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    Important Information and Dates 

    Week of 3/23/2020

     Good morning Tigers, here is an important message from Mr. Burgos and Mr. Levinson.

    Video from Mr. Burgos ---- please watch

    Video from Mr. Levinson—please watch

     I wanted to tell everyone how proud I am of all my students and parents. Thank you everyone for working so hard at home and being patient as we learn together. Remote learning began on Monday, March 16th. Remote learning plans are posted on the Jackson School District Home page. Click the "For Parents and Students" tab and scroll down until you see "Remote Learning Plans." This is where you will find the learning plans. I have posted the link below. 

    District Remote Learning Plans k


    I will continue to update our class page with new information. Please log into my google classroom to read important information and to get additonal resources for learning with your child. Please know that future communication with you will be through email, Remind, Google Classroom, and my classpage. If anyone has any questions regarding online assigned school work (Remote Learning), please contact me via email:  lazzolini@jacksonsd.orgI will be on-line during regular school hours. We will collect the completed work upon our return. 

     In addition, please check that you can log into your child's Pearson account and Raz-kids account.

    Pearson Login Help 


    Epic login

    The special area teachers are encouraging students to join their google classrooms or connect to their class page to continue to learn in these areas during our remote learning. The following is a list of special area teacher's names so that you can join their google classrom or connect to their class page : Art- Mr.Bryan, Music- Ms.Clark, Gym- Mr. D'ambrosio, Computers- Mrs. Sendecki, Library- Mrs. Konopack

    Book bags went home.

    Please return on Thursday.  

    Please return February reading logs signed by the parent and student. 

      The reading bags should be kept at home and returned to school on Thursday. Please have your child read nightly to you from their reading bag. It is important that your child returns their bag of books to school every Thursday so that they may get new books. Thank you for your support and cooperation.


      To join my Remind group, click the link https://www.remind.com/join/azz2019 or simply text @azz2019 as the message to 81010.  

    We go outside for recess as often as possible. Please wear warm clothing.

    *Class Donations list

    Kleenex tissues

    Paper towels 



    Animal Crackers  


    Small waters 

    Thank you to all that sent in classroom donations! 


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  • Dear Kindergarten Families,

    Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Miss Azzolini, and I am so excited to be your child's Kindergarten teacher this school year. I can not wait to meet all my new friends and see their smiling faces. We will have such a fun time learning and growing together!

    On our webpage you will read about the latest happenings in our classroom. You will find updates about classroom events and weekly curriculum and goals for learning. Please consider joining my Remind group, which will be used to inform families that our Class Page has been updated. I will also be using Remind to inform families of class events and school events. To join my Remind group, simply text @azz2019 as the message to 81010.

    The only required school supply your child will need is a backpack large enough to hold a 9 x 12 folder and an extra set of clothes that is weather appropriate for all seasons. I recommend that you please send your child in with a small water bottle filled with water that is labeled with your child's name and a light weight jacket or sweater to keep in their cubby. 

    The children all received a Red Elms Folder that was supplied by our PTN.  I ask that this folder be returned to school daily and be used for communication between school and home. Homework will begin in October every Tuesday.  Homework is intended to be a renforcement of classroom learning. Homework is in the folder every Tuesday. Please have your child complete the homework (writing to be done in pencil) and return to school. In addition to assigned Homework, reading with your child 15-20 minutes each and every night is highly recommended!  "Book Bags" (as I will discuss at Back-to-School Night) will come home with your child at a later date. 

    This year our lunch will be early in the day and therefore we will be having a small snack in the afternoon. Our snack time will be a working snack time therefore we will be eating snacks that are easy to eat while working. I am asking for parent donations of large containers of pretzels, goldfish crackers, and animal crackers. To make it easy during our snack time, I am asking that the children not bring in their own individual snack. We will use our donations of snacks during snack time. 

    All other school supplies will be provided in school. While I suggest you have extra pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue available for use at home, please do not send your child to school with any supplies. However, we have a few items on our class donation list for this school year that is listed below.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

              Email: lazzolini@jacksonsd.org

    Thank you so much for your support,

    Miss Azzolini  


    Class Donations list

    • Kleenex tissues
    • Paper towels 
    • Goldfish
    • Pretzels
    • Animal Crackers  
    • Napkins

    Thank You! 


  • This week's learning focus: 3/23/2020-3/27/2020

    Kindergarten Sight Words - of, with, got

    Words Taught To Date: yes, no, stop, go, I, can, to, the, a, we, look, see, like, my, at, play, it, is, am, be, you, and, me, your, our, he, she, this, or, that, here, do, an, on, are, us, so, up, down, in, out, said, did, for, him, her, his, will, come, get, had, have, has, of, with, got, they, went, saw, all, as, if, not, want, little, jump, ball

    Phonics-  Blend and read three-sound words,listening for the vowel sound in words and distinguishing between the long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds in words. Listening to three sound words and spelling short vowel words. 

    Letters Taught to Date: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, o, c, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, k, h, l, x, y, z, q, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z    

    Building 3 letter words: sad/sat/sap/sip/sit/map/mad/mud/rat/rap/rug/nap/nip/fit/fig/cap/cat/tap/lip
    Syllables, Vowel Sounds: long and short 

    Blending Sounds: "sh" ship, shark, shot, shop, shut

                           "th" think, that, thank, thin

                               "ch" chick, chin, check, chilly

                             "bl" blame, blast, blow, blue


    Reading- Finding patterns in books, checking your own reading that is makes sense, and thinking about the main idea of the book. Using pointer power, snap word power, rereader power, picture power. We're looking for words we know (sight words), Using labels to help understand characters, using the pictures to help us understand what's taking place in the story, and pointing to words as we read. We practice reading and retelling the story and make sure that the pictures match the words. 

    Writing- Writing for Readers - Rereading your own writing to make sure it is easy to read.

    Math-  Addition and Subtraction

    At the begining of each new Topic in math, an introduction for the new Topic will be sent home with your child. It is suggested that math homework is to be used as a resource at home with your child. It is recommended, but will not be collected or expected to be returned to school. At the close of each Topic, I will send home a review of the material covered. At times, it will be partially completed in class. When this occurs, typically we'll have done it together.

    ScienceForces and Motion:Understanding the effects of different strengths or directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object

    Social Studies-  

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  • Class Special Schedule

    Monday- Music with Ms. Clark

    Tuesday- Library with Ms. Konopack

    Wednesday- Computers with Ms. Sendecki

    Thursday- PE with D’Ambrosio. Please have your child wear sneakers for gym and we also go outside for recess as often as possible.

    Friday- Art with Mr. Bryan

    *Lunch is Daily from 10:50-11:20


    Daily Period Schedule