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  • Ms. Trotta's Kindergarten 2021

    Please consider downloading REMIND and joining our class group!! This will be the quickest way to stay up to date with our classroom happenings and important notifications. To join our class, text @trottak to 81010. OR, use this link Ms. Trotta's Kindergarten REMIND

  • Classroom Supplies

    Please label everything that comes in, including water bottles. And don't forget sweatshirts/jackets as the weather will start to get cooler!  This can be as easy as pinning a ribbon or piece of fabric inside the clothing, so you DO NOT have to write on it.  Please supply your child with a backpack large enough for a 9x12 folder. The PTN provides each student with a red Elms folder, I ask that this be returned to and from school daily. I reccomend having crayons, scissors, and glue at home for homework projects however, these items do not need to be brought into school, I will provide each student with these materials for the school year! The following are a list of items that are not required but strongly suggested:

    • A change of clothes (Please keep clothes in a labled ziplock bag. These will stay in their backpack and only be used incase of an emergency). 
    • A plastic or laminated type placemat  (anything that can be sanitized) to be used as a "sit spot" for when we are on the floor ie. Morning meeting, independent centers etc. (I will do everything I can to have our class up and moving while following all of our safety measures. If you choose to send a sit spot in with your child, please be sure to label it. These will be kept in school seperated by cubbies).
    • Inexpensive headphones or earbuds in a ziplock bag; This one is highly reccomended. 
    • A water bottle each day, we will not have use of the water fountains with the exeption of a refill by an adult.

    Kindergarten is equal parts fun and messy!! We can always use wipes, ziplock bags, tissues and hand soap so I would gladly accept any donations to our classroom, THANK YOU!

    If you have any items at home that you feel students would like to use but are unsure of, please email me!


  • Contact Me: ATrotta@JacksonSD.Org
    Do not hesitate to email me! 
    Class Schedule

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Media

    Wednesday: STEM

    Thursday: Gym 

    Friday: Art


    Mindset Matters

    The Power Of Yet Growth Mindset Poster | TidyLady Printables

  • Notes For The School Year

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    If there is ever a change in your child's normal dismissal routine PLEASE WRITE ME A NOTE OR CALL THE SCHOOL the day of the change INSTEAD OF E-MAILING ME. When I receive your notes, I will send it down to the office in the morning and if you call the school, the office will let me know, so I can line up your children and dismiss them accordingly. 

    Academy - Hot Lunches - Mountainside Academy Christian School Lake ElsinoreYou will need to send in a lunch (ready to eat, we cannot heat up anything), easy to open snacks and a drink or you may order the school lunch each day!  Please visit the school website for the lunch menu.  The lunch period is only 30 minutes and many of the younger students have a tough time finishing up their lunch and snacks.  I suggest that you limit their snack choices in their lunches to 1 or 2 only.  Many children tend to open their snacks first and not eat their sandwich/lunch item.  *I encourage everyone the 1st 2 weeks to bring a lunch from home.  *This is not mandatory, BUT our lunch time is just 30 minutes and sometimes those buying lunch may not be able to finish everything on their tray in time.    

    PLEASE alert us to any allergies that your child has with a note.


    Rudolph, Melissa / Homework 

    Literacy: This year we will be using a phonics program called fundations. This program introduces letters each week. In class we will work on letter identification, sounds, and letter formation. Each unit, I will send home a packet. Included with the packet will be a parent Information page and the letter pages.  Please use these pages to review with your child at home.  They can trace the letter with their finger, starting at the top and going down. As they finish tracing the letter, they can practice saying the letter name, the keyword picture and then the sound.  For example, Tt, top, /t/.   They can then color the picture! Additionally, we will be learning 2-3 new trick words each week. These words are trick words that we can not sound out. In the coming weeks, I will be sending home fun ways to practice reviewing these words at home!

    Kindergarten Trick Word List

    Kindergarten Snap Words

    I ask that all students read for 20 minutes per night: Why 20 Minutes of Reading Each Night?


    Math: This year we are using a program called Envision 2.0. At the beginning of each topic, we will send home a parent information home page.  This will also include copies of our math vocabulary words.  You can keep these at home to use for review.  After each lesson, we will send home the corresponding homework page to complete at home.  These pages are meant to be done with help and returned the following day unless otherwise noted. 


    Writing Writer's Workshop is a designated time each day where students become “authors”. After each mini-lesson students will have independent writing time where they will choose their own topic for their writing and have an opportunity to practice skills and strategies taught in the mini lesson. By giving the students choices in their topics, the writing becomes authentic, engaging, and meaningful. During this independent writing time the teacher will be meet with individuals or small groups to conference and encourage their growth as authors. Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year.

     Social Studies & Science: Science and social studies will alternate thematic units. These units of study will be incorperated throughout our school day!