and in social studies) students will be learning about the American Revolution. Students will apply nonfiction reading strategies to research a subtopic from the war and write a research paper. 

    Math - We finish up topic 10 - multiplying fractions with a quiz on Tuesday. We will then move into line plots.  

    Spelling - Students are working in their designated spelling group. They will follow our class schedule and be tested on the 7th day of their cycle.

    Nightly student job responsibilities: 
    Read 2 steps (a total of 30 minutes) and get log signed.
    Study spelling words 
    Complete math worksheet and study fast facts. 

    Pre- and Post On Demand Writing Assessments

    For each Unit of Writing’ Workshop, students complete a Pre-on Demand writing sample at the onset of the new unit and then a Post On Demand piece upon completion of the unit. The Pre On Demand piece is a formative assessment used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student(s) before beginning the unit of study.The Pre On Demand sample does not count toward the student’s grade. This assessment equips the teacher with an understanding of the student(s) needs while preparing instruction to meet the needs of his(her) learners. 

    At the end of each unit, the students will complete a Post On Demand sample which is a summative assessment counting toward the student’s performance on the unit. The teacher analyzes each piece to identify the growth the student has made since writing the first sample.

    Each assessment is scored on a rubric that analyzes development of ideas, organization, elaboration as well as conventions including sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization , and grammar. It is expected that the child will show growth from the onset. 


    The rubric is scored on a scale of 1 - 4, with four being the highest score.

    It should be noted that the rubric used is set on a June expectation.


    4= writing exceeds grade level expectations

    3= writing is on grade level and meets the expectations of the grade level.

    2= writing is approaching grade level expectations.

    1= writing is below grade level expectations


     Some important upcoming events:

     03/11 - School store during lunch

    03/13 - School Spirit - Wear bright neon colors (Brighten someone's day!) 

    03/19 - PTN meeting

    Class Schedule: 
    Monday:         Gym with Mr. Hamdi (Don't forget to wear sneakers)  
    Tuesday:        Art with Ms. Martinez (Bring in a smock) 
    Wednesday:  Computers with Mr. Autenreith   
    Thursday:      Music with Mr. Morgan
    Friday:          World Language with Mr. Luell

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    Our class is scheduled for last lunch, which is 1:00.  I believe that the class would benefit from a mid-morning snack to help the students maintain their focus during lessons.  Since we will be working through snack, I ask that you limit the snack to one healthy food item per day.  (some examples: one piece of fruit, carrot sticks, pretzels, crackers).

    Our classroom is nut-free due to child allergies. Please DO NOT SEND any tree nut or peanut containing products with your child for either a classroom celebration or for a snack. I am asking your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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    Lysol Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer

    Paper Towels

    Zip Loc Bags (all sizes)

    Paper bowls/plates